What can you wear for the new year 2021, except for dresses

The topic of this article is what you can wear for the New Year 2021, except for dresses. The most top ideas of images are already waiting for your attention!

fashion palette

To embody a stylish bow that will certainly bring good luck and prosperity in the New Year, it is worth considering your favorite palette of the symbol of the next year. The owner this time promises to be the White Metal Bull, and he puts forward especially serious criteria for choosing the shade of the outfit.

Perhaps you can choose your ideal color among a diverse range of gray, white and silver shades. We draw your attention to the fact that the light range looks especially elegant in monochrome with an interesting contrast of textures. But such tones are far from being for everyone, so Bychok slightly expanded the winning palette. It also included other light and calm colors, for example, representatives of beige or pastel colors.

[tds_note]But it’s better to refuse predatory representatives of animalistic themes – the representative of 2021 will definitely not like this choice. Among the unconditional taboos, the scarlet color also appears – it does not appeal to the bull at all.[/tds_note]

Key trends

When celebrating the New Year, many girls focus not only on their own preferences, but also on the key trends of the season. Especially for you, we have prepared a guide that will tell you which fashion trends in 2021 you should pay attention to first.

  • At the peak of popularity, various experiments in the cut of products. For example, you definitely can’t go wrong if you pick up an outfit with asymmetry on one shoulder.

  • Romantic girls may prefer elegant decor in the form of large bows, satin ribbons with ties, frills and ruffles.
  • Trends also include fringe, voluminous accent sleeves and double layered outfits.
  • To create a truly unforgettable look, you can use drapery, thin elegant straps, trains and light flowing fabrics.
  • Translucent textures with their inherent elegance and intrigue are also in fashion. Such products can be safely used in multilayer ensembles. To do this, it is permissible to combine a transparent blouse with a basic top or a light skirt with a tight bottom.
  • In the New Year’s bow, the mother-of-pearl radiance of the texture will look great.


What should women over 50 wear for the New Year 2021, except for dresses? Stylists suggest that a fashionable jumpsuit is a win-win option without significant age restrictions. True, his style should be approached with all responsibility.

At an elegant age, excessively tight styles and deep necklines should be avoided. It is better to prefer a more restrained cut with a high rise and wide legs. Also, trousers can be presented with a noticeable narrowing towards the bottom.

Velvet, sequins or silk overalls are ideal for celebrating the New Year – such textures are already associated with a festive mood. Since such an outfit is central to the image, it can be presented in a spectacular bright color or with a colorful print.

We draw your attention to the fact that the festive jumpsuit does not necessarily have to have a maxi length. Short models are also very popular in the 2021 season. They look especially advantageous in combination with high-heeled shoes on young slender girls.


You might want to opt for a trendy trouser suit as an alternative to the jumpsuit, which perfectly matches the fashion of the 2021 season. Theoretically, a fashionista can choose a basic set (for example, a black tuxedo always looks great!) and beat it for a festive maneuver with eye-catching accessories. You can also rely on an expressive bottom in the form of a lace or shiny top. Products of a shortened length will also please with their showiness – such models look most stylish on girls with a slender figure.

But there is another option – this is an expressive and unforgettable costume that will easily turn you into the main queen of the New Year’s party. As an option, you can use a set generously covered with sequins or an extraordinary cut, for example, a jacket that exposes the shoulder line.


To create a stylish and expressive look, you can also include a blouse or shirt in your bow. According to current trends, now the most popular are loose silhouettes that do not hinder movement. You can also bet on a silk or satin model, which perfectly complements culottes, wide trousers or a pencil skirt.

A vintage-style blouse will also be a stylish solution, which will add an interesting twist to the outfit. Such a model may have a corset belt, an accent neckline, a ruffled collar or vintage-style lace.


The main accent in the New Year’s look can be a stylish and elegant top. The symbol of 2021 – the Metal Ox – will surely like models from sparkling satin or spectacular lurex. Also, on the occasion of such a holiday, you can easily decide on sequins or rhinestones in the decor of the top.

A very fashionable idea for the meeting of 2021 will also be a top with a pronounced asymmetry in the form of an open shoulder. This style will most successfully be in harmony with trousers or a skirt of restrained length.

Women over 40 can combine this top with cropped straight or tapered trousers. For an accentuated luxurious look, you can use chic palazzos. A flying skirt or a pencil/wrap model is also great.


Perhaps many readers are interested in the question: what to wear for the New Year 2021 for overweight women, except for dresses. Many stylists will confirm: the choice is obvious, and it involves a combination of semi-fitted high trousers in dense fabric with a top to match. This technique puts into practice a monochrome bow, which remarkably slims and visually tightens the silhouette.

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In search of the perfect fashionable look for the New Year 2021, you can also take into account the relevance of various models of skirts. So, now at the peak of popularity are flying products with a high waistline, styles with a smell or asymmetry, as well as variations with pleats. If you want the skirt to look solemn and spectacular, you can bet on a metallic surface – it is perfect for a New Year’s party.

You may want to put into practice the image of a princess and focus on your femininity and elegance. To do this, you can choose a combination of a fluffy organza or tulle skirt and a silk top with thin straps as a festive outfit.

A silk skirt also fits perfectly into the New Year’s style of outfits. It can be harmoniously combined with the basic top, if at the same time the image is complemented by spectacular accessories and high-heeled shoes.

Choosing an emphatically elegant skirt, you can pair it with a rather concise…

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