Viva Magenta: the main color of 2023

At the beginning of this December, the Pantone Color Institute named the most important shade of the upcoming season. And I have to admit, it didn’t disappoint. Moderately catchy, deep, strong, beautiful, expensive and attractive – these are the epithets I would like to characterize the novelty. So, meet Viva Magenta – the main color of 2023. What it is, how to include it in fashionable images and what to combine with – we will answer these questions in today’s unusual review.



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Where did Viva Magenta come from and what does it mean

Viva Magenta literally translates as “long live purple”. And it was this energetic color that replaced the gentle and soothing shade of Very Peri. However, despite the catchiness, Viva Magenta has a natural origin. And Panton employees were inspired by, by their own admission, carmine – one of the most persistent, strong and valuable dyes in the natural line. To date, carmine color, obtained from Mexican cochineal bugs, is a trend that is on the list of the most popular. It is not surprising that such close attention was paid to him.

Viva Magenta by Pantone fully meets the spirit of 2023. It is both noble and soft, encourages rebelliousness, inspires experimentation, gives confidence. Not devoid of a hint of cheerfulness and audacity. Its main task is to inspire, encourage to move forward no matter what. Include Viva Magenta in your life and it will give you strength and motivation for new achievements. And this is exactly what many have lacked in the past few years.


Turning once again to the natural range, Panton employees make it clear that after the devastating events that have been taking place in our world for the past three years in a row, humanity needs healing and hope. And you can get it only by uniting with nature and our origins.

“Viva Magenta reunites us with the original matter. Calling on the forces of nature, it activates our spirit, helping us to find inner strength,” explained Leatrice Iseman, Executive Director of the Institute Pantone.

How to Incorporate Viva Magenta into Fashion Looks in 2023

The very first and most important advice is to do it confidently. When choosing purple cochineal for your outfit, remember that this is a trend. Viva Magenta is equally suitable for creating combined and monochrome looks. It can also become a bright accent in the form of an accessory. Any option would be good. Below are examples of the most stylish images.

  • With black. Start experimenting with the safest combination, because black will literally go with everything. For example, for the spring or fall season 2023, get a stylish coat with a simple cut, made in the shade of carmine that we are talking about today. Combine it with leather leggings, thick tights, gloves, boots or black over the knee boots. Or combine a bright blouse with black wide leg trousers for a business look. It will turn out quite harmoniously.

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  • With white. What other color would go well with Viva Magenta? Of course it’s white. And this is again a safe duo. Viva Magenta is very accent, so it’s not surprising that sometimes it needs to be toned down. Better than white, nothing can do this. Put on the simplest white blouse and to it – a catchy skirt, as in the photo. Or elegant trousers-pipes in the color of carmine. They will fit here too. You can also buy an elegant bright suit in the collection. Also wear it with a white blouse, shirt or thin turtleneck.


  • With blue. Another safe combination, because blue is akin to white. He is gentle and calm. Great for balancing a catchy fashion look. In the warm season, you can choose a light blue dress and wear it with Viva Magenta over the knee boots. At the same time, they should be the most catchy part of the bow. Choose accessories in neutral pastel colors. And for the cold season, look for a coat or a trendy teddy coat in the same carmine color, and combine them with jeans.

  • with purple. And this is more bold. Combining the main color of 2023 with another popular shade means getting a bright and catchy look. To ultimately look harmonious, take deep, calm tones as a basis. In this case, two self-sufficient colors will create a good balance. According to the color block principle, you can include the same calm orange in the image. If, in your opinion, this is too catchy, take one color as a basis, for example, purple, and Viva Magenta as a secondary one.

  • With other shades of pink and burgundy. Total bows are one of the most popular fashion trends today. Don’t miss out on them next year. Moreover, carmine harmonizes very well with its “brothers” in the palette. Even energetic and lighter fuchsia will look expensive and restrained in tandem with Viva Magenta. But usually heavy burgundy in monolooks, on the contrary, will acquire lightness under the influence of carmine. To keep the look from turning into one red-pink spot, add black shoes and accessories.

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Fashion 2023 favors the bold, so try to vilify Viva Magenta in an informal setting also with yellow and green.

In today’s review, we, what color is this – Viva Magenta, and also showed photos with examples of fashionable bows. We hope you liked the presentation and will include carmine in your 2023 wardrobe.

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