Wedding rings that are in fashion in 2021

If in 2021 you and your loved one decided to tie your destinies forever, then information about fashionable engagement rings will be more relevant than ever for you. Choosing an engagement ring is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, because there are a lot of models of this obligatory wedding attribute. Let’s try to figure out which of the rings will be in trend in the new year.

Wedding fashion: which wedding rings are in trend in 2021

Engagement rings, which will be considered the most fashionable in 2021, combine beauty, brightness and comfort, because they, like marriage, should bring only joy. The variety and attractiveness of rings may confuse you, but don’t get lost. We will give examples of the most relevant ring models so that you know what to look for when visiting a jewelry store:

  • European fashion. The traditional European wedding ring is a yellow gold model that has a rounded edge. These rings are very light and almost not felt on the finger. For the bride and groom, the same models are presented, only in different sizes.

  • Unusual texture. In 2021, the smooth surfaces of the rings are no longer relevant, so many models have a very interesting texture. This can be a fluted surface with small notches, or a style such as rough embossing. Another popular way to design rings is rough matting, which results in stylish scratches on the surface.

  • Two types of gold in one piece. Combinations of yellow and white gold are still in fashion, so you can safely buy such models of rings. There are many variations in which each type of gold is represented to a greater or lesser extent.

  • There are not many stones. If you are lovers of jewelry, then we can assure you that you will find a lot of rings lavishly decorated with stones. Among the most fashionable gold wedding rings of 2021, you can see options that are fully or partially decorated with stones, with a scattering of stones around the rim, with paths located along, across or in a circle. To draw attention to the jewels even more, craftsmen make beautiful and original cuts for them.

  • vintage models. As it turned out, vintage models of wedding rings have a huge number of admirers, because after they appeared in jewelry stores, these rings began to disappear from there very quickly. Fashion for vintage clothes has moved to jewelry, so you can take a closer look at this option.

  • Color details. In the new year, the decoration of rings with multi-colored precious stones also became popular. The ring can be complemented with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and also have through details – hearts or any geometric shapes.

  • With glitter effect. This name means a brilliant coating, which looks like a scattering of glitter. This design is both bright and concise, so these rings will look organic on both the groom and the bride.

Remember also that the fashion trends for engagement rings from past years and 2021 are constantly changing. Therefore, there is one unmistakable option – the creation of your own most important jewelry in life. There are places where you can create wedding rings of your own design – either from scratch, or just changing something, adding or removing something. Only you and your loved one will definitely have such rings.

Classic ring patterns

The classic has one very positive thing – it never goes out of fashion, so it always looks appropriate. Wedding rings in a classic style are chosen by a huge number of couples who do not like frills. What is unchanged is that these rings do not have any additional elements – stones or carvings, and also that identical options are selected for a pair. These models are most often made of gold.

If suddenly it is very difficult for you to make a choice when buying a ring, then it is better to stop at the classics. She looks beautiful, restrained and very organic.

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Engraving on wedding rings

A ring of this type cannot simply be bought in a store. If a couple wants their fingers to be decorated with special rings, then special engraving can be ordered. Most often it is done on the inside of the ring, and these can be names, declarations of love, wedding date or special phrases for these people. Yes, no one will see this engraving except yourself, but you can take off your ring at any time and read this most important word or phrase.

An engraved ring combines two qualities – simplicity and originality. From the outside, this ring may have a very simple and understated design, but the lettering on the inside gives it a personality.

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Of course, the choice of jewelry that will show off on your fingers for a lifetime is a difficult and time-consuming task. You will have to review a considerable number of options before you settle on the most suitable one. To make your work a little easier, we have posted here a photo with the most fashionable engagement rings of 2021. We will be very pleased if any of the photos will inspire you and help you make this important choice!

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