Weight loss: from sports to food

So, you look at your reflection in the mirror and criticize your appearance. If you are unhappy with your appearance, then you are unhappy with your weight. In this case, it is worth adjusting your figure a little.

Let’s start with sports. What could be better than to drive away your laziness and get up early in the morning for a run? In addition to a beautiful body, you will get a charge of vivacity and tone. If it is winter outside, or there is no way to run (because there are a lot of dogs), then you can arrange a fitness center at home and do gymnastics.

Start by walking in place with your knees high. Inhale for the first four steps, exhale for the next four. Time for exercise: 30 seconds.

Another exercise very useful for the back. Arms up, leg back, just make sure it’s straight and try to arch. Next to the starting position, bend the leg, try to press the knee to the chest, and the head to the knee. We bend the back again, only in the other direction. This exercise is performed three to four times.

The next exercise develops the calf muscles. Spread your legs wide. We bend the right leg, and we ourselves bend over and pull the side to the left leg. It must be straight. Perform four to six times.

Exercise “Mill”. We spread our legs wide, bend down, try to reach the toes of our feet with our hands, with the right – the left, with the left hand – the right leg. Do the exercise six to eight times in each direction.

Squats. Hands on the stomach, we try to put pressure on it. We squat sixteen to twenty times. Make sure that your heels do not come off the floor.

For the next exercise, you will need a chair. Holding on to his back, you need to raise your leg, and make circular movements with it. Try to keep the amplitude as large as possible, naturally, this improves the effect. Then the same exercise, only on the other leg. Together, this exercise should contain eight to twelve strokes.

So, for the next exercise, you will also need a chair. We stand on tiptoes, hands holding on to the back of the chair. You need to bend your legs at the feet. You can do this alternately. Time for exercise: fifteen to twenty seconds.

You can also make several jumps, for this you can use a jump rope. Time for this exercise: thirty seconds.

In addition, you can do a basic exercise: shake the press. We lie down on our back, bend our knees, bend our elbows, they should be behind our heads. And the essence of the exercise: we try to get our elbows to our knees. Perform twelve to sixteen times.

And the final exercise. Legs shoulder width apart. When raising our hands, we inhale, when lowering (we try to reach the toes of our feet), exhale. Do three times.

Exercise is only part of the weight loss effort. This requires a balanced diet. As a rule, it should contain all the elements necessary for a person, plus all the vitamins.

The diet itself should last an average of five weeks! You should have breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks every day. But snacks don’t have to be big. They are only focused on making the feeling of hunger disappear. So, you should definitely get protein. It’s fish and seafood. Protein is also found in poultry. Fiber is found in vegetables and fruits, it must also be consumed. From fats, olive oil is allowed, and the olives themselves. Sugar is best removed from the diet altogether. Avoid overcooking foods. It is best to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals.

Once a week you can eat whatever you want, for example, on Sunday. This is necessary, because keeping yourself away from food is difficult, and in order not to tire yourself, you need to sometimes make indulgences.

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