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What color pants will be fashionable in the summer of 2020

Currently, such an element of clothing as trousers is increasingly filling the wardrobe of modern women and girls, displacing jeans and even shorts for the summer. The summer season 2020 dictates the fashion for all sorts of style combinations involving trousers. This element of clothing corresponds to a business, formal and casual look – from simple classics to the use of various embroideries, appliqués, slits, rolls.

summer pants

The time of the year is of no small importance. The palette of colors, fabrics and styles depends on it.

The current season of 2020 shows a variety of catchy, defiant, eye-catching and sharpening shades. The novelty of the season is the brilliance that has become so relevant: material strewn with sequins or the presence of many sequins, small multi-colored pebbles, as well as a fabric imitating a metallic coating.

But the main criterion for a variety of combinations is color.

This season’s favorites:

  • Bright orange, yellow, blue, red, turquoise colors. Rich lavender also stands out for its relevance. It is this color and its various shades that fill the explosive images of this summer.

red pants

bright trousers

Such colors will become indispensable assistants in creating attractive juicy images that emphasize expressiveness and brightness. An ideal complement to this style will be a discreet solid top and delicate accessories, as well as no less expressive bright bright colors of a top, T-shirt or blouse.

purple pants

  • All sorts of prints and small abstractions continue to be popular: animalistic colors, a scattering of flowers, a small cage or a horizontal strip. Of course, it is recommended to combine such clothes with plain things, which allow you to focus on the catchiness and individuality of the trouser pattern.

trendy summer pants

  • Delicate and pastel shades do not lose their relevance for more than the first season. Summer 2020 is no exception. Light beige, sky blue, gray, mint, soft pink, milky and classic white – these are the shades that are popular and especially suitable for the summer season.

beige trousers

mint color trousers

In addition to color, some fabrics and materials remain in trend: for example, linen trousers hold the position of a fashionable feminine attribute. In addition, leather that holds its shape is considered to be quite comfortable and stylish material, which is also able to emphasize the features of the figure.

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