Weight loss technique “25 frames”

At different times and eras, there were their own standards of female beauty. In the Renaissance, they were full-breasted ladies with magnificent forms in the form of two triangles, which spoke of her femininity and softness. The standard of female beauty of the 21st century is a thin, athletic, slender figure. And, if fashion dictates its own rules, women by hook or by crook try to comply with it.

There is no shortage of weight loss options. Here, whoever can do it … After all, the process of losing weight should bring joy and pleasure. Someone chooses fitness and healthy eating, someone exhausts himself with diets, and someone counts on the magical effect of pills. Methods – a lot. After all, the 21st century is the century of modern technologies that are firmly rooted in our lives. One of these innovations is the 25 frame weight loss technique. Moreover, we can no longer imagine life without a computer. Therefore, the regularity of the introduction of this method is quite understandable.

What is “25 frame”?

Scientists have proven that our vision is designed in such a way that it only responds to 24 frames per second. If we add the 25th frame, then it will be perceived by a person not visually, but only subconsciously. For example, if you insert a frame with the inscription “sweet is poison” into some video or film, then your eye will see it for a fraction of a second, and the subconscious mind will put aside this information for itself. And, when once again you decide to treat yourself to a cake or a cookie, the brain will send you a signal that this is forbidden.

Thus, a special program is created, which is installed on a personal computer and configured. It can be called psychological help or influence on your subconscious. There is a similar program for those who want to easily quit smoking or master any skills (knowledge).

According to the principle of operation, the “25 frame” program can be compared with hypnosis or coding, but more effective in action, since this happens constantly and at your request. The program does not distract you from your usual activities. You can work on the computer, play games, correspond, chat with friends, and at this time your subconscious mind will be beneficially influenced by the 25th frame program, which will be noticeable only due to the blinking of the monitor.

You can customize the program individually by selecting certain phrases in the “Settings” or replace them with ones that are convenient only for you. After all, everyone sets their own bar, so you also choose the time of the program yourself according to your weight. Someone wants to get rid of a couple of kilograms, but someone does not hurt to lose 10-15 kg. Let’s say you enter an invisible statement like “I weigh 55 kilograms” into the settings. The subconscious mind picks up your idea and looks for ways to implement it. The authors of this program themselves recommend using it for the first time for half an hour a day for three to four weeks. After that, take a week break and repeat one more course in the previous mode. And so three times. But it is worth paying special attention to giving commands to your subconscious. They should only be in a positive way, in the affirmative form and in the present tense: “I weigh 55 kilograms”, and not “I will lose weight up to 55 kilograms”; “I have dinner at 6:00 pm,” not “I don’t eat after 6:00 pm”; “I play sports easily, joyfully and with pleasure”, and not “I wear myself out in training.”

An important point when using this program is that you can use it only after reaching the age of 14, and up to 16 years old – only in a safe mode and under the guidance of adults.

The 25 frame technique is practically a panacea for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, who do not have enough time to play sports or are unable to follow any diet.

Many skeptics ask the question, is it really possible to lose weight with the help of the 25 frame program? Psychologists admit that the human subconscious is still little studied, and we are talking more about assumptions. Everyone knows the placebo effect when a person takes vitamins, but he is sure that this is a medicine, and the body accepts his “command” and reacts accordingly. This is exactly what they mean when it comes to the 25 frame program. You yourself consciously enter a positive statement and then subconsciously follow it. And as a result, you achieve what you want. However, many psychologists support the authors of the program, thereby confirming the hypothesis about the impact of the 25th frame on the human subconscious.

Reviews about this method on the Internet are the most controversial. Someone is sure that thanks to the “25 frame” he achieved amazing results, someone the program did not bring any benefit. And someone generally fell into the clutches of scammers and lost their money. After all, this program can still be ordered only via the Internet.

Officially, the health organization did not express its opinion on this matter either “for” or “against”.

Nutritionists, if they support this program, it is only as an aid to their patients. But this is not surprising, because no one has yet canceled the guild solidarity.

But, if you approach the problem of losing weight from a household point of view, then you need to take into account several nuances. Are you ready to open your subconscious to influence it, if positive statements come from yourself, and you have already come to the understanding that you need to change your life? Is your will so weak that the 25 frame program is the only way out for you? If you are not ready to make a lot of efforts to reduce your own weight, then indeed, the 25 frame program for you is a real transition to a new lifestyle.

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