Wedding dresses 2019: fashion trends

For future brides, it will be very relevant and important to find out what is new in the world of wedding fashion, what fashion trends in 2019 will be typical for wedding dresses and outfits.


Wedding dresses 2019: fashion trends

In dresses for celebrations, everything does not change as quickly as in the fashion world of other clothes. Maybe the fact is that a girl wears such a dress only once, or that with any flight of fancy, the image should remain romantic and tender, but many trends have already survived more than one season, only complemented by nuances and developing.

In wedding trends:

  • in the course of different types and shapes of sleeves. Dresses with long sleeves are created for the cool season, and with playful spaghetti straps or without them at all – for the summer. However, no one limits the girl: even a light dress with a corset can be matched with a bolero;

  • an absolutely romantic image is created by small sleeves lowered from two shoulders or from one shoulder in the Spanish manner. You can complement the bow with a thin veil that will cover bare shoulders while the bride walks to the altar;

  • with a mantle create luxurious and unique outfits of a real princess or queen. Keep in mind: veils are then not needed. The mantle acts either as part of the dress, or as a separate decorative element;

  • a tiered composition, an intricately designed skirt – all lace or perforated – suitable for weddings in a rustic or glamorous style. True, after photo shoots and the ceremony, the bride will need a more comfortable dress for the celebration;

  • more and more transparent or partially transparent dresses appear, where the most intimate is covered with luxurious patterns and ornaments, fine elegant embroidery. In the photo of the successful bows presented, you can see that even the most revealing outfits do not become vulgar or overly erotic. This is just a celebration of a beautiful female body and a unique outfit. In addition to a completely transparent dress, they also create a combination of a transparent top and a heavy opaque bottom;

  • deep neckline – the V-neckline is really very frank, it is also not uncommon for a heart-shaped neckline, as if an additional message and setting the newlyweds for love;

  • emphasis on the back – if from the front such a dress looks almost simple and even modest, then from the back, not only can the back be completely open, but by decorating with beads, stones, and a pattern, admiring glances are additionally attracted to the beautiful back;

  • slits from the hips on dresses are suitable for slender brides, and with long legs. In order to emphasize the beautiful leg as beautifully as possible, you should first think about where to get a tan, so that the snow-white outfit is shaded by tanned skin;

  • feather-shaped jewelry – designers leave options for the fashionista to choose from: a hem covered with soft feathers; light and airy decor elements, like feathers, or embed feathers in a hairstyle. You can also use feathers as decor on shoes, but this is if the dress is short and the shoes can be seen in all their glory;

  • a long veil with floral patterns or expensive trimmings. It is best if the print or pattern that is on the dress is repeated on the train-veil;

  • a fluffy skirt is one of the mandatory attributes of a wedding attire. Moreover, the skirt can be with an uneven hem, asymmetrical or decorated with flowers;

  • with a large bow – at the waist, back on the back, on the neckline, on the shoulder – in a different color or in the tone of the dress, giving the overall silhouette a zest and romance. Where is the bride without a bow?

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Interesting. If you want a completely original wedding outfit, take a look at a white jumpsuit with an original decor on the bustier or along with a blouse, jacket, top and trousers. None of my friends had a dress like this.


Fashionable shades and styles of dresses

Among the most popular models of wedding dresses are:

  • an unforgettable classic – an A-shaped silhouette that allows you to realize the dream of every lady about a luxurious outfit;

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  • The fishtail style has never left the pages of bridal catalogs. Stylists offer to balance the silhouette with a voluminous delightful hairstyle or a lush short veil;

  • short straight-cut dresses, trapeze, tulip or bell – for those women who value convenience, practicality and minimalism.

Fashionable colors for wedding dresses:

  • dazzling white. It remains a favorite among the shades of wedding dresses. To further emphasize the color, many fashion designers specifically choose to show dark-skinned or tanned models;

  • gold – trendy color 2019, the color of luxury and nobility;

  • beige is in fashion right now. They choose different shades of beige, decorate stylish dresses with beads, matching stones;

Elegant wedding dress

  • colored dresses of saturated color – purple, red, yellow – still remain a romantic and delicate outfit;

  • other selectable pastel colors – caramel, ivory, peach, silver, gray and others;

  • with floral or floral patterns. The outfit itself is concise, one might even say simple and modest, but with delicate decorations in the form of 3D volumetric flowers or elegant patterns, it becomes a real masterpiece;

  • some fashion designers add black accents to further emphasize the white or light base tone. It can be a strap, ribbons, decor;

  • a blue tint or decor in blue tones is gradually losing popularity.

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For those ladies who are planning a wedding this year, you can take a closer look at the coral color. According to the Pantone Institute, it is coral – a juicy shade of life and energy – the color of the year.


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For fat ladies

Among the fashion trends of 2019 wedding dresses are:

  • A-line styles or a combination of a corset (bodice) and a lush hem hide figure flaws – emphasize the waist, hide extra centimeters on the stomach, brighten up wide hips;
  • curvaceous women can boast of their breast size – and in no case should it be hidden. Necklines, corsets, decorated bodices are literally created for them to emphasize their size and playfully draw the attention of others to the right place;
  • it is not necessary to choose dresses to the floor, correctly selected styles of short dresses (lengths just below the knee) will emphasize the waist and brighten up heavy hips.

Fishtail Model

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Clue. When wearing tight wedding dresses, it is worth wearing slimming underwear. Perhaps the lady will not be very comfortable in it, but she will definitely be sure of her irresistibility. And the dress will fit perfectly.


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