Wave manicure: new 2020

Manicure with waves can already predict huge popularity and demand in the 2020 season. What is the secret of the success of this novelty in the world of nail art?

combination with nude

Girls who try to keep up with fashion trends are already familiar with the relevance of the nude palette. In the summer of 2020, such a range will only strengthen its position in the fashion world, but at the same time, it will not mind adding stylish accents. So, a thematic and stylish idea is a combination of nude polish with chaotic sea waves placed on a pair of marigolds. Such a color tandem always looks advantageous, harmonious and stylish – in a word, a win-win option!

A similar manicure with waves can be the best solution for short nails. The natural length does not accept an overloaded design and a riot of color, so with such a modest and aesthetic frame it will look very dignified.


The sea always captivates with its depth and infinity, even when it comes to the accent in women’s manicure. It is curious that the landscapes in the world of nail art have almost completely exhausted themselves, but this technique in depicting sea waves is a pleasant exception and a hot trend of the 2020 season.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Masters like to place such watercolor compositions on only a few nails, successfully combining them with a plain or transparent coating.[/stextbox]

The result promises to be especially bewitching if the original palette includes many shades, and some of them are presented with a shimmer. For maximum expressiveness, it is recommended to combine deep blue colors and light accents that represent sea foam. Creatively maneuvering the brush, it is easy to create a unique pattern of unique beauty. It turns out so interesting – one novelty for everyone, and the result is always different.

With blue varnish

A fairly bright color scheme of the blue palette is a fashionable way to emphasize your cheerful summer mood in a manicure. You can come up with many options for the implementation of such a tandem. Perhaps you will be prompted by an example of a manicure in the photo to your own ingenious design. This nail art successfully combines nude coverage, sea waves in the current incarnation and juicy blue varnish. It turns out a gentle and refined manicure.


With blue varnish

According to the 2020 fashion trends, classic blue is a leading favorite throughout the year. This neutral tone is perfect for any season. In addition, it looks great in both glossy and matte finishes. Combine wave and foam manicures with a solid finish and create stylish and trendy nail art.

With white varnish

White varnish, although it is capricious in care, but a priori looks fresh and stylish. Against such a background, drawings in blue-blue tones look especially contrasting and beautiful. In this manicure, you can safely include golden or silver accents – such details correspond to the key fashion trends of the season.

Simplified sea waves on a light background can be implemented at home. The main thing is to wait for the base coat to dry, and then arm yourself with several shades of varnishes in the marine palette. Do not be afraid to mix colors and change the direction of the brush – from such manipulations the manicure will turn out even more fascinating. At the final stage, do not forget to fix the design with a transparent varnish so that it will please you with its beautiful look longer.


To embody trendy nail art, it is not necessary to master the complex watercolor technique, you can head for the current minimalist style. He does not accept multicolored and pretentious compositions, but encourages concise drawings that any master can embody. Alternatively, you can use special sliders – now it is easy to find strips in the form of waves of various colors and directions on sale.

The classic color tandem for such nail art is a combination of blue and white lacquer, which stand out in contrast on a nude base. If you wish, you can slightly increase the level of complexity of this design and increase the number of shades used – for example, gradation from blue to white with blue shades will look very stylish.

Another fashionable experiment is the stylization of creative lines under the sea waves, as in the photo. As you can see, in this design there is no limit to the embodiment of fantasy!

Color experiments

You can love modern fashion at least for the fact that it kindly cancels almost all borders and rules. For example, who said that a themed manicure with waves should be designed exclusively in a blue-and-blue palette? Perhaps you don’t like these colors or simply don’t fit your individual color type.

In this case, it makes sense to look at a manicure with waves of different colors. It can be one bright tone or several contrasting shades at once. Imagine that there are no restrictions, and only you – a free creator – can decide how the fashion design will turn out in the end. It will definitely turn out to be trendy, because the desire for individuality and self-expression is the key trend of nail art 2020.


French manicure is unique in its kind, because it easily adapts to various fashion trends. Stylish transformations most often relate directly to the design of a smile – now it can not only be repainted, but also change almost beyond recognition. So, in summer nail art, sea waves or even real thematic landscapes can be successfully placed on the tips of the nails. It will be possible to fully realize this idea only on long nails – on them, in the literal sense, there is where to turn around.

On nails of classic length, it is appropriate to make a small smile in the form of sea waves. This design can be combined with a transparent base and drawings or stickers in the form of minimalist seagulls. Get very stylish!


Another classic of the genre that loves to be friends with various novelties in the world of nail art is the ombre technique. A vivid example of her fashionable transformation is presented in this photo – the color of the sea wave smoothly varies with light accents and gradually moves to a trendy transparent coating. This manicure looks stylish and trendy also due to rose gold glitter and accent strip stickers.

The classic version of the gradient effect is a smooth transition from white to cyan and blue. Such a design can be realized by independent forces with the help of an ordinary sponge or sponge for dishes. At the end, it is worth using a thin brush and light varnish to draw light waves on the created background. You can also decorate nail art with thematic volumetric decor. For example, such a manicure with waves will look beautiful with shells and seagulls.


The real must-have of the 2020 season is the style of abstraction….

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