watermelon diet

Watermelon is one of the berries that does not contain cholesterol and fat. It is August that is sometimes the sun and watermelons, and most importantly, the best time to lose extra pounds. Watermelons provide a large amount of vitamins A, C, PP, B1, B2 and B6. Watermelon also works well as a diuretic. That is why the watermelon diet is considered the best diet.

But, alas, people who have kidney stones, diabetes mellitus or severe pancreatic disease such a diet is strictly prohibited.

The essence of such a diet is that for 6 days it is worth eating only one watermelon, all other products are prohibited. The main requirement of such a diet is that there is a limit on the number of watermelons eaten per day (you can consume 1 kg per 10 kilograms of body weight). On a watermelon diet, you should sit down smoothly, gradually introducing watermelon into the diet.

The advantage of this diet is that hunger is practically not felt, and in a fairly short time you can lose about 3-5 kg. Another watermelon diet helps to normalize metabolism, removes excess fluid from the body.

But it is worth noting that there are situations when discomfort arises on the second day, in which case it is worth stopping the diet. Since watermelon is enriched with a diuretic effect, the first days, weight loss will occur quickly due to the loss of salt deposits. Within 6 days it is worth drinking plain water or green tea, it is also worth excluding alcohol.

More than 8 days you should not follow such a diet, even if the results are very good. At the end, to consolidate the result, it is worth sticking to a low-fat diet: rice, buckwheat, fish, eggs, chicken, fruits and vegetables, cottage cheese. In addition, the wife should be no later than 18-00 or 4 hours before bedtime. There should also be a gradual addiction to another meal, but in no case a sharp throw.

One of the disadvantages of such a diet is the impossibility of using it for certain diseases. Also, one of the drawbacks is that it seems to many to be very tough – even in a lightweight version. Another disadvantage of this diet is that at first weight loss occurs due to the removal of excess fluid, and not due to body fat. Also, after such a diet, an aversion to the use of watermelons can occur.

If the diet has given a really good result, then you can continue, but already combining with other products. It is worth eating one watermelon for 3 days. If you have a very frequent and strong feeling of hunger, you should add a piece of rye bread to the diet, but only if after such a reception you are not tormented by discomfort in the form of nausea, bloating or heaviness.

But the opinion that if there is only watermelon in order to lose weight is erroneous, it is mainly influenced by the emotional state. If you perceive weight loss as a punishment, in this case it is much more difficult to endure, or rather almost impossible. In order to stick to a diet, you need strong willpower and the pleasure of every day when looking at yourself in the mirror. And after the end of the diet, it is worth reviewing your previous diet and possibly changing a lot in it. In this case, the result will please you and benefit the body.

Sample menu for two days after the watermelon diet

1 day:


  • cottage cheese;
  • a cup of green tea.


  • canned soup;
  • light salad of fresh vegetables with olive oil.


  • a glass of low-fat kefir;
  • an Apple.

2 day:


  • fat-free yogurt;
  • green tea with lemon.


  • boiled chicken meat;
  • salad with low fat sour cream.


  • vegetable dish;
  • piece of fish.

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