Verrukatsid from papillomas and warts: instructions for use

Verrukacid is a combined medical preparation of plant origin, with which you can quickly and effectively remove warts and papillomas.

Warts are benign neoplasms of infectious origin that appear on the human body in the form of nodules or papillae. The main cause of these neoplasms is HPV (human papillomavirus), which is transmitted sexually, through a handshake, the use of common hygiene items, through various microtraumas (abrasions, cuts).

These growths look far from aesthetically pleasing and bring considerable discomfort to their owners. In contact with clothing, they can be injured, and this is very dangerous. It is impossible to tear off, cut off the warts, as this can lead to inflammation!

Therefore, in order not to harm your health, it is better to turn to proven medical products. Such a remedy is verrukacid from papillomas and warts.

With the help of this drug, you can remove youthful, filiform, plantar warts, dry calluses, pointed papillomas, keratomas and condylomas.

Verrukacid is available in a dark glass vial of two grams with an attached applicator inside. The content is an oily solution of a brownish or pink hue, which has a specific smell of carbolic acid (phenol). Used for topical use only.

Similar medicines are viferon, ferezol, kollomak.

The pharmacy is sold without a prescription.

The shelf life of the solution is five years, do not use after the expiration date.

Keep the bottle in a dark place, out of the reach of children, at room temperature.

What is included?

The main substances that make up its composition are phenol and metacresol, and the additional ones are ethyl alcohol and water. This solution has a strong cauterizing effect on skin cells. An unwanted growth on the body dries up after cauterization and disappears after a certain amount of time. In addition, phenol has bactericidal and disinfectant properties, so there is no infection at the burn site. Metazol helps the epidermis recover quickly. The healing process is accelerated and passes without the formation of scars at the site of the removed warts, the skin looks clean and healthy.

Mode of application

Since the medicine can cause severe burns, it should be used with caution!

Use non-sterile gloves to protect your hands.

The solution is applied precisely to the affected area of ​​the skin with a special plastic applicator or a wooden toothpick.

Precautionary measures

There should be no traces of cosmetics (creams, ointments) on the skin during the application of the solution. The surface to be treated must be dry and clean. It is necessary to avoid contact with nearby healthy areas of the skin or mucous membranes. To prevent this, the area around the papilloma is first smeared with zinc ointment or any greasy cream. After all the manipulations, the ointment is carefully removed with a dry cotton pad. In case there is no ointment at hand, the skin around the growth is sealed with adhesive tape.

If the product gets on a healthy area of ​​​​the skin, it should be quickly wiped off with a dry cloth, and the skin itself should be lubricated with any alcohol solution (vodka, cologne), then rinsed with warm water.

Important: make sure that the medicine does not get on the mucous membranes, especially on the mucous membrane of the eyeball. If this happens, then the eyes should be rinsed under running water, and then contact an optometrist.


To remove small neoplasms (up to 2 mm), one application is enough to get rid of larger growths (up to 4 mm), the procedure is repeated three to four times. Between the procedures, a certain amount of time must pass for the solution to dry completely and form a dry crust on the papilloma.

If the warts are on the hands and feet, the multiplicity of application can be increased up to ten times with a time interval between procedures.

If a hard, keratinized crust forms on top of the warts located on the feet, hands, dry calluses, keratomas, then this crust is cut off before removal. The previously keratinized “shell” needs to be softened. A 5% solution of salicylic acid is well suited for this. The build-up is smeared with acid, covered with a plastic film, a bandage is applied on top or an adhesive plaster is glued. After a while, the compress is removed, and the skin is steamed for five to ten minutes in warm soapy water with the addition of soda. The softened tissue is then cut off with tweezers or nail scissors. After drying, the skin is smeared twice with a solution of verrukacid with an interval of five minutes.

When removing a neoplasm in the eyelid or around the eyes, it is best to seek the help of a specialist doctor, since there is a high probability of caustic liquid getting into the eyes.

special instructions

When using this medicine, the following rules must be observed:

  1. Areas of skin smeared with a phenolic solution should not be sealed with adhesive tape, wrapped with a bandage, covered with clothing, especially synthetic. The treated area should dry out gradually. It can not be wetted, smeared with ointment, cream. No need to remove the formed crust, after a while it will fall off by itself.
  2. Do not ignore the instructions for use and apply the solution to the wart more and more often than expected. This can lead to scarring after healing. If you follow the rules of use, then such problems will not arise.
  3. The drug is not recommended to be applied to rashes located in heavily sweating, weeping places of the body, in the groin area, anus, between the fingers, on the lips. In such places, phenolic liquid can easily get on healthy skin and burn it.
  4. It is advisable to cauterize papillomas in intimate places in the treatment room and under the supervision of a doctor.

Who is contraindicated?

The drug is prohibited to use:

  • babies up to a year; undesirable – for children under seven years of age;
  • people who are allergic to its components (to detect allergies, you can do a test application on one papilloma);
  • pregnant women (if the use of the drug harms the life and health of the unborn child), nursing mothers;
  • on areas of skin covered with rashes, more than 20 square meters. cm;
  • to remove moles and birthmarks.

Are there side effects?

Yes, these symptoms are:

  1. Swelling and redness. It usually occurs when a papilloma is cauterized in the area of ​​​​the eyelid or around the eyes, but after a certain time the swelling and redness disappear.
  2. Itching, burning, rash. Very often these…

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