Varieties of diets – what are diets

Throughout our lives, we spend more than two hundred hours eating, absorbing more than forty tons of food. Impressive? And some manage to lose weight, while not denying themselves anything. Yes, this is possible. A lot depends on what and how we eat.

Let’s look at the main food traditions in different countries.

The French mainly consume vegetables and stewed greens, which is served as a side dish. When cooking, celery, dill, spinach and parsley are used in large quantities. In addition, it is in stewed greens that active and beneficial substances are contained in the form most suitable for absorption by our body.

The Italian diet is considered one of the healthiest. With its help, the heart and blood vessels are healed, the body as a whole is rejuvenated. And although their main delicacy is pizza, this still does not prevent the natives of sunny Italy from looking good. Olives, cheese, tomatoes, peppers are used as a useful filling, which contain a whole range of natural substances that can smooth and tighten the skin, resist cancer and age-related changes.

In Japan, a large amount of green tea is drunk throughout the day. Everyone knows that green tea contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes in the body, thereby helping to lose weight and flush the intestines. At the same time, the Japanese show enviable restraint in food. Reduce your diet by twenty percent, and you will soon notice the result.

The Chinese prefer to live by the calendar. And before starting a meal, check the calendar. Since the foods that keep you warm in cold winters aren’t good for hot summers, foods that can help you deal with spring fatigue are depressing and fattening in the fall.

Mexicans. Whatever dish they cook, they will definitely add avocado to it. After all, it contains a lot of saturated fatty acids, especially useful for the heart, blood vessels, liver and skin.

Thanks to the use of soy, Brazilians look so lean and flexible. The use of this product causes a surge of energy, creates a feeling of lightness, uplifts the mood, brightens the eyes and smoothes the skin. Soy creates a pleasant and long-lasting state of satiety, and at the same time it is low in calories.

With the help of oysters, the Spaniards maintain their health. The combination of minerals, enzymes and amino acids in this delicacy meets the daily requirement of the body. That is why a diet with the use of oysters helps to strengthen the nervous system, get rid of stress and fatigue, and for one and extra pounds.

Hindus advise to lean on mangoes. They call it the rejuvenating apple. Dishes from the juicy fruit help smooth wrinkles and prevent new ones from appearing.

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