Valya Karnaval: biography of a blogger, photos and personal life, interesting facts

Valya Karnaval is a young blogger who has gained great popularity among young people. The girl started on the platforms Tik Tok (short thematic videos) and YouTube (longer videos with streams), where she received a fan base. After that, she began to release music tracks and even tried herself as an actress – she starred in the videos of popular Russian performers several times and played a major role in a comedy series from TNT.


Name Valentine
Surname Karnaukhova
middle name Vasilevna
Nickname Valya Karnaval (a pseudonym formed from a combination of a surname and an abbreviated form of a name)
Date of Birth 11/21/2001
Age 19 years
Place of Birth Rostov-on-Don (Russia)
Zodiac sign Scorpion
Eastern horoscope sign Snake
Growth 152 cm
The weight 49 kg
Family status Unmarried
Children No


Valya Karnaukhova was born in Rostov-on-Don in 2001. Her family was very poor and lived in the countryside (the village of Novobataysk in the Rostov region). Valya’s parents were the most ordinary workers: his father was engaged in construction, and his mother worked at a poultry farm. No one imagined that little Valya could eventually become a star and an idol for millions of teenagers.


Until the age of 15, Valya and her family lived in the village of Novobataysk. Despite poverty, the atmosphere of love and mutual understanding reigned in the family. Parents, on the other hand, sought to give their daughter all the best – as far as it seemed possible.

From an early age, Valya was fond of dancing. Parents, seeing the talent of their daughter, gave her to the appropriate circle. In addition to dancing, Valya was also involved in athletics. However, it was not necessary to dream of a serious sports career because of the state of health.

School years

At school, Valya studied well – with fours and fives. However, this did not help her make many friends and become the favorite of her classmates. The fact is that peers often laughed at Valya because of the poverty of her family. The Karnaukhovs’ house did not have basic amenities (gas, toilet, shower), as the parents could not afford it. Their income was only enough for the most necessary, and even Valya’s clothes were the simplest and most inexpensive. This was the reason that classmates often laughed at the girl.

When Valya was 13 years old, her father died. This was a big loss for the girl. A few years later, her mother remarried, and her stepfather and Valya had a wonderful relationship. He became her second father.

Rostov College

After finally graduating from the 9th grade of school, Valya decided to move to the largest city in the Rostov region. Mom and stepfather supported her in this decision, and also helped to rent a room in a communal apartment. Valya was supposed to live there during her studies. She went to college to study hospitality management. However, after a few classes, the freshman realized that she did not like this specialty at all and, most likely, she would not work in it. She didn’t manage to finish her studies: Valya at first missed classes very often, and then she left college altogether.

Registration in TikTok

Valya Karnaval has been trying to gain popularity on the Internet since the age of 15. She shot videos for the Dubsmash platform, but she never managed to attract a large number of subscribers.

In 2018, Valya Karnaval signed up for Tik Tok, at that time the app was still called While she was looking for her style and trying to shoot humorous videos, the girl actually had to survive on a small survivor’s pension, which barely covered the cost of renting a room. In order to somehow make ends meet, Valya began to earn extra money as an actress in quest rooms (which, as one could see later, benefited her artistic abilities).

Simultaneously with Tik Tok, Valya developed her YouTube channel. There, her videos were related to computer games.

Acquaintance with Zair Yusupov

Gradually, the Tik Tok Vali Carnival account began to gain popularity. Many liked the light presentation, humor and good looks of the girl. As a result, Zair Yusupov (founder of Hype House) noticed her. He invited Valya to the tiktoker community, and since 2020 she began to live and work with other Internet stars – Katya Golysheva, Amir Cheshuinov, Volodya XXL and others.

Gradually, Carnival began to develop its own style. She began to address her viewers on TikTok “Hey, bandits!”, which contrasts sharply with her feminine image. However, many of Vali’s fans find this combination of audacity and cute appearance charming.

Where does he live

Currently, Valya Karnaval lives in Moscow, along with other members of Hype House. In the capital, she has the opportunity to come to grips with a career in show business. Mom, sending her daughter to Moscow, was very worried because of her suddenly increased popularity, especially since Valya had already left the second college for the sake of work. Nevertheless, today the girl is doing well – she is developing as a blogger, singer and celebrity, starring in music videos with stars and making good money.

Musical career

In 2020, the first track of Vali Karnaval “Psychushka” was released. It gained great popularity among the youth audience, and on YouTube it took the 6th place among the most trending clips.

To date, Valya Karnaval, in addition to “Psykhushka”, has released several singles:

  • “Home Again”;
  • “Hysterics”;
  • “I don’t sleep at night”;
  • “Daisies”.

Considering that the girl began her musical career only a year and a half ago, her songs can be called successful. In addition to the charts, they are also actively promoted on Tik Tok – well-known bloggers and ordinary users often shoot videos for them. You can listen to Karnaval songs on the social network VKontakte, and watch clips on YouTube.

Filming in cinema

Valya Karnaval has not yet had to act in a feature film, but she had the main role in a multi-part project from TNT called “Vacation”. The series began filming in 2019, and already then Valya was invited to try himself in the pilot series. In the future, the girl was approved for the main role of Lucy. “Vacation” was completely filmed at the end of 2020, and in February-March 2021 it was released on…

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