Warm winter shorts: an overview of models

Women’s winter shorts are a great alternative to skirts, which allows you to create a look that is both stylish and at the same time practical. After all, as you can see in the photo with examples of fashionable looks, you can wear warm shorts with literally anything. Therefore, in the article we have given not only the most relevant styles of this season, but also examples of things from the basic winter wardrobe, which, according to stylists, with shorts will create just win-win combinations.

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Why shorts?

Shorts in the current autumn-winter season have become a trend that literally all fashionistas should acquire. In addition to the fact that they fit perfectly into absolutely any style of clothing and emphasize the slenderness of women’s legs, this wardrobe item also has other advantages.

  • They are very comfortable to wear, as they do not restrict movement at all.
  • They are quite versatile and are suitable not only for walking, but also for various informal events and parties.
  • Thanks to a huge assortment of various styles, every girl can choose exactly her model of warm shorts, even with non-standard parameters.

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Important! Couturiers for obese women offered elongated models of shorts with a straight or flared cut, which hide the excessive sloping of the hips, while shifting all the emphasis directly to the legs.


Fashion trends

Women’s insulated shorts have regained popularity, so designers in their latest winter collections 2018-2019 presented a wide variety of options. Among them, both classic products, and with a rather creative design. However, we recommend paying special attention this season to the models below.

  • With high waist. It can be insulated shorts with a straight cut, with an imitation of a skirt or “lanterns”. The main thing is landing. It should be overpriced or high. This will provide not only reliable protection from the cold, but also visually correct the figure.

  • Knitted. The novelty of the season, which has already won the hearts of modern fashionistas. Original short shorts with openwork or dense embossed knitting fit perfectly into the youth style. Often they are decorated with flounces and drawings, which makes such products even more unusual.

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Interesting! Knitted shorts can also be used as thermal underwear, as they perfectly retain heat and do not deform the silhouette, even if the skirt or dress is fitted.


  • With a fringe. Decorative braid with many threads is the trend of the season. In this case, fringe is used to decorate mainly denim products, but there are also leather or suede options. Most often, it is decorated with side external seams or the bottom of the leg of shorts.

  • With gates. Mostly the gates here play a purely decorative role. However, there are also transformer models, in which, thanks to the collars, you can adjust the length of the shorts and thereby experiment with looks.

  • Leather. Shorts, made of matte or patent leather, are quite versatile products that fit into absolutely any look. The main thing is to avoid fitted models, and give your preference to straight or oversized styles.

  • Short. Such products not only look very stylish, but also make you feel comfortable, even in cold weather, which cannot be said about skirts. In addition, they not only emphasize the slimness of the legs, but also the seductive forms of the female figure. Basically, these shorts are sewn from woolen fabrics, but you can also find options from suede or leather.

  • Tweed. These are one of the most fashionable women’s shorts, photos with styles of which are full of almost all fashion magazines and catalogs. In addition to the fact that such products look very impressive, they also warm well. As for the colors, tweed shorts are most common, made in a calm range of black, gray and brown. Due to this, they are harmoniously combined with absolutely any top.

Tweed shorts are the new trend of 2019

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Actual duets

Insulated shorts themselves are versatile, so you can wear them with anything. However, we have identified the top basic things that are just perfect for such a bottom.

  • Outerwear. In this case, it is better to abandon the short top in favor of more elongated models. A coat of midi or maxi length, a down jacket, a sheepskin coat or a fur coat will look most harmonious here. Also, stylists recommend that women wear shorts with elongated fur vests.

  • Shirts and blouses. One of the most fashionable and win-win combinations. For plain shorts, the top can be bright and printed, for example, shirts in a cage or with a floral or animalistic ornament. But for shorts with a colorful print, it is better to make the top as simple as possible. The ideal solution here would be a classic cotton blouse, a denim or silk shirt.

  • Sweaters and jumpers. Combining shorts with a warm knitted top is just the perfect solution. Both thin stockings and jumpers, as well as voluminous oversized sweaters are allowed. As for the design of the upper, it should be as simple as possible so as not to overload the image as a whole. Sweaters can be worn both for release and tucked into shorts.

A sweater and shorts make a great tandem

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Important! Warm high-waisted shorts can be combined with cropped sweater options, thereby focusing all attention on the waist.


  • Tights. The basic option is black or brown tights, the density of which is selected on a purely individual basis, as well as taking into account weather conditions. However, stylists recommend wearing matte tights with a density of at least 40 den under warm woolen or tweed shorts, and translucent options under denim or leather. As for the drawings, in this case it is better to give preference to plain products or with decor such as a small arrow on the back or small peas. But the options in the grid are best avoided, as they generally make the image vulgar.

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Important! The trend of the upcoming 2019 are colored tights, which can also be worn with shorts. It can be more classic shades, such as cappuccino or slate gray, or blue, green, burgundy and even orange.


  • Shoes. One rule applies here: the shorter the shorts, the higher the shoes should be. Therefore, in this case, over the knee boots or high boots will look the best. Nevertheless, one should not neglect the boots that are fashionable this season, as well as uggs, which fit into this outfit no less effectively.

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