Types of knitwear: the main characteristics of fabrics

For sewing home and casual clothes, underwear, a variety of knitted fabrics are used, differing in composition, quality and appearance. When purchasing knitwear, it does not hurt to get acquainted with the main characteristics of the fabrics from which they are sewn. This will help not only to choose the right model, but also to properly care for it in order to maintain its presentable appearance for as long as possible.


Velor has a soft velvety front surface with a dense short pile. The wrong side is smooth, in appearance resembling a culinary canvas. The fabric consists of natural cotton with the addition of elastane threads that provide the necessary stretch effect.

It is used for tailoring home suits, bathrobes, children’s clothing. The material is highly resistant to wear, extremely comfortable to wear, and has excellent thermoregulating properties. It is distinguished by the widest range of colors, represented by both plain-colored and ornamented samples.

Looped terry.

The fabric obtained from cotton raw materials is distinguished by a fleecy surface formed due to a large number of thread loops. This gives the material lightness and airiness and gives it certain massage properties.

Looped terry, officially called “frote”, has excellent moisture-absorbing properties. This predetermines its widespread use in the tailoring of children’s clothing and underwear. Terry is also used in the manufacture of women’s clothing: pajamas, bathrobes, nightgowns. In addition, frote is ideal for making sheets and towels.


Kulirka is the thinnest knitted fabric made of cotton fibers. Sometimes, to improve the appearance and greater elasticity, a small percentage of elastane threads is added to it. The front side of the cooler is a surface in the form of the smallest vertical braids, the wrong side is made in the form of transverse strips formed by means of needle arches and broaches. It has a slight stretch effect in the longitudinal direction.

A great option for tailoring light summer clothes and underwear: T-shirts, dresses, pajama robes, nightgowns. Easy to wash, easy to iron, long wear. The Lycra cooler is good for sewing underwear and light leggings.



Pretty dense knitted fabric made of cotton fibers. The way the fabric is weaved provides an interesting result: the interlock looks identical on both sides. It passes air and moisture well, practically does not deform. Quite soft and strong, durable. It is presented in plain and color, with a variety of patterns, options.

Tight T-shirts, sportswear, trousers, sweatshirts, dresses are made from it. Can be used for tailoring original jackets, skirts.


Spectacular canvas with a high fluffy, unusually soft pile. The fabric is made from polyamide, however, despite this, it has excellent performance properties.

Velsoft is one of the best fabrics for sewing warm clothes: bathrobes, warm pajamas, baby overalls and blouses. Towels, rugs, light blankets are also sewn from it. Extremely soft and delicate surface is very pleasant for skin contact.

Despite the impressive volume, Velsoft products are extremely light. Easy to wash, dry quickly. The fleecy surface does not roll into pellets, remaining attractive for a long time.


This is the name of a dense knitted material that perfectly holds its shape. Its composition is dominated by viscose, which provides softness and delicacy, polyamide, which improves performance properties, and lycra, which gives comfortable elasticity.

A wonderful option for tailoring casual and elegant women’s clothing: dresses, suits, skirts, trousers, cardigans, light coats. They can be washed by hand or on a delicate setting in a washing machine.



The fabric obtained from synthetic fibers received its unusual name for its amazing plasticity and fluidity. Thanks to these properties, the oil is perfect for sewing elegant models with draperies. Excellent stretchability in the longitudinal and transverse directions allows it to be used when sewing spectacular transforming dresses, tight-fitting evening and stage costumes.

In products of a free silhouette, the fabric beautifully falls down with soft waves. Almost any women’s clothing can be sewn from it: dresses, blouses, tunics, turtlenecks, saruela trousers.


Dense knitted material of their cotton fibers. The front side is smooth, reminiscent of the appearance of culinary weaving. The wrong side is warm, soft, consisting of short dense fibers or eyelets (depending on the type of footer).

Optimal fabric for tailoring sports and home suits, pajamas, sweatshirts and sweatshirts. Warm cozy fabric is widely used for tailoring children’s clothing.


An artificial fabric obtained from natural raw materials – wood pulp. Depending on the manufacturing technology used, viscose can have a matte or shiny surface. Quite a heavy fabric drapes well in products. Clothing made of viscose flows beautifully, thanks to its smooth surface, when it comes into contact with the skin, it creates a feeling of pleasant coolness.

It is used for sewing dresses, sundresses, blouses, skirts, tunics, loose trousers.

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