Vaseline oil – application for beauty and health

The article will focus on an amazing tool that is very effective in the treatment of a number of diseases, is part of many cosmetics, and is also used in other industries: in construction, the food industry. It’s vaseline oil.

Vaseline oil has long been used both in alternative medicine and in cosmetology. It is rich in various vitamins that are so important for our health. It can remove cholesterol that is harmful to the body, cleanse blood vessels, fight diseases of the stomach and intestines, and also rejuvenate the skin. The oil is part of most face and hand creams.

Vaseline was first synthesized by the English chemist Robert Chesbrough in 1869. This product was originally called “petroleum jelly” but was later renamed “Vaseline”.

Vaseline oil, or, as it is also called, liquid paraffin, is obtained by vacuum distillation of petroleum products, primarily kerosene, whose boiling point is above 300 ° C. It is then purified with sulfuric acid. It does not contain hazardous organic compounds. The oil is a viscous liquid without a specific odor. Liquid paraffin dissolves quite well in organic solvents – ether, chloroform, and practically does not dissolve in water. During laboratory tests, it was found that liquid paraffin does not decompose in the human body, does not emit hazardous substances, and is not absorbed into the blood. In the same state, it is excreted from the body naturally. Thus, the oil is absolutely safe. The oil can form homogeneous mixtures with many other oils. The exception is castor oil, as it is very thick.

The use of vaseline oil in medicine

  • Vaseline oil is used in the treatment of constipation. It helps to coat the feces and gently remove them from the body. Oil should not be used during pregnancy, intestinal obstruction, as well as in the presence of inflammation in the abdominal cavity. When stool is delayed, it is recommended to use vaseline oil for a week, 1 large spoon per day after meals.
  • Vaseline oil is also used for cuts on the skin, as it has excellent antimicrobial and wound healing properties.
  • Before using a cleansing enema, lubricate its tip with petroleum jelly for a softer introduction into the rectum.
  • In winter, during severe frosts, to prevent frostbite, the skin of the hands and lips are smeared with vaseline oil. Vaseline does not freeze, thereby protecting the skin from frostbite and chapping.

In the pharmaceutical industry, liquid paraffin is used as a basis for the production of suppositories, ointments and liniments, and is also produced as an independent drug. The oil is produced in bottles of 25 ml, 50 ml, and also in ampoules – 2 ml.

In veterinary practice, vaseline oil is used to treat constipation in animals. Approximately 5 ml of oil should be given by syringe in the morning, before the first meal.

Vaseline oil is a necessary tool that should be at home in the medicine cabinet for every young mother. Since it is quite safe, it can be used by babies. Even in the hospital, doctors recommend that mothers lubricate the crust on the child’s head. The oil is used to treat sweats, irritations when using diapers, also as a mild laxative, antimicrobial agent for wound healing, to lubricate the tip of an enema for constipation. But this oil stains clothes, it is then poorly washed, so it is advisable to use unnecessary bed linen during treatment. Vaseline oil is needed quite a bit, so as not to clog the pores of the skin, not to block the access of atmospheric oxygen.

To effectively and painlessly clean the child’s nasopharynx, you need to instill vaseline oil one drop 3 times a day in each nostril.

The use of vaseline oil in cosmetology

Liquid paraffin is a part of many cosmetic products. In cosmetology, it is used in the following cases:

  • For massage. But petroleum jelly can dry out the skin, so for best results, combine it with essential oils.
  • As mentioned above, vaseline oil protects the skin from frostbite. The oil can be applied to the lips, it not only protects them from frostbite, but also adds shine to the lips. Vaseline is also part of most protective hand creams.
  • As a hair care product. When applied to damp curly hair, it becomes straighter and smoother. Also, the oil helps to get rid of split ends – it seems to glue them together.
  • Vaseline oil is a good makeup remover.
  • The oil accelerates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. You need to apply it in combination with other oils and after a certain time do not forget to wash it off. This oil is very difficult to wash off from the hair, as it is absolutely insoluble in water. Therefore, if you can’t wash it off with plain water, you need to use ordinary laundry soap.
  • To soften calluses and corns.

A big plus of vaseline oil is its extremely low cost. On average, it costs about 40 rubles.


But, despite all the safety in the use of this remedy, its natural composition, there are some contraindications for use:

  • Do not use oil in the presence of an inflammatory process in the abdominal cavity in a child,
  • For bowel obstruction,
  • With a fever
  • If there are worms.

Common side effects that may occur with the use of petroleum jelly

Oil should not be used for a long time, as this helps to reduce the functional activity of the intestine. It can also lead to hypovitaminosis A, E, K. A poorly refined oil, when applied to the skin, can cause irritation.

It is very similar to vaseline oil in its effect on the body – castor oil. Consider the main differences between them from each other.

Castor oil, unlike vaseline, is of vegetable origin and does not form a film. It is also used as a rather strong laxative, but it is not neutral. Therefore, when delaying stool, vaseline oil is better suited. But vaseline oil cannot be used directly as a hair mask, face cream, hands, because it prevents oxygenation of the skin, creates a so-called film. And castor oil is quite suitable for such purposes.

If you use poorly purified or not at all purified petroleum jelly on the skin, then allergic dermatitis, which is called “vaselinoderma”, may develop – a rash appears all over …

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