Wet chemistry for medium hair

Wet chemistry for medium hair has been extremely popular lately among fashionistas. She is able to emphasize the natural beauty of thick curls and make rare curls more voluminous. However, in order for the hairstyle to be successful, it is important to take into account certain nuances when creating it.


The benefits of wet chemistry on medium hair

Curly beautiful curls are invariably associated with femininity and romance. Wet chemistry will undoubtedly be one of the most successful solutions when creating a stylish hairstyle, since it has the following advantages:

  • Attractive appearance. Many women want to have playful curls, and wet chemistry helps to make this dream come true for owners of even strands. Hair becomes shiny, as if it had just been under a warm rain.

Charming curls

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! The moment that you should definitely take into account when deciding on such an experiment is that wet chemistry significantly shortens the length of the hair. They become almost half as small, so owners of medium hair should be prepared for the fact that their hairstyle will “jump” significantly.[/stextbox]

  • gentle mode. When using high-quality cosmetics for curling, it is possible to preserve the hair structure in its original form as much as possible. This is a significant plus in comparison with the use of a curling iron, which significantly spoils the hair.

  • Long term. Wet chemistry on medium length hair lasts a very long time, from three to six months. Having done a stylish perm once, you can forget about the need to bring the strands into the proper form for a long time, it will be enough just to run a comb over them.

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However, it is worth paying attention to the reverse side of this point. When the hair grows out, there is a significant flat area at the roots, so such a contrast with the lower curly strands can bring some imbalance to the image. For those who are worried about this, you can suggest making a larger perm, in which case the contrast will not be so noticeable.

  • No “fat” effect. Due to the fact that wet chemistry on medium hair slightly dries the strands, it relieves them of excessive fat deposits. Therefore, you can wash your hair much less often than you are used to.

Features of creating wet chemistry on medium hair

Before deciding to make a fashionable hairstyle, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with some rules and restrictions that must be taken into account when creating it. They are as follows:

  • it is categorically contraindicated to curl strands if they are dyed. This nuance applies only to recently dyed strands, if more than two weeks have passed since then, then you can already do a perm;
  • it is worth considering the features of the structure of the hair. If a girl is endowed with very heavy thick strands, they undoubtedly look great, but they are hardly suitable for curling with wet chemistry. She simply will not hold on to them properly;

  • In order for the styling to retain an attractive appearance for as long as possible, it is necessary to periodically trim the ends of the hair.

vertical wet chemistry

Especially popular among fashionistas is the so-called spiral or vertical chemistry. In 2019, it is the current fashion trend. As a rule, it is done on long curls. On them, it looks the most organic, and many stylists adhere to the position that vertical curling is possible only on elongated curls.

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However, owners of medium hair should not be upset, they can afford a bold experiment if they weigh the pros and cons and carefully prepare for such a perm. Photos show that wet chemistry can look great on medium hair. The main points to pay attention to are as follows:

  • it is recommended to make a preliminary light curl using appropriate curlers. Then it will be possible to get the most clear idea of ​​\u200b\u200bhow such styling will look;

Don’t be afraid to experiment

  • Wet chemistry on medium-length hair with bangs deserves special attention. Equally important is the length of the bangs, depending on which it is left flat or also curled. It is worth considering that it will “jump” almost twice, so it should be long enough.

Japanese wet chemistry

A more gentle option, ideal for medium hair, is light Japanese wet chemistry. It has the following characteristic features:

  • Japanese perm will be a real find for women who have naturally brittle hair, but at the same time want to show off with curls. This is due to the special gentle technology of such chemistry;

  • the curling process is carried out in this way: individual strands are threaded through a special cap and curled. At the same time, the hair that remains under the cap is not exposed to such an effect;
  • Japanese chemistry holds less compared to vertical, but, of course, is more gentle on the hair.

Care for medium hair after wet chemistry

In order for the hairstyle to retain its attractive appearance for as long as possible, it is important to properly care for the hair after it has been wet-curled. The main points are as follows:

  • since the hair was still subjected to a chemical effect, it would not be superfluous to use all kinds of therapeutic balms and masks. This will help to restore the structure of the strands as much as possible;

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  • You can emphasize the beauty of a curl with the help of gels that have the effect of wet hair. They will help the hairstyle look even more harmonious;
  • after washing, it is better to dry the hair without using a hair dryer, since they already become excessively dried under the influence of chemistry;

  • it is not recommended to comb the strands immediately after shampooing, it is recommended to wait a while.

In our photo review, we give examples of how the hairstyle looks before and after wet chemistry was done on medium hair. We hope that they will help you make an important decision about the need for such a perm and choose the right option for yourself.


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