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What color is in fashion in 2019: choose for hair and clothes

What creates a female image, in addition to styles and clothing style? Of course, the right palette of shades. This applies not only to clothes, but also to hair and makeup. What color is in fashion in 2019 – the answer to this question will be very useful when planning and compiling your image for the upcoming spring and summer. Usually we choose shades for hair and clothes, based on our own, personal preferences. In this regard, the wardrobe capsule is formed in a variety of suits, without a certain systemic order and a rational approach.


You can easily avoid this problem. To do this, you should carefully study the fashionable palette and stylish shades of spring and summer, and then review all the things in your wardrobe. Select those that fit into the recommendations of stylists, and buy the missing dresses, blouses, skirts and accessories for them.

You can learn about what color of clothes and hair will be relevant and fashionable in 2019 from the proposed material. In the meantime, we offer you to look at colorful photos illustrating all the trends of the palette used in everyday bows and hair coloring:

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The most fashionable color and its stylish shades (with photo)

It should be noted right away that there are no cardinal changes in the new collections of world designers regarding the palette used. Therefore, fashionistas will most likely not have to hastily change the entire wardrobe. Although it is still worth adding novelty and freshness in the form of a couple of new gizmos. The most fashionable color of 2019 is serenity and burgundy. All of its stylish shades are also present on the catwalks, they can be easily brought into your wardrobe in the form of a new blouse or a light scarf for spring.

Look at the photo examples of a stylish combination of colors and shades for spring and summer:

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The main trend of the season is the almost complete rejection of excessive brightness and acid tones. Clothing has become calmer and visually perceived more strictly. The unique combination of pastel halftones with natural colors creates unique images. It is worth paying attention to the following colors for your warm season clothes:

  • marsala and burgundy will be suitable for coats and jackets, skirts, trousers and jackets;
  • turquoise and serenity should be left for the blouse canvas;
  • black, eggplant, brown with equal success can be present both in skirts, trousers, jackets, and on a dress or blouse.

All shades of gray are very relevant, especially in combination with pink and beige shades. We can say that these are trend combinations of the current year. You should completely abandon yellow, light green, orange and aquamarine. All these colors will look too annoying against the background of calmer tones. As fall approaches, try bringing your wardrobe capsule closer to Nude, paired with browns, sand, lilacs, and coffees. Rich chocolate will also remain in vogue until at least fall 2019.

Check out the models in which the most fashionable colors and their stylish shades are embodied:

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What hair and makeup colors are in fashion?

Makeup and hairstyle are always a relevant addition to the collected image. Therefore, they should be given no less attention than the selection of wardrobe. What hair colors will be trendy in 2019, based on the latest collections? Stylists recommend preferring naturalness and abandoning unnatural purple and rich red tones.

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The most fashionable shade is platinum blond, but it is very difficult to achieve it, and even more difficult to maintain the result. Some fashionistas this season will resort to the help of well-made natural wigs. If your “native” hair color is close to a similar shade, then it’s worth taking a chance and recoloring the strands, because in this case the difference between the growing roots and curls will be practically leveled.modnye-cveta-dlya-volos-i-clothing (13) modnye-cveta-dlya-volos-i-clothing (14) modnye-cveta-dlya-volos-i-clothing (15)

In general, it is worth paying attention to one trend – this season, any yellowness in the hair is a categorical taboo. Therefore, when painting in light colors, you should be very careful. Also, regrown dark roots and too contrasting balayage are not welcome.

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Of the dark shades, preference is given to rich black and light chestnut. All eggplant, hot chocolate and burgundy are still in the past. All shades of light brown are complemented by a caramel red tone.

modnye-cveta-dlya-volos-i-clothing (19) modnye-cveta-dlya-volos-i-clothing (20) modnye-cveta-dlya-volos-i-clothing (21)

As for the question of which makeup color will be the most fashionable and relevant, then everything is much simpler. The more natural and natural, the more fashionable and popular. Fantastic “smoky” should be reserved for parties and restaurants. For everyday life, it is worth stopping at the practical version of “naturel”, in which you can use all tones that are close to your natural ones. So, the shadows should be selected exclusively for the color of the iris, lipstick close in tone to the natural color of the lips. The same rule applies to eyebrows and foundation.

modnye-cveta-dlya-volos-i-clothing (22) modnye-cveta-dlya-volos-i-clothing (23)

Please note that Smoky-eyes this year is made with a predominance of brown shades. The shading can reach the line of the eyebrows, which are drawn up with a wide strip using a special pencil. A lipstick of a very dark saturated shade and a bright blush on the cheekbones will be appropriate here.

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How to combine all this?

If you carefully read everything written above, then your eyes run wide from the variety of styles and directions in the color palette of 2019. How to combine all this in your everyday look so as to look harmonious and attractive? Let’s try to figure it out.

First of all, it is worth learning that conciseness, completeness and naturalness are in fashion. Therefore, the choice of palette should be rational. For a wardrobe capsule in bed and gray tones, you should choose only natural shades of hair and make-up in the “natural” style. Especially stylists recommend sticking to this color for girls with fair skin of a cold shade. Light peach, all shades of beige and powdery emphasize sophistication and your style. To balance the image will help one detail of a warm tone in a restrained color.

For swarthy ladies, fashion suggests paying attention to more complex juicy tones – blue, green, brown and burgundy. For this version of the wardrobe capsule, discreet makeup using warm tones will be appropriate.

The most sophisticated and stylish combination this season is gray and pink. But it is worth remembering that their shades should be natural and restrained. Acid pink should be avoided. Also, do not combine warm and cold tones in large quantities in the bow. Just one detail is enough to make the image stylish and fashionable. Please note that for everyday life and a democratic bow, the rule of combining 3 shades continues to apply. For business style in 2019, it is not permissible to combine more than 2 colors, including outerwear and accessories.


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