Vacuum massage at home

First of all, you need to know what it is and why. Vacuum massage is natural, massage, but not ordinary. They make it with special banks in order to improve the condition of the skin, blood vessels, muscles, connective tissues and even nerves. Oriental medicine has long proven its effectiveness.

Vacuum massage is done for weight loss, on the face to improve the structure of the skin and oval of the face, to get rid of cellulite, with bronchitis and osteochondrosis.

But we must not forget that each treatment has contraindications that must be strictly observed. In no case should vacuum massage be used if there are various kinds of malignant tumors, infectious or acute inflammatory diseases, tuberculosis, thrombophlebitis, exacerbation of rheumatism or blood and skin diseases.

To do vacuum massage, you need to purchase special vacuum jars, they are plastic or glass, they can be ordinary traditional ones, or they can be with a manual vacuum pump. You also need to stock up on a certain amount of massage oil, cream, or at least Vaseline. Vacuum massage has its own rules and they must be followed.

For face

Vacuum facial massage is best done after steaming the skin of the face. You can steam in the bathroom or steam in the bath, sauna, and it is there to conduct a vacuum massage. There will be no bruising on steamed skin during massage. Do not forget to lubricate the skin of the face with cream or massage oil, and only then proceed to the procedure itself.

After placing the massage jar on your face, carefully and slowly create a vacuum in it. When the jar is sucked, the movements must be done carefully and smoothly, moving strictly along the massage lines. Avoid sudden movements to avoid bruising. At home, you need to do it very carefully. In the area of ​​​​the eyelids and around the eyes, it is not recommended to move and rotate vacuum jars in any case, and 2-5 seconds are enough.

You can not do it more than once a week and immediately after the massage it is not recommended to leave a warm room, sit for half an hour, rest yourself and let your face cool.

Vacuum facial massage smoothes fine wrinkles, improves skin color.

For weight loss

And now consider the vacuum massage, which is used for weight loss.

The founder of vacuum massage for the abdomen was Tibet. And already cosmetologists and modern doctors began to use massage to reduce weight and get rid of excess fat.

When cups for vacuum massage are used, pressure drops are created, as a result of which blood actively flows to acupuncture points, that is, to biologically active points, regeneration processes improve, and salts and toxins are naturally removed from the body. Which actually contributes to weight loss.

It is not difficult to do massage with vacuum jars, but of course you need willpower. Before you start, you need to warm up and rub your face too, you can use a hot compress or by hard massage. Apply massage oil or cream to the surface if you do not want to walk with bruises. You also need to know how sensitive your skin is, the more sensitive the skin, the less effort and the shorter the duration of the procedure.

You can start massaging the abdomen only after consulting a doctor and having thoroughly studied this procedure so as not to harm yourself. Only a doctor can tell if you can do it or if it is contraindicated for you. Doctors do not recommend doing vacuum massage on the inner side of the thigh, although of course, in your opinion, this particular place needs massage. It is on the inner side of the thigh that there are lymph nodes that can be harmed and then the consequences can be unpredictable and very unfavorable.

It seems that we have decided, we will do a vacuum massage, which means we will proceed to the procedure itself. We take a jar and gently squeeze it, the more you squeeze it, the more skin volume you can massage. You need to attach it to the skin of the abdomen and slowly unclench, do not forget to monitor how the skin is absorbed. Doctors recommend no more than 1.5 cm of skin elevation.

You need to start the massage of the abdomen smoothly clockwise, after a pause, the same movements only counterclockwise. You need to rotate the vacuum jars carefully so that bruises do not form.

For cellulite

This type of massage is also effective for cellulite, but there are certain rules here. If you want to do massage for cellulite, then you need to know that doing it from time to time will not achieve anything. Only regular vacuum massage will tighten the skin, relieve you of the “orange peel” and restore elasticity, and the muscles will be in good shape. The maximum result can be achieved if, along with vacuum massage, manual massage is also used using cosmetics.

Here are some recommendations for vacuum massage for cellulite:

  • In order not to disrupt the lymph flow, it is not recommended to do it in the popliteal cavity, in the groin area and once again a reminder, in the upper inner thigh.
  • They do it exclusively from the bottom up.
  • Masseurs recommend doing it with a complex of oils designed to remove cellulite if you want to have a quality result.

There are several recipes for preparing anti-cellulite oils at home, which have already been used by women in practice.

You need to take 50 ml of olive or linseed oil, this is the basis for all recipes:

  1. Take the base and add 5 drops of orange essential oil, grapefruit and anise essential oil.
  2. Many people recommend using this recipe: Add 2 ml of red pepper oil to the base and another 5 ml. tea tree oils.
  3. Add 5 ml of vetiver oil, 3 ml of mandarin essential oil, 3 ml of lemon oil and the same amount of cypress oil to the base.
  4. Add 5 ml of lemon oil, 5 ml of dill oil and the same amount of tangerine oil to the base.

Vacuum massage procedure is not very pleasant, but you want to be perfect. Then go for it!

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