Urban Summer 2020: Look Ideas

This article presents the most interesting image ideaswhich are perfect for urban summer 2020. We hope these looks will inspire you to create your own stylish combinations!


In the color palette of the summer season 2020, colors are clearly defined that are the best suited for street style. First of all, it is worth noting the relevance of the light range, which this time includes white, beige, milky and pearl tones. If you combine light colors with a natural texture and a trendy free style, you really get the perfect clothes for the summer season.

Even if the hot season will take place within the city, this will not prevent you from adopting the relevance of the stylish marine palette. As practice shows, clothes in blue, blue, azure and turquoise colors are wonderful. refreshes and rejuvenates bows.

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Among the bright tones, the leadership position of red, milky orange, pink and yellow colors can be noted. The most interesting thing is that now, even in urban bows, it is permissible to combine several juicy colors according to the color blocking principle and create emphatically bright and spectacular images.

Perhaps you will be captivated by fashionable pastel shades that will bring a light romantic mood to your images. So, this summer, pistachio, lemon, lilac, powdery pink and sky blue shades are most relevant.

In addition to solid colors, your summer looks can also feature various fashion prints. For example, in the 2020 season, you can transform your outfit with flirty peas, feminine flowers, bold animalistic or laconic geometric motifs.

midi skirts

A stylish midi skirt, which looks very restrained and elegant, will perfectly fit into the city summer capsule. The main feature of such novelties is that they not hot. Yes, the midi length is more comfortable in practice than the short mark, because the latest model will be cramped. If you prefer a loose skirt made of light fabric, it will ensure proper air exchange.

As for the leading trends of the 2020 season, styles with a smell, cuts and buttons came to the fore. Also popular are printed skirts, which are so easy to combine with a basic plain top.

Denim skirt

In the summer season, it is better to abandon tight dark jeans and express your preference for stylish denim skirts, which definitely deserve a special mention in our fashion review. In order not to be mistaken with a stylish cut, take a closer look at the relevance of a straight cut with a slit or models with buttons in the style of the 70s.

Fashion 2020 season offers to complement the specified bottom with a light top with bare shoulders, a T-shirt or shirt to create stylish urban look. You can experiment as much as you like with the selection of tops, shoes and accessories, because a denim skirt is an unusually versatile novelty.

light trousers

White is the most trendy color for summer 2020, so it can be safely used when choosing any clothes. For example, your favorite may be stylish loose pants in light colors. Stylists recommend choosing a model with an oversized fit, which will finally allow you to wear all your favorite cropped t-shirts and tops. In addition, this cut hides the belly and creates an accent on the feminine silhouette.

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With white trousers, you can also embody a fashionable monochrome bow by picking up the top to match. This simple trick will make you look bohemian and luxurious.


If your summer plans include a trip to the office, you can stock up on culottes as the trendiest alternative to hot dress pants. The free style in a stylish shortened length is perfectly combined with various options for shirts, T-shirts and blouses, and shoes with heels.

[tds_warning]Such trousers do not tolerate only ballet flats or sneakers on girls of short stature.[/tds_warning]


In the summer of the 2020 season, you can safely replace tight hot dresses with light airy sundresses. For example, a style with a high waistline, a flared skirt and a belt that perfectly slims can be an ideal solution for you. Also in 2020, sundresses with buttons and slits are welcome, as well as models with ribbons instead of straps. You can complement these outfits with a wicker bag and elegant sandals. So you get feminine and comfortable looks for conquering the summer city!

Parisian chic

In the summer of 2020, you can finally get a cropped top or a polka-dot shirt with a corset shape out of the closet and add any familiar Parisian chic outfit. For example, this top can be combined with a fashionable midi skirt or with light-colored jeans or trousers. In case of cold weather, it is permissible to put on a light trench coat. And from the accessories, a ribbon in the hair, accent earrings with pearls and a raffia bag will look stylish. Using such win-win formulas, you can easily create trendy bow in the city for summer 2020.

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Bermuda suit

A universal outfit for an urban fashionista in the 2020 season is a Bermuda suit. This is a truly versatile ensemble that can be styled for a variety of moods. For example, for work, it is permissible to choose a shirt as a base layer, and in the evening it can be replaced with a trendy crop top.

This suit suits any type of figure due to the universal elongated jacket and shorts with a free cut and high waist. In addition, any fashionista will be able to use its components separately and create even more stylish summer bows.

Slip dress

Graceful, beautiful, fashionable and versatile – isn’t this the perfect formula for your favorite summer dress? Under all of the above criteria, a midi or maxi length combination dress is perfect.

To keep him in the right company within the urban style, you should pick up masculine additions without a hint of seductiveness. For example, in the 2020 season, many stylists are voting for a combination with voluminous sneakers, a large brutal chain and loose denim. In such image you can easily embody the main trend street fashion for the city 2020 – a stylish game of contrasts.

Open shoulders

There is a stereotype that it is permissible to wear too open things in summer only on the beach. This is partly true, but skilled stylists always manage to pick up successful exceptions to fashion rules. For example, fashion experts say that it is acceptable to open shoulders in urban looks. True, in order for this technique to look appropriate, it is worth supplementing it with a discreet bottom.

Let’s see how it works in practice. If you’re picking an off-the-shoulder dress, make sure it has a discreet midi length for balance. If your choice falls on a top or blouse with such a romantic accent, you should take care of a discreet bottom – for example, loose shorts of a conservative length.

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