What boots will be in fashion in winter 2019-2020

“What boots will be in fashion?” is one of the most frequently asked questions among girls. Therefore, on the eve of the winter season 2019-2020, we will tell you about fashion trends in the segment of women’s shoes, as well as consider the most relevant styles of boots for today.


Fresh Runway Trends

If we talk about the latest fashion trends, below we have presented the top of the most trendy models of boots, which stylists recommend to pay attention to every woman this year.

  • White. Although these are not very practical products for everyday wear, designers still consider white boots a must-have for the coming winter. They can be completely snow-white, milky or ivory.

  • Brilliant. Boots with metallic coating, rhinestones and all kinds of sparkles will also be in trend.

Moreover, a brilliant decor can be present, both in the form of a small accent, and completely cover the entire product.

  • With a high ankle. Boots, reaching the height of the knees and above, will be incredibly popular in the coming season.

Models with low running, heels or wedges are allowed. As for their design, it can be options with a minimalist design or decorated with lacing, zippers, buckles and shiny fittings.

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  • Bright colors. The tops of fashion trends are now occupied by literally flashy palettes, which couturiers also used in the design of winter boots.

After all, bright shades of blue, pink, red, blue, burgundy, green, yellow, turquoise and purple will help create a stylish and memorable image.

  • In cowboy style. Boots with an elongated toe and a massive beveled heel are back in fashion. These can be both simple monophonic models, and options richly decorated with decorative contrasting inserts, chains or buckles.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Cowboy-style boots should not be combined with jeans and other casual items, but with light flowing dresses and elegant midi length skirts. In view of this, older women who are already well over 40 years old can afford to wear them.[/stextbox]

  • With metal decor. Products decorated with spikes, metal rivets and chains have become the novelty of the season, rapidly gaining popularity among fashionistas.

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  • On the platform. Boots with a high flat or tractor platform are back in fashion. They can be with or without heels, high or low. There are no special restrictions here, since the main focus is directly on the toe of the product.

  • With straps. The era of simple models of boots with just one strap has sunk into the past. Today, styles completely covered with this decor are relevant. The straps themselves can be matched to match the boots or be completely contrasting.

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  • With a wide leg. The most versatile style that is suitable for both thin and overweight women. Its main feature is a wide top that does not slip off the leg and at the same time does not crush it.

  • With an unusual heel. The designers decided to slightly push the classic varieties of heels and offered modern girls boots in which the heel has a non-standard appearance.

These can be options in which the heel is made in the form of a sculpture, a beveled rectangle or a square. Boots with transparent heels will look no less interesting.

  • Animal print. Leopard spots or tiger stripes, snake or crocodile scales are used to design not only clothes, but also shoes.

In addition to shoes and boots, at the latest shows, there were also models of winter boots made of leather or textile and decorated in natural palettes or in absolutely unnatural colors for the above animals.

  • square toe. Another novelty of the season, which has already begun to displace the narrow sock so beloved by everyone. Indeed, in addition to the fact that such shoes look stylish, many girls claim that they are much more comfortable to wear.

  • Military style. Boots that completely repeat the design of men’s berets are an irreproachable trend this winter. Demand will be classic leather models with rough soles, as well as textile options that reach knee level in length.

Actual styles

As for the fashionable styles of boots, below we have presented a list of products that will be the most popular in the upcoming winter season 2019-2020.

  • Stockings. One of the most wearable models, since it is stocking boots that perfectly emphasize the beauty and harmony of women’s legs. They are made mainly from soft elastic leather or suede. However, you can also find velvet or fabric options. The design of such products may also differ. Styles with a monophonic design or printed are allowed.

  • Treads. Very high boots that are longer than the knees are the hit of the coming winter. They can be plain or printed, with or without heels, leather or suede.

  • Pipes. Made from tough yet supple leather that stretches as you walk, these boots are perfect for the winter weather.

  • Dutiki. Despite the fact that puffy boots are “rare guests” on the catwalks, they still remain in demand among fashionistas. This is because they are very warm, comfortable and do not get wet. Unfortunately, dutiks are more suitable for everyday wear, since they certainly cannot be worn to work in the office.

  • Slouchi. High boots, a feature of which is a tight-fitting top and a wide top, going into a small “accordion”. Often such products have a wide heel or stud. But you can also find options at low speed.

  • Readings. Models that look like riding boots are among the most popular because they are suitable for both young girls and women over 50. They can be distinguished by a high shaft, round or square toe and a small, stable heel. Readings are sewn from high-quality leather or suede. Fabric options are extremely rare.

  • Wellingtons. People also call them “rubber boots”. They can be matte or shiny, plain or printed, with a minimalist design or richly decorated with all sorts of decor.

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We hope that we were able to help you figure out which boots will be in fashion in the upcoming winter season 2019-2020 and you can easily choose your model, which will be a bright final element of your outfits.


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