We select sunglasses according to the shape of the face

The choice of sunglasses is not an easy task for the fair sex. On the one hand, glasses should be stylish and fashionable, on the other hand, they should ideally fit in shape and color.

The recommendations below will help lovely ladies make the right choice and look 100 percent fashionable and feel comfortable!

Women with a round face shape are perfect for narrow sunglasses, you can with an angular frame. Slightly raised corners of trapezoidal glasses will also look great on a round face. But on glasses with round glasses, you should not stop the choice, as they can emphasize the shape of the face in an unfavorable light. Bright stylish frames will help brighten up the roundness of the shape of the face.

Least of all problems with the choice of sunglasses for those whom nature has endowed with an oval type of face, which suits all forms of glasses. In this case, you need to rely solely on your own taste, in accordance with the style that you prefer.

Round and slightly rounded glasses look best on a face that has a square shape. Accordingly, not a very good option is square-shaped glasses that visually “weight the face”.

Glasses without a lower frame and a stylish, powerful upper frame look harmoniously on a pear-shaped face. Emphasizing their upper part will make your forehead look wider.

Women with a rectangular (long) face shape should pay attention to oval, square and round glasses. You can also experiment with the types of glasses depending on your hairstyle: if you like to collect your hair “in a ponytail”, you can opt for oval or round shapes. For lovers of bangs, square-shaped glasses are suitable.

If you have a heart-shaped face, you should pay attention to aviator-style sunglasses. Moreover, this year they are at the peak of popularity. You should not buy glasses with heavily tinted lenses, as they visually make the face smaller.

A few general tips: Feel free to try on a large number of glasses. Only in this way you will be able to choose the perfect option. If you buy glasses from a reputable store, you can ask a qualified seller for advice. And one more detail: it is considered bad form to wear glasses to match the clothes. Therefore, if funds allow, do not hesitate to buy a few points. After all, sunglasses are an important part of style.

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