What can replace jeans in the fall of 2020

In this article, we will tell you how you can replace jeans in the fall of 2020 to look no less stylish and attractive. Despite the undeniable relevance of various styles of denim trousers, designers have offered fashionistas many practical alternatives that diversify everyday bows. We offer several ideas of fashionable combinations for every day and for a special occasion.

Stylish replacement for jeans

Interestingly, according to statistics, more than 1240 million pairs of jeans are sold worldwide every year. If you look in your wardrobe now, you will probably find several pairs of denim pants there. And this means that it is very difficult to look original and unique in such trousers.

We suggest diversifying your looks a little and say goodbye to cozy and practical denim for a while, preferring no less interesting and trendy trousers made of materials such as:

  • wool;
  • atlas;
  • cotton;
  • linen and other equally relevant fabrics.

White pants

First, women of fashion changed into white jeans, now snow-white trousers made of cotton and linen have come into fashion. The main requirement for such a “denim alternative” is a free cut and wide legs. Pair these white trousers with crop tops, oversized blazers, t-shirts and sweatshirts for a trendy look.

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Classic (slacks)

First, trouser suits appeared on the fashion catwalks. Then the hearts of fashionistas were conquered by voluminous jackets with broad shoulders, as if from a men’s wardrobe. Today, trousers made of suit fabric are gaining popularity. If you don’t like wide models, pay attention to straight, slightly tapered models with an open ankle.

These trousers go well with strict shirts and frivolous blouses. They can be paired with heels for an elegant look, or sneakers and sandals for a bold and modern look.

As for the palette of such stylish trousers, both the pastel palette, which is fashionable this season, and bright, sometimes neon tones, are in trend.

If the slacks are with arrows, then be sure to ensure that the folds are preserved along the entire length of the legs, while such models should not fit the leg.


To create a fashionable look, instead of jeans, you can use sweatpants or, as they are called today, joggers. This model of trousers combines a free cut and a soft elastic band, which allows you to focus on the waist. Joggers make the figure more proportional, emphasize the attractiveness of the hips. These sports pants are suitable for girls of any height, but they look best on a slender and toned figure. If earlier such pants were perceived exclusively as sports, today they are used in the preparation of casual images.

As a fashionable example in this case, you can look at the Instagram of the famous model Hailey Bieber. The girl simply masterfully fits sports items into classic looks that always look incredibly stylish and spectacular.

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Joggers are even more comfortable to wear than jeans. To create relaxed looks in a sporty chic style, give preference to joggers that are not too wide – they will look very stylish and create a harmonious outfit.

Joggers pair perfectly with sneakers and sweatshirts for a stylish casual look. For evening gatherings with friends, these trousers can be combined with ankle boots with a stable heel.

Safari Pants

To diversify their fashionable outfits a little, women of fashion can pick up trousers in military or safari style. These pants are incredibly popular and in demand among both designers and fashionistas around the world. They wear beige, marsh and brown trousers with shirts in a similar color scheme. A successful tandem of such pants with printed T-shirts, sneakers, sneakers, boots with rough soles is obtained.


This is another stylish trouser style that can replace jeans in the fall of 2020. Palazzos are able to radically change the style, transform the image, draw the attention of others. These pants are extremely popular this season, and they will not lose their relevance in 2021.

The dense flowing fabric from which the palazzo is sewn looks beautiful while walking, and the free cut can hide some figure flaws. When you combine a palazzo with high-heeled shoes, you can visually stretch the silhouette, make the figure slimmer.

When composing an image with wide trousers, you get a luxurious and elegant outfit, even if you wear them with a leather jacket and white sneakers.

Leather trousers

According to the fashion trends for autumn, pants made of leather must definitely settle in the wardrobe of every girl. Such an alternative to jeans is suitable for those young ladies who are used to standing out from the crowd, who like to create original and outrageous outfits. Especially popular this season will be straight and flared styles, which are ideal for both slender women and young ladies with curvaceous shapes.

They wear leather trousers with shirts, blouses, knitted sweaters, jackets. As a shoe, you can choose any pair that matches the style of your image, because such pants are completely picky.

A leather total bow will look incredibly stylish. Therefore, do not be afraid of bold experiments and be sure to look for a stylish leather replacement for jeans.


Today, cycling shorts and their more elongated version – leggings, can easily replace jeans. They are no less popular and at the same time incredibly practical and versatile.

For the fall of 2020, stylists offer to choose fashionable leggings made from various materials, such as knitwear or latex.

Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt and other celebrity celebrities are actively using leggings when compiling their fashionable looks.

You can wear leggings in tandem with various clothes – voluminous jackets, jackets, parkas, and also wear them in combination with romantic dresses.

Since leggings are not only about sports and sports-style looks, they are combined with low-speed shoes: sneakers, sneakers, and pumps with heels.


These trousers are not going to leave the fashion ratings, and a huge number of designers have long attributed them to the ageless classics. Some girls are frightened by the unusual cut and non-standard length of such trousers, however, having once tried to wear culottes instead of jeans, they understand all the advantages of the model.

Pants are suitable for girls of any height and body proportions. If you choose the right fit height and color of the culottes, you can hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Culottes pair perfectly with crop tops and heels. In this outfit, you can safely go to a party. At…

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