What boots are out of fashion in 2020

In this article, you will be presented with an overview of the boots that have become the anti-trends of the 2020 season. If you suddenly find any of the listed models in your wardrobe, you can say goodbye to it without a drop of regret: we are sure that you will be able to find a stylish alternative in a huge assortment of new products!

Beware, tasteless!


Of course, it would be unfair to completely exclude the most spectacular and seductive shoes from the fashion hit parade – over the knee boots. Therefore, the designers left one of the versions of such boots to fashionistas. Let’s first figure out which model you can say goodbye without regret.

So, over-the-knee boots can be considered an unconditional anti-trend, which fit as tightly as possible to the female leg – the very ones that have been featured in dark suede for a long time. The top of irrelevance is the combination of such shoes, along with tabernacle jeans and an attached turtleneck. Such a combo throws back the knowledge of a girl in the world of fashion trends 5 years ago.

A completely different thing is a modern version of over the knee boots with a looser fit on the leg. Such models are not devoid of their elegance and sophistication, but as a bonus, the fashionista receives an up-to-date reading of shoes. Stylists recommend: when choosing high boots in the 2020 season, you should first of all focus on variations with a wide top. This choice is not only modern: loose boots also give a feeling of comfort and do not harm health.

Pipe boots promise to be a stylish alternative to over the knee boots. Such models in the 2020 season delight with excellent fashion potential, because they look great not only with dresses and skirts, but also with tucked-in jeans and trousers (sometimes even wide ones!).

moon rovers

In the 2020 season, it’s time to say goodbye to moon rover boots, despite their convenience. Most stylists find this trend to be a positive one, as puffy shoes are completely out of step with today’s fashion looks. Fortunately, among the stylish novelties you can find many models that are no less comfortable in practice.

With rhinestones

Another pair in the “take it off immediately” category are shoes with glamorous rhinestone or sequin embellishments. These boots were outdated a few years ago, but for some reason they still appear in the assortment of stores. However, stylists are adamant: shoes decorated with rhinestones definitely have no place in the wardrobe of a modern fashionista. In the 2020 season, rich decor has been replaced by laconic and stylish minimalism.

But still, designers left some extraordinary models to the delight of fashionistas who love to be in the spotlight. The principle of choosing actual boots in the 2020 season is simple: now it’s best to bet not on decor, but on the colors of shoes. For example, many accent novelties are presented in unexpectedly bright colors and with stylish prints – floral and animal motifs.

With “winter” motives

It is worth drawing the attention of readers to the fact that not every print has the right to be considered relevant in the 2020 season. For example, typical “winter” motifs with snowflakes, Norwegian patterns, deer and bells have not appeared in the design of actual shoes for so long that they have turned into categorical anti-trends.

with bows

Infantile bows now also had no place in the design of the actual shoes of the 2020 season. However, this is unlikely to really upset modern fashionistas, because such decor was so difficult to beat in a stylish way. Another pitfall of bows on boots is their cheap look, which easily spoils even the most winning outfit.

With fur

Among the obsolete decor in the 2020 season, fur can also be distinguished. The peak of irrelevance is the upper edge on sheepskin boots. Whatever arguments fashionistas give in favor of the practicality of such shoes, designers will not be able to justify it in any way. Accordingly, their verdict is categorical: if fur is present on boots, it is only as an inconspicuous interior trim for insulation.

With plastic inserts

A few years ago, fashion was literally blown up by new shoes and accessories with transparent plastic inserts. We believe that such boots are recognized as not fashionable in the 2020 season, not only because of their obvious inconvenience and dubious practicality. Among the reasons for this trend, one can single out a responsible attitude to the environment, which is slowly but surely being formed among modern fashionistas. Shoes made from recycled materials are now not only a must-have, but also a step in favor of protecting nature. But we, perhaps, will exclude harmful plastic from the list of trends!

open nose

Ankle boots and boots with open toes were in demand a few years ago, but now their relevance has rapidly come to an end. It is understandable: modern fashionistas like comfort and convenience, but shoes, which it is not clear how to combine with the main image, they now resolutely ignore. With open toe boots it was so hard to guess with the right weather conditions!

The cape in actual shoes in the 2020 season must certainly be closed. At the same time, a fashionista has the right to independently select its shape: both square and pointed socks are in trend.

However, round socks are another criterion for old-fashioned design. Such a design element definitely has no place in modern stylish boots.


Stylists are sure that boots with an external platform should also be left in the past. In most cases, the external wedge heel looked rather rough and massive, so it completely deprived women’s shoes of elegance and elegance.

If you want to choose a model that is comfortable in practice in the shoe segment of the 2020 season, take a look at the boots with glass heels. Such novelties will make the fashionista visually taller and give her image a touch of elegance and femininity.

Low travel + ankle length

This photo shows another anti-trend in the world of boots for the 2020 season. These boots are easy to figure out by the combination of a flat sole and an unfortunate ankle length.

If you suddenly find such a model in your shoe wardrobe, then you will certainly not be sorry to say goodbye to it when you find out about its negative properties for the female figure. The dangerous effect of these boots is that they visually “cut” the legs unfavorably and make them more massive and wide. Add to this the ability to visually land the silhouette and get a model that can spoil even the most attractive figure.

Are you afraid to make a mistake when choosing boots? In this case, avoid models that end at the widest area of ​​the leg. Variations with a length up to the middle of the knee also look doubtful.

If you categorically do not welcome the high boots that are relevant in the 2020 season, you can take a closer look at no less stylish Cossacks. Such a novelty, even taking into account the extraordinary design, can look advantageous in any image – from a combination with flying midi dresses to a combination with casual jeans.


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