Water Sassi: a recipe for weight loss and how to drink

In an effort to be beautiful and slender, women manage to try a lot of diets. But not all recipes give a quick desired result. Some of them cost a lot. And some are even harmful to health.

But you can get by with small means, benefit the body and at the same time feel the long-awaited lightness in the whole body in a short time. And all you need to do is drink some water. Yes, not simple, but according to the recipe of the US nutritionist Cynthia Sass.

The main components of the Sass cocktail

Developing recipes for effective weight loss, Cynthia Sass eventually created an amazing cocktail, which uses the simplest and most accessible ingredients. And these components do not just destroy body fat – they also have a beneficial effect on health.

  • The basis of the cocktail is, of course, water, which, as we know, is the source of life. For normal operation, our body needs to consume at least 2-2.5 liters of clean liquid per day. But you need to drink only healthy water, not from the tap. The best option is spring water, but settled filtered water is also suitable.
  • Many dieters know that ginger is indispensable. This is an excellent antioxidant that will help “melt” the accumulated fat. And in parallel, ginger will cleanse the intestines of unnecessary parasites, relieve inflammation. In this recipe, for 1 call (2 liters of a cocktail), it will be enough to grate 1 tbsp. root (preferably fresh, peeled).
  • Another component of Sassi water will be a fresh cucumber. This is an excellent diuretic product. But, at the same time, it compensates for the lack of moisture in the body, because. he is saturated with it. And the cucumber will also support the body in this difficult process of losing weight – it contains a large amount of vitamin C. In our cocktail, you need to take 1 medium-sized vegetable and cut it into slices. But first remove the skin from it, otherwise the water will be unpleasantly bitter.
  • The final “chord” is peppermint leaves. This component will help the intestines to function normally by calming its walls and getting rid of bacteria. And this plant is a good “calm” for the nervous system. Mint is often used in rejuvenation recipes. For Sassi water, take 10 leaves of a tonic plant. Some cut them, but it is better to tear them with your hands, putting your energy into the drink.


Sassi water variations

In addition to the above components, other, no less useful for weight loss, can be added to the water. They also contribute to the metabolic process.

  • Lemon will give the drink a pleasant sourness and complement the fragrant “bouquet”. In general, citrus fruits are very useful for the work of almost all internal organs due to the high content of trace elements and vitamins in them. Each of the exotic fruits can “participate” in the metabolism. Instead of lemon, you can put tangerine, orange or grapefruit in Sassi water. This will increase the tonic properties of the drink and reduce the feeling of hunger. For 2 liters of cocktail you will need 0.5-1 citrus, cut into rings.
  • Clary sage is sometimes added to the mint company. This will make the smell of the drink more specific. This herb is useful for many diseases, but in this composition it improves digestion and “lulls” the nervous system. In the presence of sage in Sassi water, this drink is not suitable for men to lose weight, because. another feature of this plant is the effect on female hormones responsible for fertility.
  • Verbena is also a good metabolism stimulant. Since ancient times, in folk medicine, it has been used for digestive disorders, to cleanse the liver, and metabolism. This plant is indispensable for depletion of the body, which is especially important for all kinds of diets.

Verbena and sage are added to the drink in small doses – no more than 1 tsp. for the composition.

The process of preparing and drinking Sassi water

It is not recommended to prepare this drink in reserve – the longer it stands, the more likely the fermentation process is. And this is no longer “eating good” for the intestines. A two-liter bottle of Sassi water is designed for the day of admission. But since the cocktail must be infused for at least 10 hours, it is more rational to prepare it before bedtime.

When all the ingredients are added to the water, the container with the drink is placed in the refrigerator (the drink will ferment outside!). Strain the cocktail in the morning. 2 liters of water are evenly distributed over 12 hours of admission. In this case, the first glass is drunk on an empty stomach, and the last – 2 hours before bedtime. During the day – at the discretion, as a regular tonic.


How long to take Sassi water? Everything will depend on the desired result. If the goal is easy, gradual weight loss, then it is enough to drink the drink 2 days a week at regular intervals. With a more serious diet, the cocktail is divided into stages (according to the principle of four):

  • Stage 1 will take 4 days (in a row). Here you need to limit yourself in food to 1400 kcal / day. This kind of testing will help determine how suitable this drink is in each case, whether it causes allergies.
  • If there is a desire to continue, you can proceed to the 2nd stage lasting 4 weeks. Since the cleansing of the intestines, kidneys, liver will be significant, the body will need the strength to withstand the process of losing weight. Therefore, the daily menu should be increased to 1600 kcal. At the same time, food should be eaten in small portions: 4 times a day, 400 kcal each.

Blitz drink recipe

For those who decide to seriously take care of their figure, the above process of preparing Sassi water will be a certain ritual in the fight against excess fat. But this cocktail can be drunk just as a refreshing drink on a hot summer day.

Then it is not necessary to insist the components for so long – you can prepare Sassi water in a couple of hours. To do this, mint leaves and finely chopped cucumber are whipped with a blender into a puree state. Then pour 2 liters of water (remember – not tap water), add lemon slices and ginger root (grated).

In order for the blitz cocktail to infuse (again – in the refrigerator), one hour is enough. Drink as you please. In any case, the effect of taking Sassi water, even in this cooking option, will be positively noticeable.

Processes that will occur in the body

Whether you are losing weight or drinking a tonic drink just for fun, the body will react to Sassi water in almost the same way. And the following processes will begin to occur inside you:

  • Digestion will normalize. Flatulence and bloating will stop bothering you. Gas exchange will improve, and unnecessary fermentation will go away.
  • The work of the kidneys is enhanced, so that the diuretic effect is provided. And, therefore, edema, spoiling the appearance and causing a lot of inconvenience, will be a thing of the past.
  • Finally, the metabolic process will improve. Fed up fats…

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