Vests 2020: fashion trends of the season

Most designers have confirmed that vests will be extremely trendy in 2020. It remains only to find out which models are recognized as the most trendy!



Many girls are incredibly happy that the business suit vest is back on the list of leading fashion trends. This is an excellent style-forming element that can act as an interesting accent in the image. Such a novelty is definitely worth adopting in the spring-summer season, when jackets and jackets become uncomfortable due to rising temperatures.

The main trend is a short business vest that reaches the waist or hip bones. It is desirable that it be loose enough, so you can safely purchase a model a couple of sizes larger. Oversized style will be in perfect harmony with shirts.

At the top shows, it was demonstrated that such an element can be perfectly combined with suit trousers, shorts and jeans. Moreover, it is not necessary to maintain a single palette of the ensemble. Suit vests look especially good in stylish looks in the spirit of the 70s. Creative combinations with feminine dresses and skirts are also relevant.

A bold idea for a party or social event is a costume vest worn over a naked body. Such a knight’s move is often used even by Hollywood stars!

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a la jacket

Models that resemble jackets or sleeveless jackets have become a stylish variety of vests. As a rule, in the design of such things there is an oversized cut and a classic button closure. It is worth recognizing that this is one of the most fashionable investments of the 2020 season in a business wardrobe.

[stextbox id=’warning’]With a free cut, girls with large breasts should be more careful. But this is a real find for slender and tall fashionistas.[/stextbox]

If you don’t like the loose style, you can give preference to fitted models. Such variations are also present among the fashion trends of 2020. Interestingly, some stylish blazer-style vests were presented in an elongated format. This allows you to use them even as a trendy dress.

With belt

Fashionistas who love stylish and feminine looks can appreciate long waistcoats with a belt. In cool weather, they can be used as outerwear or combined with other clothing according to the current principle of layering.


A real must-have for the cold season is an insulated vest. With such a novelty, it is extremely easy to play layering. The most obvious option is a combination with a basic shirt.

As for the fashionable palette of knitwear and knitwear, classic and versatile tones come to the fore. First of all, it is black and white. Blue, brown and beige shades also join their relevance.

The attention of fashionistas also deserves copies with prints from the retro area. These include the famous rhombuses, stripes and a cage. Such a trend will surely be appreciated by a creative person who likes preppy style or just non-trivial accents in the image.


During unpredictable weather, you can take note of an inflated vest. If earlier she was entrusted with a modest role to complement sports looks, now such a vest conquers fashionistas with stylish combinations with everyday and business things. You can repeat this experiment and fit the trend into an image with a formal suit, top or flying dress. A practical and trendy bow is guaranteed!


Fashionable in the 2020 season, elongated vests are a real find for overweight women. The vertical elements of this model perfectly slim (for maximum effect, you should not fasten the buttons), and the free cut skillfully hides the sides.

Some fashionable vests are presented so long that they are quite capable of becoming an independent element of the outfit. The most daring fashionistas are not averse to creating a trendy bow paired with jeans. Or they can wear such a vest as a dress.

Another stylish trick is the combination of an elongated top layer with a waist belt. This technique looks stylish and allows you to create a feminine silhouette of the figure.

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Sport style

Many girls liked vests in sports style. Incredibly stylish, comfortable and practical, they will easily take pride of place in your everyday wardrobe. The most current models can be complemented by visible patch pockets, contrasting delay, bright details or a hood.

As for the color solutions of such models, they delight with their diversity. The trend is not only classic dark and light colors, but also pastel and rich colors. For example, you can opt for a lilac or yellow vest.

With patch pockets

Models with patch pockets also deserve mention in our fashion ranking. A sort of greeting from the past can look very stylish in modern images. The heroines of street style prove it from personal experience and combine the novelty with pencil skirts, straight trousers and leather dresses.

It is worth warning that patch pockets on clothes should not be used for their intended purpose and should not be stored in them. Such elements serve only for beauty!

Fashion textures

  • Fashionable fur vests are a 2020 season trend that has shown itself especially well in outfits with a 70s-era vibe.

  • Leather vests will certainly be appreciated by women of fashion who like to create especially stylish and extraordinary looks. Most of the models were presented in a laconic style, and some options resembled a sleeveless jacket in design.

  • Among the trends there were many manifestations of ethnic style. Thus, vests created using the patchwork technique and models with fringe are recognized as relevant.

[stextbox id=’info’]White shirts and basic jeans are always great company for a particularly vibrant ethnic element.[/stextbox]

  • In summer outfits, you can safely use openwork knitted patterns, which have also gained immense popularity in the coming season. Designers have clearly shown what a wide stylistic range they have. A knitted element can really be entered into almost any image – from grunge to preppy.

  • For a long time, denim vests have not lost momentum in popularity, which can be combined with almost all things. Designers offer many interesting styles: elongated, shortened, fitted, with asymmetry and slits on the sides.

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In the world of antitrends

Not every vest gets the right to be considered relevant in the 2020 season. Before you buy such a novelty, you should definitely study anti-trends.

  • Stylists do not advise buying overly tight and close-fitting models, because modern fashion is dominated by the oversized trend.

  • It is better to exclude from your wardrobe models with narrow …

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