Unusual manicure 2019 – be special!

Do you think that your manicure is the most unusual and stylish? Do you think you are familiar with all the fashion trends of 2019? Do you consider yourself a creative and original person? Surely, you just haven’t seen what modern nail design masters are capable of. Today we will introduce you to the unusual ideas that nail art masters offer us!

Barber’s nails

Where and why

Before shocking readers with pictures of the original manicure, let’s think about who needs an unusual design and why, and where you can go with such nails.


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It should be noted right away that almost each of the options for an unusual manicure is completely unsuitable for everyday use. Despite the beauty, such nails will not allow you to do everyday activities. Even the usual process of dressing can be a real challenge.

Dentist nails

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If you still want to dress up your fingers somehow in a special way, then the best reason for this is a trip to a nightclub, your own wedding, birthday or theme party.

TOP 10 craziest ideas

If the reason for creating a dizzying manicure is found, it’s time to start choosing a design. It remains to be hoped that your master will take up the embodiment of an unusual manicure, and the photos presented in the article will help him in this!

Extremely original molding


Let’s start with the classics, but in the most unexpected interpretation. Any girl knows that a classic jacket is nails with a nude or transparent base and a free edge painted white. But what if you experiment with the shape of the nail by building a drill, saw or screwdriver on it?

Incredible french

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With such a manicure, you can safely go to a party, having a corkscrew for a bottle of wine and a beer opener.


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Another more restrained, but no less catchy version of the jacket is shown in the photo below. Such a royal manicure can be used even in everyday looks, of course, if the dress code allows such experiments.

Peculiar french


Sculpting on nails is an endless scope for creativity and experimentation. After all, a professional master is able to fashion anything. What to think of for an unusual manicure? We recall the fashion trends of 2019, look at the photos and go!

animal french

So, this year in trend:

  • animal print;
  • floral motifs;
  • themed patterns.

Floral manicure

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Remembering the current trends for 2019, you involuntarily recall such things as naturalness and naturalness, but perhaps this is not our case!



The concept of geometry in manicure is associated with the clarity of lines and regular geometric shapes. But modern masters of the nail industry are ready to challenge some axioms. Remember the Tetris game? Today, her figures can be depicted on the nails, and then the whole day to add intricate designs!

Geometry in the form of “Tetris”

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Marine theme

The marine theme on the nails is especially popular among women of all ages. This design is especially in demand during the holidays, when everyone wants to relax on the coasts of the seas and oceans. Blue and white stripes, anchors, shells, boats, pearls and various thematic prints are the basis of marine manicure.

Nautical original design

It is very difficult to come up with something new, but talented designers always find original solutions. The photos below are a prime example of this.

Variations on a marine theme

A mermaid’s tail, a voluminous shell with a pearl, a trident of the sea king, the right color scheme – all this allows you not only to convey the sea spirit, but also turn your nails into a real masterpiece!

Marine unusual manicure

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Insolence and rebelliousness are not limited to teenage girls. Depending on the mood, women often have a desire to pierce an extra hole in their ear or shave their temples. If you are not ready for such a drastic change, you can realize an impulse in manicure.

Spiked nails

Designers offer to decorate the nails with sharp spikes and even heavy “metal” chains.

metal chains

Fluffy manicure

Manifestations of aggression and leadership qualities, as a rule, alternate with periods of “softness and fluffiness”. On such days, it is better to abandon the studded manicure, preferring the design with voluminous pompoms.

Gentle manicure with pom-poms

Nails decorated with colored or plain fluffy lumps are perfect for light summer looks, as well as celebrating the new year, as they look like bright candies and colorful confetti.

Faux fur

Do you remember that at shows from famous couturiers, for example, Chanel and Max Mara, one of the fashionable wardrobe items for autumn-winter 2019-2019 was faux fur coats? The same trend can be safely borrowed for the design of an unusual manicure.

Fur manicure

Such animal motifs will not go unnoticed at any event. Such a manicure will look especially cool at the celebration of Halloween, as well as in combination with fur clothes.


Love colored chewing gum? We love her too, American designers thought and came up with an original manicure. Such nails are distinguished not only by an unusual spherical shape, but also by a bright design.

Bubble manicure

Bubble manicure is inherent in any fashion trend, whether it is a simple coating of gel polish, ombre, decoration with rhinestones or modeling.

Bubble manicure – stylish design


Aquarium-style marigolds are this year’s fashion trend. A distinctive feature of such a manicure is the creation of volume inside the nail. That is, the drawing is applied not on top of the free edge of the nail plate, but on the reverse side, after which the picture is covered with a special gel.

Aquarium manicure

A master from Russia recently shocked the public with an overly original aquarium-style manicure design. She put real live ants in her nails!

Ants in nails

However, the experiment did not last long. The public sharply condemned the cruel treatment of insects, and the master had to publicly prove that not a single insect was harmed during the work.


With LEDs

A real miracle is a manicure with LEDs. This design is perfect for any party, turning the handles into a real garland. Making nails glowing is not difficult at all. You just need to glue small LEDs on the base color.

Nail design with LEDs

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By the way, a garland manicure will be a real find…

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