What bags will be in fashion in 2021

Which fashion handbags will be the focus of the 2021 season trends? We know everything about the key trends and are in a hurry to share the latest information with you! Go?!

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Stylish palette

When choosing the very stylish and trendy handbag, the fashionista always faces the eternal question: what color to choose? Fortunately, in the fashion palette of the 2021 season, both classic and extraordinarily bright tones have been identified. We invite you to get to know them better!

  • To be in trend, you can decide on an accessory in juicy and invigorating colors. In the 2021 season, neon shades are not going to give up their positions. Moreover, a copy in light green, hot pink or turquoise colors can now not only be taken to the beach – such models have also appeared in the collections of the autumn-winter season.
  • Metallic accessories are also always in trend. If you have already managed to acquire such a bag in past seasons, feel free to carry it further.
  • For every day, stylists recommend choosing a bag in a discreet and versatile color. If you are bored with the classic black accessory, in 2021 you can pay attention to the bag in brown, caramel, blue, burgundy or emerald colors.
  • The next trendy bag color for 2021 is white. Such a universal tone was indicated in the design of oversized accessories, miniature pieces, classic women’s bags and sports models.

  • Out of competition was a rich palette of pastel shades. It features lavender, pistachio, mint, cream and lemon tones. A handbag in one of the proposed colors will remarkably refresh and transform the female image.
  • It is too early to discount the various prints that bring variety to the design of accessories. So, in the 2021 season, logos, inscriptions, reptile skin, flowers, polka dots and geometry were at the peak of popularity. The checkered motif, which has no equal in versatility, can also be considered an absolute must-have.

The most fashionable trick of the 2021 season is the selection of a bag to match the clothes or the most accurate match of prints. The new rules of monochrome will definitely appeal to many fashionistas!


The most practical and versatile favorite of the 2021 season can rightfully be called a hobo bag. It is interesting that stylists predict that this form will have a very long life in the world of fashion trends – yes, yes, like once in the 2000s!


It seems that classic and versatile totes will never go out of style. At the very least, we can be sure that this will not happen in 2021 – actual totes appeared in almost all fashion shows.

A tote with a floral pattern deserves special attention – strict, and at the same time feminine. Such a model, according to current trends, must certainly have a structured shape and comfortable dimensions. You can take such a bag with you for all occasions – some designers present to the attention of fashionistas accessories that can easily fit documents or a laptop.

Extraordinary shape

When answering the question of what bags will be in fashion in 2021, designers confidently answer that it is now important to head for an extraordinary form of accessories. Buckets, balls, tubes, crescents, creative geometry – any original ideas are in trend.

Of all the variety of non-standard-shaped bags, fashionistas liked round leather and denim items the most. This model is perfectly combined with a trouser suit, a shirt dress or a straight-cut model or with jeans and an oversized cardigan.

It is curious that stylish bags of an unusual shape are usually presented in laconic restrained colors – the designers have thought of this so that fashionistas can easily fit a fashion accessory into any bow.


But it also happens that a non-standard form is combined with a rich decor – then the women’s bag turns into a real work of art. A vivid example of such a trend is an accessory in the design of a jewelry box, which easily turns into a key accent of a female outfit.


Wicker bags are now appropriate not only in summer fashion – if such an texture appears on classic dark leather, it can harmoniously fit into a winter bow. Street-style heroines suggest that a wicker bag looks great paired with a coat or a sheepskin coat.

A soft and airy accessory in pastel colors looks especially attractive. This model looks gentle and a little naive – just what you need for a romantic accent in the image!


Designers decided not to reinvent the wheel in 2021 and simply kept the women’s handbags that have long won the approval of fashionistas. A stylish example of a long-lived trend can be considered a waist bag that fits well into various looks and conveniently frees the hands of a fashionista. We draw your attention to the fact that the main feature of the waist bag in 2021 has become a clear geometric shape.


The fashion of the 2021 season highlights another significant trend in the design of women’s bags – these are oversized parameters. The large dimensions of the accessory are by far the most important bonus in favor of its practicality. An oversized handbag will be a great helper on weekdays when you need to take a lot of necessary things with you.


Girls who love to follow the cycle of fashion will surely be able to note that the legendary bowling bag was already on the list of trends back in 2000. In order for such a model to easily fit into any bow, it can be designed in a discreet, laconic design – for example, in black and white.


Gone are the days when fashionistas had to carry a strategic supply of things in their bag for all occasions – modern girls may well limit themselves to lipstick and a phone. If you are used to leaving the house light, you can take a closer look at the original novelty of the 2021 season – a necklace bag. But if something does not fit into a miniature beauty, you can add another accessory to the bow – the combination of several bags at once in one look is invariably in trend.

In 2021, other versions of miniature bags have stepped over the season – not only on a chain. Some models can be held in the hand, while others are securely fixed on the belt – choose any!

creative pens

While studying the key novelties in the world of bags in 2021, we noticed that modern designers have fallen in love with embodying the emphasis on handles. So, wicker elements appeared on summer bags, and chains, leather inserts, contrasting belts and rings instead of banal handles appeared on other accessories.

Leather or fabric bags with slotted handles are also considered a stylish novelty of the 2021 season – fashionable and comfortable!

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Clutches are invariably present on fashion catwalks, but designers periodically change the shape of a classic bag. So, in the 2021 season, soft and …

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