Varnish Amorolfin from nail fungus: application, reviews, analogues

Fungal infections of the nails are common. Causes: reduced immunity, infection from a sick person, tight shoes. Mycosis is often a concomitant symptom of other diseases. The nail does not look aesthetically pleasing. The surface is yellow, loose, with an unpleasant odor. In advanced cases, a person experiences itching and burning. Today, the pharmaceutical market offers a large number of antifungal medicines. They are different in composition, action, form of release. Amorolfine varnish from nail fungus has proven itself well. The tool helps to quickly and effectively get rid of nail fungus.

Mechanism of action

Amorolfine is an antimycotic drug for external use. Available in the form of varnish and cream. Varnish in bottles of 2.5 ml, 5 ml. Tubes with cream 20 gr. The active substance is the eponymous amorolfine. Small amounts of additional ingredients are present. Penetrating deep into the nail plate, it inhibits the activity of enzymes in the cells of the fungus responsible for the propagation of the infection. The integrity of the mycobacterium membrane is broken. The drug is active against fungi of the genus Candida, against dermatophytes and mold fungi, actinomycetes, Dematiaceae fungi. Fungal spores of pathogenic cells die. A high concentration of the substance remains in the nail bed and plate for the entire period of treatment. The medicine for a long time prevents re-infection with the fungus.

The combined use of varnish with antimycotic drugs of systemic action enhances the properties of Amorolfine.

Mycobacteria love warmth and moisture. Such an environment is favorable for the active reproduction of pathogens. Prevention of onychomycosis (fungal diseases of the nails and feet) are simple hygiene rules: do not use other people’s personal care items, exclude being barefoot in public places: baths, saunas, pools.


There are a number of contraindications for use:

  • Early childhood;
  • Allergy to the components of the drug;
  • Pregnancy, lactation.

Important! Treatment should only be started after consultation with a specialist. Who will conduct a thorough examination, then prescribe competent treatment. The dosage and duration of therapy depend on the indications, the severity of the clinical picture and the dosage form of the drug.

Application features

The solution is effective when the first symptoms appear. When only part of the plate is affected, approximately 2/3 of the nail. Then the healing process will take a few days. When the fungus has damaged the entire surface of the nail, Amorolfine varnish is powerless. It will take a complex effect of other antifungal agents. As well as a combination of their different dosage forms. Amorolfine is applied 1-2 times a week. Recovery occurs after a few months, after the new nail plate grows back. On hand, this happens in 3-6 months. On the lower extremities, the regeneration process can last a whole year. A big plus of Amorolfine is that the composition does not penetrate into the blood, but acts locally.

Varnish application method

  • Rinse the place of application of varnish, dry, degrease.
  • Sand the nail plate, then the active substance will penetrate deeper.
  • Cover the entire area of ​​the nail with a thin layer of the solution.
  • After the coating has completely dried, the procedure is completed.
  • Dispose of all available disposable tools. Treat the neck of the varnish bottle and the spatula for application with alcohol.

Doctors recommend during the treatment period to stop using other cosmetic varnishes and decorative coatings. It is forbidden to use two medicinal solutions at the same time. This can minimize the impact of each.

To keep the healing film on the nails during household chores, rubber gloves should be worn. When in contact with chemical, cleaning agents, it is also necessary to protect your hands.

Lac Amorolfine is one of the most effective ways to combat onychomycosis. The only drawback of the drug is its cost, it ranges from 900 r. up to 1300 r. for packing. In pharmacies, you can find more affordable drugs of a similar effect.


Loceryl – a means of combating fungal infections of the nails for external use. It has a fungicidal and fungistatic effect. Violates the biosynthesis of sterols of the cell membrane of the fungus. Available in the form of varnish (5% solution). It is quickly absorbed into the diseased nail and penetrates into the nail bed. The action of the remedy lasts for a week. The drug does not have a toxic effect on the body, since it does not enter the general bloodstream. Approved for long-term use.

Oflomil is an antifungal drug. Produced in India. Kills nail fungus quickly and reliably. The active substance is Amorolfine. The lacquer retains its healing effect for 24 hours. Visible results are noticeable after 7 days. It is used both for the treatment of fungus and for the prevention of its occurrence. Often used in the complex therapy of onychomycosis.

Consumer reviews

Doctors and patients speak well of antifungal drugs based on amorolfine. With strict adherence to the recommendations of the doctor and the correct use of the drug, a positive effect is noticeable already at the first stages of treatment.

Valentina Elgina Izhevsk: “Visiting a swimming pool, I got nail mycosis. I’ve tried different inexpensive products from the pharmacy. After reading reviews on the Internet, I purchased Loceryl. Pleased with the convenient form of use. The varnish dries quickly. After a month of use, the diseased nail began to brighten, the surface leveled off. I will fight on. I advise everyone who has such a problem. “

Natalya Smirnova Moscow: “My grandmother had a fungus on the nails of both legs. The reason is unknown, the doctor attributes this to age, the weakening of the body’s defenses. Our task was to save the granny from this misfortune. treated with Amorolfine. The case was neglected, so the recovery took more than six months. As a result, nails look healthy and strong. We continue treatment to consolidate the result. Excellent medicine!

Igor Rozin Irkutsk: “Attitude towards the drug is ambiguous. I’m talking about Loceril. Get rid of toe fungus. The method of application is convenient and can be used only once a week. But its cost could be lower! After a month of use, I did not notice any improvement. He resorted to folk remedies. I watered the nail with whiteness, applied tampons moistened with urine, applied herbal lotions. There was no result. I returned to Lotseril, I will fight to the end. I have been smearing my nails for 1.5 months. My case is difficult, I will wait for a miracle.

Iskander Lipetsk: “In our family, Amorolfin coating is used for…

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