Turpentine baths for weight loss

Such a procedure as turpentine baths is easy to go through in almost any beauty center, because. turpentine baths have recently, quite legally, begun to occupy leading positions in the field of cosmetology. And this is not surprising, thanks to such baths your skin becomes velvety, smooth, clean, and extra pounds begin to melt. What is the reason, what is the secret here? And it turns out everything is simple.

I think, for starters, it is worth recalling what turpentine is. It’s not kerosene, it’s not gasoline, it’s not thinner. This is an absolutely natural product. Turpentine is an essential oil obtained from pine resin (resin).

The use of turpentine baths

The positive effect on the human body of such baths was proven at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1904 by Dr. A.S. Zalmanov. It was proved that the capillaries begin to open, they are unblocked. Therefore, these baths have a good effect on blood circulation, blood circulation. Consequently, organs and tissues receive more blood, oxygen, i.e. toxins are removed by opening pores, cells are restored, damaged organs return to a new life, fat burning begins in tissues.

Initially, turpentine baths were used exclusively for medicinal purposes, but they gave a peculiar, if I may say so, side effect. After taking such baths, the skin condition improved, appetite decreased, and extra pounds began to go away. And since then, such baths have also been used for weight loss purposes.

These bathtubs are ideal for:

  • obesity treatment;
  • treatment of skin diseases;
  • treatment of diseased joints;
  • restoration of proper metabolism;
  • correction of the lymphatic system.

Turpentine baths can be afforded by people, both with a good income and with a modest one. The fact is that turpentine baths can be done not only in beauty centers, but also at home, in your favorite bath, because. for this, all you need is to buy turpentine of the right color at the pharmacy. Yes, yes, it comes in two colors, a white emulsion and a yellow solution. Those. turpentine baths are divided into white and yellow. Both of them give good results in weight loss.

Only white baths can be used for people with low blood pressure (hypotension), and yellow ones for those with high blood pressure (hypertension). If you have normal pressure, then you will need to alternate such baths, once white, another time yellow. But, if your pressure likes to “walk” and it is not stable, then the white emulsion and the yellow solution are mixed 1: 1 and this is the only way I take baths.

Yellow baths: activate metabolic processes, reduce appetite, accelerate the process of splitting fats, dissolve and remove toxins and slags from the body, make the skin smooth and even.

White baths: accelerate blood circulation by 2 times, due to the opening of capillaries, so there is a heating effect, leading to the breakdown of fats, and blood flow to organs and tissues.

By themselves, turpentine baths do not reduce weight, but they help normalize metabolic processes, resulting in the loss of extra pounds, so weight loss does not occur quickly. But on the other hand, this result will be achieved for a long time, because. metabolism returns to normal. To lose weight on such baths, it is better to alternate them. White bath today, yellow next time. And if you follow a diet and do not give up sports, then you will see the result much faster. But anyway, it will not be earlier than in two or three weeks, because. it is necessary to take a course of 12-14 baths, daily intake or at least every other day.

Rules for taking turpentine baths

For everything to go well, you need to follow simple rules for taking turpentine baths. First of all, you can not plunge with your head, the water should cover the entire body, except for the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe heart. The water temperature should be 36-38 degrees, and the bath time should not exceed 10-15 minutes. The bath itself should be comfortable.

You can achieve an enhanced effect of losing weight with the help of diaphoretic tea. After taking a bath, you can rinse a little, you should not wipe yourself, it is better to just blot your body with a towel, wrap yourself in cozy home clothes and relax for 1-2 hours. Eating is recommended to be carried out about an hour before taking a bath.

For one course, 12-14 procedures are enough, carried out every other day. 2-3 courses can be carried out per year.

When you first take a turpentine bath (regardless of color), you should limit yourself to 5 minutes and a water temperature of 35 degrees. Each subsequent bath can be increased by 1-2 minutes with an increase in water temperature by 1-2 degrees. Subsequently, taking a bath should not exceed 15 minutes at a temperature of 38 degrees.

In general, we do not like to wait, we need our plans to be fulfilled immediately, and with weight loss, many of us need an instant result, and if you think that by increasing the temperature of the water, prolonging the time of taking a bath, or God forbid, by increasing the maximum allowable dose of turpentine, you speed up the process of losing weight, then you will only achieve that later you will, to put it mildly, not feel good, and treat severe skin irritation.

But so that you never have skin irritation as a result of taking such baths, always lubricate the most sensitive areas of the body (groin, genitals, armpits, nipples) with baby cream or petroleum jelly before “dipping”. For facial skin, turpentine water is also useful, especially if you suffer from acne. Therefore, you can gently wipe the skin of the face with a moistened swab or cotton pad, but you play it safe, and also lubricate your lips and eyelids. Just be careful not to get water in your eyes, otherwise there may be irritation of the cornea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe eye.

Taking such baths is contraindicated for those who:

  • severe heart failure;
  • active form of open pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • acute psychosis;
  • alcohol intoxication;
  • increased skin sensitivity to turpentine;
  • with hypertension, white baths are contraindicated;
  • with hypotension, yellow baths are contraindicated;
  • if any pain occurs in the region of the heart, stop taking a bath.

There is a recommendation, first consult with your doctor, what he will say about turpentine baths. It will be good if he undertakes to observe you during this period. And there is a wish that everything will work out for you and go without problems, and turpentine baths will fully justify themselves. Good luck to all.

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