What breeches are in fashion 2020

If earlier among women’s breeches in fashion there were mainly classic models, then in 2020, designers offered young ladies a wide variety of stylish styles. In fashion, both everyday and office, and sports options. Therefore, when choosing a stylish new thing, you need to be based only on your own preferences and the place where you plan to go. From the article you will find out which models of breeches will be among the most trendy, you will see photos of stylish images that will help you not to make a mistake with drawing up attractive outfits.

Women’s breeches – fashion trends 2020

Breeches are an excellent clothing option when compiling various outfits, especially for those who want to demonstrate to others the beauty and attractiveness of their legs. Also, urban women of fashion appreciate this wardrobe item for its convenience and practicality. Indeed, unlike short shorts and skirts, you can not be afraid of gusts of wind or climbing stairs.

In 2020, models from various materials will be in trend. Preference should be given to products made from natural fabrics – silk, cotton, satin, leather. Do not pass by models with translucent inserts.

As for the shades, it all depends on the time of year. So, for spring and summer, you should choose breeches in bright colors: pink, bronze, orange, lavender and blue.

In the autumn-winter period, the trend will be models made in a more restrained palette: wine, emerald, brown, gray and black.

Brave and original young ladies can pick up breeches with interesting prints. Among the current trends are geometric and ethnic motifs, floral prints, models with graphic design.

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Designers offer women of fashion to diversify their wardrobe with breeches not only in different colors, but also in styles:

  • In 2020, free models will be in fashion, which today are experiencing their second life.

  • Fashionistas need to look at models with a high waist. This style is especially relevant for women of small stature, as it allows you to visually lengthen your legs, and in combination with shoes with heels or wedges, visually add a dozen centimeters to your height. But for girls with extra pounds in the waist, it is better not to use such a model.

  • We recommend that you look at fashionable women’s breeches made of light natural fabrics, which are especially suitable for the summer of 2020. In such models, you will be comfortable and not hot even in the hottest season.

  • Don’t forget about jeans. Such models fit perfectly into everyday looks and are easily combined with both sneakers and high-heeled shoes. Any image created with their participation looks bright and original.

Wear rules

Thanks to a large selection and variety of models, any woman will be able to choose breeches not only to her own taste, but also to the individual characteristics of the figure. Stylish options with a high waist, free cut, a large selection of decorative elements and a variety of prints will mask the flaws and emphasize the merits.

  • If you choose a voluminous model, it will not only distinguish a fashionista from the crowd and emphasize her good taste, but also help to hide figure flaws in the hips.

  • If you wear denim breeches fashionable in 2020 with heels and choose the right cut, they will visually slim and make your legs longer.

Further we will tell in more detail about what to wear with breeches in order to look irresistible in any life situation.

Fabric combination

To create a stylish look with breeches made of different materials, you need to decide on the purpose of the outfit.

  • Knitwear is ideal for sports. They are perfectly combined with linen, cotton and knitted tops.

  • Products from suit fabrics will be a great alternative to trousers in a business look. Combine them with linen, silk and chiffon tops.

  • Denim products are an excellent component of a casual style look.

  • For the cold season, pick up breeches insulated with fleece, combine them with a woolen jumper.

To the office

For a business style look, choose breeches made of noble fabrics. Such products should not be very tight, but also be moderately wide. You can go to work in elongated shorts, complementing them with a silk blouse, a strict cotton shirt, a cropped jacket or a knitted cardigan. Accessories and elegant shoes will only add to the image of charm and attractiveness.


Narrow elegant breeches can be decorated with sequins and rhinestones. They can be combined with a chiffon blouse, a sequined top and a cropped jacket or lurex cardigan. Lace and openwork elements will give the image of luxury. A tunic in a restrained palette, a T-shirt decorated with beads, a feminine bolero – all this will add solemnity to the image and will be able to emphasize the good taste of its owner. Do not forget about shoes, as it will be the concise completion of the image.


Breeches breeches are an ideal clothing option for making a bow in military style. A distinctive feature of this model is the additional volume in the upper part. Thanks to him, products help to balance the figure of thin girls, add zest to the image. Successful images are obtained in combination with a T-shirt, T-shirt, shirt with a strict cut. Original accessories, such as a wide belt and a bandana, will make the look even more stylish.


For a romantic look in country style, you can choose narrow plain products. This model is great for creating a relaxed look for women over 40 years old. Combine the breeches with a masculine-cut cotton shirt or an asymmetrical T-shirt. A cowboy hat and a wide leather belt will add charm to the look.


It is very easy to create a casual look. Choose from comfortable fabrics such as cotton, denim or cotton and pair them with a linen t-shirt, cotton shirt, in the cold season with a pile sweater or jersey turtleneck. Such fashionable breeches are especially popular in 2020, because they look equally good on both thin and full women.


To create an easy holiday look, classic breeches just below the knee are the ideal choice. It is better if they are solid: blue, light blue, white or olive. You can complement the outfit with a matching vest or T-shirt. For cooler weather, tunics with striped elements, such as pockets, are suitable. Images of a boat or an anchor on a T-shirt, as well as a peakless cap, will be a great addition to the image with capris in a marine style.


Going to the gym is rarely complete without the use of sports-style breeches. Such models are made of strong, elastic fabrics – knitwear, nylon, viscose. For fitness, choose products in dark shades, combine them with light tops or viscose T-shirts. On the…

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