What a stylish lady will get out of the jewelry box in the summer of 2020

Jewelry for a girl is a way of self-expression. Therefore, ladies love to be in trend, follow the trends and fashion trends of 2020. A list of interesting elements for creating a spectacular and fashionable image is already known.



Examining the recommendations of fashion designers, as well as following their shows on the catwalks of Milan and Paris, one can judge that in the summer season of 2020 it will be important to get out of the bins or purchase in your collection:

  1. Earrings in the form of rings. The diameter of the jewelry, its color or the material used for its manufacture is not important. The main thing is that the accessory is not ordinary.
  2. Mono earring. One large or long earring will be an accent moment for creating a summer image of a fashionable girl. According to professionals, such decoration does not require a pair. For those who cannot live without a second earring, we can advise you to use a miniature “stud”.
  3. Earrings that are a work of art. The format, size and texture are at the discretion of the one who decorates herself with such accessories.

Earrings rings

Mono earring


Properly selected earrings can both decorate the assembled image and instill self-confidence in the girl.


Thanks to the influence of the major fashion houses Armani, Moschino, Balmain, massive metal bracelets adorned with large colored stones, plastic volumetric jewelry in the style of the 80s are returning to active use.


Stylists urge not to be afraid of unusual compositions in the Egyptian (using elements in the form of insects) or marine style. Hand jewelry made of shells and pearls will come to the fore. The first option is suitable for everyday walking style, and pearl strings on the wrist will be relevant both in work and in a festive atmosphere.


Hair accessories

Pearl fashion has also captured hair ornaments. Studs or combs with 1-3 pearls are more common here, depending on the size.

comb with pearls

For lovers of headbands, it is recommended to complement the image with an accessory consisting entirely of large pearls. Imitation pearls are just as respected as natural ones. Hairpins can consist of pearls and decorative elements of a marine style (seahorses, stars, fish).

pearl headband

Another trendy element was the classic black bow. The only condition is that it must be large. It can be used as a decorative element on a headband, a thin elastic band, or as a functional accent in an image, securing a braid or tail with it.

black bow

It has long been known that not only adults but also children want to be fashionable. Girls fit hoop earrings of small diameter, but bright colors. For hair, it is recommended to use a black bow that is fashionable in the season or a light hairpin with a miniature decorative starfish or pearls.

hairpin with starfish

Fashion has always dictated the conditions for decorating a girl. It is worth following the trends, and an interesting, fashionable image will allow each of them to express themselves to the maximum.

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