Unloading days for weight loss

There are many different types of diets that focus on weight loss. Most of them are stressful for the body and weaken the immune system. A worthy alternative to any diet – fasting days. They not only help in the fight against extra pounds, but also contribute to strengthening your health.

The benefits of fasting days

Regular and competent observance of fasting days stimulates the gradual reduction of excess weight and the improvement of the body. This is facilitated by a special low-calorie diet, designed to speed up metabolic processes. Toxins and slags are actively removed from the body, the acid-base balance is restored, the load on the cardiovascular system is noticeably reduced. In other words, fasting days are a time of self-purification and rest for your body.

Advice from nutritionists and practitioners

To get the most out of fasting days and not harm yourself, you need to heed the advice of professionals. Nutritionists strongly recommend following these basic rules:

  • properly prepare for the upcoming fasting day – it is easy to have dinner and not eat heavy foods. It is best to cook a vegetable salad or drink a glass of kefir;
  • correctly complete unloading – do not eat too much food at once. For breakfast, you can cook buckwheat porridge or vegetable soup. A glass of vegetable juice will be useful;
  • drink one and a half liters of water per day – plain or mineral. This contributes to the replenishment of minerals in the body and increase the rate of fat burning;
  • take up to two glasses of diuretic herbal preparations per day. Hot green tea with the addition of milk can replace such decoctions;
  • coordinate your diet for the period of fasting days with specialists, especially in the case of chronic diseases;
  • observe fasting days regularly – once a week, which is very good for health. To combat extra pounds, you can unload twice a week, but you should not abuse this for a long time. Otherwise, the body will adjust to the mode of economical work, and it will be difficult to cope with weight;
  • combine fasting days with cleansing procedures, which will allow you to get the most significant positive effect.

Types of fasting days

There are various variations on how you can create a menu for the upcoming fasting day. Most often used apple, kefir or buckwheat diet. Each has its pros and cons.

Apple Day has more positives than negatives. Apples contain many vitamins and minerals that stimulate metabolism. But they are contraindicated in people with high acidity or some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Having chosen this diet, you should purchase 1.5 – 2.0 kilograms of ripe apples. They should be divided into five parts and consumed in five doses during the day.

Kefir day is transferred very easily. It is suitable for almost everyone except for those whose body does not tolerate dairy products. Kefir prevents rotting of food debris in the intestines and stimulates the excretion of metabolic products. The daily menu should include 1.5 liters of kefir. The entire volume should be divided into several parts and consumed in several doses throughout the day. Such a diet, if carried out regularly, relieves various allergic manifestations and improves the color of the skin.

Buckwheat diet is also very useful. It provides a person with a sufficient amount of microelements necessary for him and at the same time allows you to unload the body from stagnant metabolic products. For a diet, you should cook 1 cup of buckwheat without adding salt and spices. The entire volume must be divided into three parts and consumed in three doses during the day. It is recommended to drink kefir with buckwheat.

Whatever type of fasting day you choose, it will help you effectively cope with extra pounds. But for this it is important to follow all the recommendations of experienced nutritionists.

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