Urban Summer 2021: Look Ideas

The urban summer of 2021 pleases fashionistas with variety, stylists came up with ideas for images that will help you look stylish and feel comfortable. Street style has been rapidly gaining popularity over the past few seasons.

Features of urban style 2021

The main advantages of this type of clothing are practicality, lightness and free movement. Due to this, girls of different ages and social status move quickly, look attractive and are not distracted by discomfort.

It’s not hot in outfits for the city, so they are great for the warm season. Most things are made of natural lightweight material, which helps the skin to breathe.

If you have to constantly move around the city for personal or work reasons, then the current trends in street style fashion will come in handy for you. This season, a number of urban bows for girls with different figures were presented at designer shows.

Street fashion for the city 2021 allows you to interpret the look for any event. Accordingly, an unusual outfit is suitable for work, and for leisure, and for a romantic meeting.

Trendy street looks

To better understand the urban style, you should familiarize yourself with the most fashionable clothes offered by experts in this area.


A stylish urban look is hard to imagine without a suit, fashion 2021 makes it possible to choose a classic product in an interesting color scheme. Such a bow will give you restraint and confidence. Previously, such kits were preferred to be worn to work. Over the past few seasons, they have been actively used even for celebrations.

To add femininity, originality, use bright colors: purple, blue, green or pink. Designers offer options with shorts and trousers. For a friendly meeting, a purple suit with skinny pants is suitable. It is better to add a white silk top, sneakers and a matching bag to it. Purple-rimmed sunglasses complete the look.

Depending on the situation and event, you can wear oxfords, sandals or pumps under a trouser suit. Sports shoes are suitable for long walks. Summer 2021 is a season where a fashionable look in the city should be not just stylish, but also comfortable.


It’s hard to imagine summer without light flowing dresses. Designers are confident that the range of such products can be successfully used in outfits for the city.

In fashion collections, a large number of summer models are provided. Both an ordinary denim sundress and a floral dress can become a beautiful and practical item in the wardrobe.

A mini that slims, an official strict midi, a festive maxi – any of the options will look great in a street style look. For comfort, choose comfortable shoes: sneakers, sneakers or sandals with low, stable heels.


Another indispensable attribute in a city outfit are overalls. This year, designers have introduced many new models: loose, with elastic, with/without sleeves, bustiers, etc.

In such clothes it is convenient to move around. If you want to freshen up the look, choose a beige V-neck sleeveless outfit. It rejuvenates, gives lightness. Complete the look with sunglasses, low-heeled sandals and a bag.

If you are going to the park, for a walk or a friendly meeting, then you can take sandals on a small platform or sports shoes. And replace the bag with a backpack.

Blouses, tops, t-shirts

Modern stylists are worried that the look for every day is practical. Therefore, such things are often used for street style. This is the best solution in the heat. With the help of a blouse, you can create a festive mood on an ordinary day. Products in light colors can be used for holidays.

This season, the printed top will be relevant. It will be the highlight of the image, suitable for jeans, shorts or trousers. The most daring can use a fabric with a pattern on a sweater and pants at the same time.

White is the most fashionable color for the summer of 2021. Therefore, a white blouse with black polka dots and striped and polka dot trousers will be an excellent option for a festive event, they will emphasize sophistication and originality.


You can add lightness to the urban bow with skirts of different lengths: from mini to maxi. This season, designers have created a variety of models from denim, knitwear, leather, chiffon and satin.

A fashionable print on the fabric of the product will make the bow memorable. The combination of geometry and colors will refresh the classic white shirt. To complement, take a small green bag and a massive neck jewelry.


Complete your urban look with a cardigan, bomber jacket, leather jacket or blazer. In the summer, it is better to use the first option. Opt for solid colors in neutral colors.

Volumetric knitting hides the stomach and gives fragility. Feel free to wear a cardigan over a regular T-shirt with jeans or even a dress.

For example, a cream polka dot midi dress will look great with a knitted sweater, wide-heeled sandals and a small bag.

The urban summer of 2021 will be easy and stylish if you use the ideas of the images, as in the photos shown.

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