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Women’s vests have long been one of the hottest pieces in the wardrobe, and nothing has changed in 2021. As soon as they appeared in female images, designers rushed to create more and more new models. Thanks to this, an unmeasured amount of options for such a stylish thing appeared. Let’s talk about which of the vests will be in trend in 2021.

What vests will be the most fashionable in 2021

Women’s vests are sewn from completely different materials, but each of them is interesting in its own way. In 2021, the following vests will be in trend:

  • Denim. From this versatile material, short and long vests are made, loose and tight-fitting, as well as with different decor. In spring and summer, these things are simply irreplaceable.

  • Leather. The style loved by many does not go out of fashion this season, so you can please yourself with a leather item. At the same time, fur models have lost their popularity a little.

  • Puffy. In winter, an inflated vest, which is worn over a warm jacket, will be very appropriate. This combination can be attributed to a very comfortable sporty style. Sneakers or platform shoes, as well as a stylish backpack can complement it.

  • knitted. Clothes in large or small knit, as well as models from knitwear, are both stylish and warm, so they are suitable for colder times.

In the new season, military style burst onto the catwalks and, in particular, vests in this style. They immediately catch the eye and are easy to distinguish from others. Such products are complemented by a large number of details – pockets, rivets, zippers, so they look very original. Fashion trends say that military style is best combined with ankle-length trousers, wide pleated skirts and massive boots.

The variety of styles that will be popular in 2021 may surprise you. Well-known designers have presented tight-fitting models suitable for classic style, as well as oversized models. The length of different styles is also different – fashionistas are given a choice of short, elongated and medium-length vests. For example, among the fashionable vests of 2021 for obese women, long free-cut models are most often found.

What colors and prints of vests will be fashionable in 2021

2021 is the time when you can afford bright shades. But this does not mean at all that you need to forget about the classics, because they always remain in fashion. That is why the models of the most trendy vests of this year are presented in the following colors:

  • red;
  • coffee;
  • Bordeaux;
  • blue;
  • amber;
  • crimson;
  • powdery;
  • light blue;
  • light pink.

Be sure to pay attention to vests that are decorated with some kind of decor. In the new season, decor in the form of embroidery, rhinestones, stones, belts, appliqués, fringes and lacing will be popular. Models with a lot of pockets look advantageous, which create a stylish look with loose trousers and midi-length skirts.

Vests with prints have not been forgotten this year either, so on store shelves you can find models with stripes, checks, polka dots, as well as with floral or abstract coloring.

How to combine vests to look stylish

The most wonderful vests of different colors and styles can lose their appeal if the whole look looks ridiculous. To create a fashionable bow with a vest, you need to figure out what kind of things it is best combined with.

Elongated models have become a real hit this year and there are also a lot of combinations with other elements of the wardrobe. Profitable long vests look with a trouser suit, while wide models are even worn instead of a dress. Another such thing can be worn with leggings, jeans, flared trousers and maxi skirts. Cropped models can also look simply stunning if worn correctly. The most suitable complement for them are skirts, dresses, trousers and shorts.

A knitted or knitted vest looks great with a white shirt or t-shirt. The black or blue color options go well with leather pants, jeans, or any light-colored pants. Slightly rough boots can complement this look.

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For business looks, we can recommend a waistcoat with a belt and straps. It goes well with a blouse and skirt. Three-piece suits and total bows with a vest have also become very popular.

Denim vests, which remain fashionable in 2021, look perfect with jeans, complement dresses, skirts, trousers and shorts. In short, no matter what you wear this thing with, the image will definitely be appropriate.

As already mentioned, among the winter outfits of 2021, there are fewer natural fur vests. They are very successfully replaced with quilted or leather-sewn options that have artificial materials trim. Such things are no less warm and look unusual at the same time. The novelty of 2021 also looks quite original – a down jacket – a beautiful and warm thing.

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In the photos presented here, you can see the most fashionable vests in 2021. Pay attention to the most profitable combinations offered by world-famous designers. Be sure to buy yourself a couple of vests, because you simply cannot do without this trendy item in the new season.

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