We make a fashionable basic wardrobe for the summer of 2021

Many girls do not know how to make a basic wardrobe for the summer of 2021. It is important that the things in your closet can be easily combined with each other. The basic wardrobe is a set of classic clothes that can be combined with each other in style and color. Most often, such things are dominated by neutral tones: black, white, beige.

What to choose for the basic wardrobe?

This year, for the summer capsule, stylists advise choosing the following clothes.

Knitted suit

Knitted suit in soothing colors is suitable for walks and informal meetings. Thanks to the material, you can feel comfortable and move easily. The basic suit can be worn on its own or paired with another top/bottom. For the summer, you can choose a suit with a skirt, shorts or pants. For a seaside holiday, take a white set with shorts. It is suitable for walking along the promenade and evening gatherings with friends.

Classic white shirt

The basic wardrobe for the summer of 2021 includes a standard straight-cut shirt. This element of the wardrobe is useful not only in the summer. It will look appropriate in business attire in autumn and spring. A high-quality classic-style shirt without unnecessary decor can be combined with any bottom. On the beach, you can wear it unbuttoned. And in a cafe or at some event, tuck a shirt into light jeans. Complete the look with a beige bag.

Classic pantsuit

A pantsuit has been in demand among fashionistas for more than a year. Such clothes emphasize the strong-willed spirit and core of women. Standard trousers and a straight-cut jacket will successfully fit into any wardrobe. In summer, the suit can be combined with a neutral top:

  • white t-shirt/top;
  • white dress shirt;
  • turtleneck.

Fashion for the summer of 2021 suggests choosing light linen suits. To visit the exhibition, meet with friends, take a sky-colored suit, a white top, flip flops, a wicker bag and complete the look with glasses.


Basic jeans come in handy at any time of the year. For the summer period, it is better to choose white or light blue pants. Be sure to choose denim products without scuffs, holes, stripes, sequins and other decor. The standard option is mom jeans. They fit well on girls with any type of figure. They can be paired with tops, shirts, t-shirts and even sweaters on chilly days. For an informal meeting, take blue moms, a classic white shirt, sandals with a small heel of the same color, a nude bag and sunglasses.


Summer basic wardrobe is hard to imagine without dresses. This season, fashion experts offer options for different models that can be used as a base.

  • Slip dresses. This option is considered a classic option. This style looks good on women with different shapes and parameters.
  • Flying models. Dresses of this type can be complemented by a floral pattern, airy sleeves and a loose hem.
  • Fitted mini dresses. Such a thing can be chosen both for light images with sandals, and for options with a jacket and massive shoes.
  • Knitwear dresses. This style can be combined with sports shoes and heels.


This bottom should have a classic cut and suit different styles. For the summer of 2021, stylists offer several options for basic skirts.

  • Linen satin skirts. For several years in a row, this option has been considered universal. It can be combined with light tops or coarse knit sweaters (for a cold evening).
  • Mini skirts. This style is suitable for girls who want to focus on their legs. It is important that the thing on top is as calm as possible, without a deep neckline and bright decor.
  • Pencil skirt. The option is suitable for business style. It also pairs easily with a variety of tops, from lightweight tops to formal shirts.

White T-shirt

Not for the first year, a standard white T-shirt has been in fashion trends. This color is great for harmonizing complex looks and combining different styles. Choose a basic t-shirt with a loose fit. Tight-fitting models have long since lost their relevance.

Such a versatile option can be combined with pants and skirts. Take a white T-shirt and light brown pants. Complete the look with flat sandals, a black bag, chunky earrings and glasses.

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Designers are sure that shorts are a universal part of the wardrobe. Choose neutral-colored canvas shorts and you can wear them not only in summer. It is best to take leather shorts, they can be easily fit into the autumn capsule. Leather shorts with boots and printed tights are the trend of the coming autumn.

Suiting, jersey and denim shorts also look good. They can be worn with heels or flats. For the top, as in the previous versions, tops, t-shirts and shirts are suitable.

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For the basic capsule, you can choose tops of different models. The main thing is that they are neutral. The most relevant this year will be the following options:

  • without sleeves;
  • on the straps;
  • with long sleeve.

When you know how to put together a basic wardrobe for summer 2021, you can safely go to the store and not spend money on things that will go out of style in a week.

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