Vlad A4 Paper: blogger biography, personal life and career, photo and video

32 million subscribers on YouTube channel, almost 10 million subscribers on TikTok, more than 6 million subscribers on Instagram, 80 million views on one of the videos – all these are the achievements of one person who is only 25 years old. Have you already guessed who we are talking about? Of course, about Vlad A4.

Name: Vladislav
Middle name: Andreevich
Surname: Paper
Aliases: Vlad A4 / A4
Date of Birth: June 5, 1996
Age: 25 years
Place of Birth: Minsk, Belarus
Zodiac sign: Twins
Eastern horoscope sign: Rat
Growth: 180 cm
The weight: 65 kg
Family status: unmarried, in a relationship with Yulia Godunova, a Belarusian singer and video blogger
Children: No


Vlad Bumaga was born on June 5, 1996 in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. He is from an ordinary family, his parents are not associated with either television or fame. Father – engineer Andrey Bumaga, and mother – a primary school teacher. Due to the fact that the boy grew up in a simple family, he was brought up with an intelligent, respectful, purposeful character.

Vlad was not spoiled by money, so even though he is now one of the richest bloggers in Russia, a large income did not spoil his human qualities. It is noteworthy that his real name is Paper. As a child, he had complexes because of this, because they laughed at him at school, but at the beginning of his blogging career he decided to make his trump card out of this zest. Therefore, he called the channel on YouTube “A4”.

Childhood and school years

Vlad spent all his childhood in Minsk, where he lives to this day. Basically, the mother was engaged in raising her son, spending a lot of time with him.

When the boy was 7 years old, he began attending the Yunost children’s sports school, where he played hockey. Soon the hobby turned into a professional activity, Vlad even became a striker in the youth reserve of Dynamo Minsk. They had high hopes for him, and this sport brought him pleasure, so the young man actively trained, attended sports camps and even lived in the Czech Republic for a year. But at the age of 16, he was seriously injured, because of which he was forced to quit professional sports.

Youth and youth

After the injury, when it became clear that his sports career was behind him, the guy began to think about what he should do in life. It was then that he began to look at the blogging work of other young people and decided to try his hand at YouTube himself. Therefore, at the age of 18, he created his own channel.

Interestingly, Vlad does not have a higher education, although he is already 25 years old. The guy is in no hurry to get a university diploma, because the main thing for him is self-development, which he successfully does even without a red diploma.


Vlad Bumaga did not go to his success through decades and falls. We can say that the first popularity came to the guy quite quickly, just a year after the start of his blogging career. Already in 2015, he gained his first fame, and in 2020 he took an honorable 3rd place in the top of the most popular bloggers in Russia and was nominated for the title of “30 most promising Russians under 30”.

First steps to success

After the guy’s sports career was left behind, he began to look for himself in new directions. Since YouTube video content was gaining momentum in 2014, Vlad decided to try his hand at this area. Already on November 29, 2014, Paper created his own YouTube channel with the still current name “A4” and posted the first video.

At first, the guy was looking for his direction, so he experimented with content: he showed tricks, filmed versions of school jokes, shared life hacks in the field of relations between girls and boys. But Paper received the first very positive reaction from the audience after the video “When Mom is not at home.” It was after him that the YouTube channel acquired its theme.

It should be noted that in the early stages of his blogging career, this idea did not please his parents, but now Vlad receives maximum support from his family. The first significant success of the guy brought 2015: then he shot a parody of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Later, the most significant video was the video “24 hours in the trampoline center”, which was released in 2016, and the number of subscribers increased from 250 thousand to 1.25 million.

Millionaire Blogger

The starting point in the frenzied popularity of the blogger was the video “24 hours in the trampoline center”. After him, the number of new subscribers began to be measured in hundreds of thousands, and then millions. It is noteworthy that Vlad found his element and began to develop the field of challenges, thus attracting a new audience. Already in 2019, the number of viewers increased to 10 million, and Paper received the coveted YouTube diamond button.

Although the blogging career takes up most of his time, the guy did not stop there. He began to try his hand at music and made a parody of the song “The ice is melting”. The first pancake did not come out lumpy, and this video brought him popularity – 35 million views. Later, he filmed a joint work in Katya Adushkina “Fire”. The guy’s success is not limited to the number of subscribers, which are already almost 33 million. He is also included in the ratings of the most liked bloggers, which confirms his recognition among the public.

Personal life

The video blogger’s channel is dedicated to entertainment content, and not to informing viewers about Vlad Paper’s personal life. And yet, some facts about his inner world are known to fans thanks to Instagram, as well as infrequent interviews with the guy.

Where does he live

It is known that Vlad Bumaga lives in Minsk, where he was born. Despite his immense popularity, the guy does not want to live in Moscow precisely because of the hustle, anxiety and too fast pace of life. The regularity and comfort of his native city impress the blogger so much that in the near future he does not plan to change his place of life. In addition, it is in the capital of Belarus that the girl Vlada lives, which strengthens the guy’s attachment to this city.

How much does he earn

The blogger does not distribute information about personal income, but “who seeks, he will find.” To date, it is known that Vlad Bumaga earns 75,000,000 rubles a year, or $ 1,220,000. A guy’s income is 6,300,000 rubles per month, and 9,200 rubles per hour ….

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