What clothes make legs look slimmer

Stylists have long known how to choose the right clothes in which the legs will look slimmer and longer. In this article, we will share some secrets that will allow your legs to become irresistible and attract the admiring glances of others.

Clothing that slims legs: principles of choice

Specialists of the fashion world offer girls who want to give their legs additional harmony, when choosing fashionable images, pay attention to the following points:

  • avoid medium length clothing;
  • give up flat shoes;
  • do not wear cropped trousers;
  • avoid sweaters and jackets that are mid-thigh length or slightly lower;
  • do not wear bulky breeches;
  • remove horizontal stripes from your wardrobe;
  • discard shapeless, voluminous shoes, as well as shoes with an ankle strap.

Taking into account these rules, you can easily make your image more advantageous, and the silhouette – elegant.

Next, we will talk in more detail about the things that you should look at in order to make your legs more slender and attractive.

Palazzo trousers

Wide and voluminous trousers look great in various female images. Palazzos not only allow you to create a fashionable and attractive outfit, but are also able to visually lengthen your legs, and, therefore, make them slimmer. Particular attention should be paid to models with a high waist – this is the best option for those who want to correct minor figure flaws.

The model goes well with any shoes, but if you want to achieve the maximum “lengthening” effect, give preference to models with heels.

Shoes in the color of feet or clothes

To make your legs more slender and graceful will help you choose the right color shoes. So, in the warm season, skirts, dresses, shorts are best combined with beige shoes and sandals (in skin tone). In the off-season, choose shoes to match the color of tights or trousers. The lack of contrast will visually add harmony to the legs.

Platform shoes

This is another shoe hack that allows you to add slimness and attractiveness to women’s legs. Moreover, sandals, flip flops, sneakers, shoes and platform boots have been very popular in recent seasons.

The high sole visually adds height and, in comparison with massive shoes, the legs look more elegant.

Shoes and sandals with thin heels

Thin and high heels give the legs additional elegance, and the image of lightness and airiness. Despite the fact that such shoes cannot be called comfortable, they very well complement any women’s outfit, making them elegant and stylish.

Gladiator sandals

This is another shoe hack to make your feet look pretty. Sandals with a large number of twists that intertwine the legs allow you to give the image of harmony and spectacular lightness. However, be careful, if your legs are full enough, gladiator sandals can have the opposite effect, treacherously transferring the skin.

Mini length

To make the image more slender, you should take a closer look at modern fashion trends. And they draw the attention of girls to things of mini length with an overestimated waist area. No one will argue that this is an ideal option to visually stretch your legs and attract the enthusiastic looks of others to them.

Maxi length

Floor-length items, especially when combined with platform shoes, wedges or heels, can give the image a special appeal. Even if a woman has extra pounds, she will still look irresistible, and her legs will make a splash!

vertical stripe

If you want to look slimmer and sleeker, eliminate horizontal stripes from your wardrobe. After all, such things visually divide the silhouette into several parts and make it squat.

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Classic clothes

Those girls who want to appear slimmer should take a closer look at the clothes of a classic cut. Straight trousers, a fitted jacket, a dress with a straight cut – all this makes the image more strict, the absence of unnecessary details stretches the silhouette, gives it grace and attractiveness.

Monochrome images

Images made in a single color scheme have a magical property. They visually slim, make the bow more restrained, but at the same time very stylish and elegant.


Have you noticed that in summer your legs look more slender and attractive? And it’s all thanks to the tan. The bronze shade perfectly hides the imperfections that may be present on the skin, plus, the dark one has the magical property of slimming. Therefore, if you want to make your legs look more attractive, go to the beach or to the solarium.

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Posture and gait

A straight back and a confident gait from the hip can add harmony to any figure and give the image a special charm and attractiveness. Perfect posture adds a few centimeters to your height, and therefore to your legs.

Now you know what clothes your legs look slimmer and more attractive in. Try the above life hacks for everyday and evening looks, because they are simple and accessible to every fashionista. Do not hesitate, with this knowledge you are ready to conquer the world!

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