Visceral fat: how to get rid and remove it from the stomach

Fat in the human body protects the internal organs from mechanical damage. Each person has this layer in small amounts, it surrounds the liver, kidneys, heart, intestines. When a man or woman eats a lot of fatty foods, sweets, processed foods, or does not move much, a large belly appears due to an increase in body fat.

What is dangerous in visceral fat?

Fatty subcutaneous deposits are formed on the hips, sides and the whole body. And visceral fat is deeper, it encircles the internal organs of the abdominal cavity, and is much more dangerous. Its excess threatens the appearance of the following diseases:

  1. Cholesterol plaques are the consequences of visceral fat, hence a person has high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks appear;
  2. Due to the large weight, varicose veins develop;
  3. Cancers appear;
  4. The hormonal background is disturbed;
  5. Changes in metabolic processes in the body;
  6. Shortness of breath, frequent fatigue, drowsiness, depressed mood, low self-esteem, all this is also a consequence of visceral fat.


There are some causes of visceral fat, they can be detected independently:

  • Frequent alcohol consumption in men suppresses the male hormone testosterone, because of this, fat in the body is not properly distributed and a large beer belly appears. The calorie content of alcohol corresponds to the same amount as fat. Its use makes a person feel hungry. And due to the fact that the liver does not cope with its work, the body deposits fat around the waist;
  • With the help of food, a person fills the body with energy, so nutrition should be correct and balanced. Flour products, fatty and sweet foods, form more fat, which envelops all internal organs. Half a kilogram of sweets forms about 250 grams of fat. Conclusion – malnutrition, one of the main factors;
  • Menopause in women can be one of the reasons. Female hormones begin to be produced much less, because of this, fats are absorbed more slowly and begin to be deposited in the wrong places;
  • In women with a “pear” figure, most fat appears on the hips than on the waist, so they need not be afraid of such problems, and all other forms are at risk;
  • A person has a lot of visceral fat if the skin in the navel area does not fold. This can be tested by trying to squeeze the skin around the navel with your thumb and forefinger;
  • A sedentary lifestyle, this is a sedentary office job, moving in a car, etc., does not allow calories to be consumed correctly by using the right muscles;
  • Lack of sleep, the body does not have time to recover, affecting the work of all internal organs and the nervous system, forming internal fat;
  • Experts associate the accumulation of visceral fat with frequent stress;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • With age, fat deposits appear due to a decrease in muscles in the body, but a person cannot change this in any way.

Visceral fat is also dangerous because outwardly it is invisible, and even the thinnest woman can have a lot of it. It can only be detected through a medical examination.

Wrestling in the abdomen

You can make your belly smaller within a few weeks. There are many techniques that you can apply at home, on your own, without resorting to outside help, or turn to specialists. By following preventive measures, various diseases can be prevented. Proper nutrition and regular exercise, smoking cessation, all this will have a beneficial effect on the body, make overall health better, and the risk of diseases is several times less. It is necessary to control body fat using the following rules:

Balanced diet.

To begin with, you should learn how to eat properly by adding foods rich in useful vitamins and minerals to your diet. It is necessary to completely exclude fast food from the diet, remove snacks, sweets, fried foods. All this should be replaced with fresh vegetables, salads seasoned with olive oil, boiled meat.

If it is difficult to do it yourself, you can use the Internet. Special programs will calculate for you the number of required kilocalories consumed per day. You can read information about products that are suitable for cooking, and what is better not to use. Or contact a nutritionist, he will select the right diet for you, taking into account all health problems.

Here are some tips from experts to follow:

  • You should eat about 7 times a day, every 2 hours. You can’t starve!
  • Remove foods that are high in calories from the food you eat;
  • Add foods with fiber and protein;
  • Dinner should be prepared from vegetables and protein products so that the body can rest at night;
  • Drink up to 1.5 liters of water per day.

Physical exercise.

Sports exercises will also help get rid of visceral fat, this can be dancing, walking or running. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of studios, gyms that offer various services, so you can choose a more enjoyable activity. An individual trainer in the gym will select a suitable diet and a set of exercises for all muscles. A bicycle, a jump rope, skates, all this can be a good load for getting rid of fat.

During sports, subcutaneous fat will begin to go away, after which visceral fat will begin to decrease. Doing 30 minutes of ab exercises every day, such as sit-ups with twists, double or classic abs. Alternating them with aerobic exercises, they will help to remove even the most difficult stores of internal fat.

While doing fitness or visiting the gym, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • All workouts are best done on an empty stomach. They should pass 1.5 hours after eating;
  • To get a good result, you need a suitable pace, so the body will feel a sufficient load.

Do not forget! Exercising should not only rid the body of excess calories, but also give pleasure.

stressful situations.

Some people in stressful situations tend to experience them by eating various sweets. You can change this habit as follows, for example:

  • Listening to classical music every day will help to relax the brain, removing all the accumulated bad emotions;
  • Green tea calms the nervous system. Tea cleanses the body of toxins and is a good prevention…

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