We create fashionable looks in 2022 with a satin skirt

Satin is used both for tailoring evening dresses, and for everyday dresses, blouses, skirts. Satin outfits pass from season to season, continue to be in trend despite the fickleness of modern fashion. The popularity of the material is due to its external aesthetic appeal and excellent characteristics. It is pleasant to the touch, durable with proper handling, airtight and hypoallergenic. In today’s review, we will figure out what to wear with a satin midi, maxi and mini skirt in 2022. We will also study the most fashionable models to date.



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Current models of satin skirts

A few years ago, it was customary to sew only evening dresses from satin. Mostly dresses. It was considered good form, and women of fashion could not think that the fabric would soon be used to create things for every day. Fashion 2022 has confirmed the relevance of satin looks. So, what are they, skirts, which are not only “in the feast”, but may well become a basic element of a women’s wardrobe.

  • Pencil skirt. A classic that will never go out of style. Models sit perfectly on the figure, demonstrating elegance. Just don’t forget about seamless underwear, because the satin conveys all the folds and seams.


  • Tulip skirt. An option for those who want to hide their thinness. The length of the chosen model can be up to the knee, just below the knee or reach the shin.


  • Bell skirt. A simple style for creating a difficult bow. This option combines practicality and elegance. That is why the “bell bud” is often chosen by office ladies.


  • Pleated as if specially designed for the feminine representatives of the fair sex. A playful short or long pleated satin skirt with an asymmetric cut is the number one trend of the current season.


  • Sun skirt. Present in the collections of all famous fashion designers. Looks stylish and expensive. Easily complements the official and evening bow, as well as an outfit for a romantic date.


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If you want to feel like a real queen, choose a puffy floor-length skirt for a grand exit. This is truly a luxurious outfit for any occasion.

What to wear with a satin skirt in 2022?

Satin skirt looks are suitable for any season. Models are worn in summer, winter and off-season. The main thing is to understand how to combine them with various wardrobe details. Fashionable bows with a satin skirt are suitable for young girls and women 40+. And now we will tell you in detail how to create the perfect combinations for outfits.

  • With tops: bra, lace, silk, bandeau, crop. A bow with a satin skirt and any of the listed types of top looks feminine and self-sufficient. It can be worn to the office and to a party. Shoes – elegant high-heeled shoes, classic sneakers, ankle boots.


  • With short t-shirts. A white and black solid or printed top can complement the look or play the role of the main element of the bow. However, remember that if you choose a printed T-shirt, the skirt should be solid. Otherwise, you can “slide” into pretentiousness.



  • With loose-fitting shirts. This option is for creating an easy and most comfortable outfit. To follow fashion trends, wear a loose shirt, but always with an accent belt at the waist. Also, the floors can be completely or partially tucked into the belt of the skirt. Or it is possible to tie the bottom of the shirt in a knot to show a neat flat tummy.



  • With blouses. What else to wear with a linen-style satin skirt than with a silk or satin blouse. There, they match perfectly in style. To create an elegant look, only feminine accessories are missing. We recommend adding them. For shoes, look for elegant strappy sandals or sandals.



  • With a sweater. Knitted upper complements the satin bottom perfectly. Monochrome sets look especially impressive. Heavier shoes are recommended here – ankle boots, boots, boots, massive sneakers or shoes with tractor soles.


  • With sweatshirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Stylists prefer to play on the contrasts of materials and styles. The “rough” top makes the noble satin more mundane, preparing it for everyday life. This is one of the ways to create an outfit for every day.


  • With tight-fitting turtlenecks. Turtleneck is a popular element of women’s wardrobe this season. If she is at hand, it will not be difficult to put together a trendy bow in combination with a satin skirt. The result is a versatile and at the same time fresh, original tandem.


  • With a thin jumper. An option for those who love romantic images. Fashionable evening outfit: an asymmetrical cut jumper with one open shoulder and a matching bell skirt to the top. Thin knitwear in 2022 is important to fill in the belt of satin skirts.


  • With cropped jackets. Option for autumn or spring. Any model of a short jacket will do – leather jackets, denim jackets, olympic jackets or parkas. In length, you need to focus on the style of the skirt. The photo below shows interesting options for fashionable images.



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Also looks amazing jacket bows. Material, style, color – there is no limit to fantasy. An image with a jacket is suitable for both autumn-winter and spring-summer.

As for the color of the satin skirt, designers recommend all the shades that are fashionable this season – deep pink, classic black and red, rich blue, turquoise, lilac, sand, beige, mint.


Creating a trendy set of clothes depends only on your mood and capabilities. See photos of fashionable looks and decide what to wear with a satin midi, mini or maxi skirt in summer, autumn and winter 2022. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Atlas is exactly the material that needs to be used as often as possible.

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