What color to choose for the new year 2021

What will the year of the Ox bring and in what colors to celebrate the new year 2021 in order to appease its owner? Such questions have already begun to be asked by all fashionistas. In addition, we all tend to believe in a miracle in the depths of our souls and strive to adhere to all the tips and signs that promise happiness and success next year on New Year’s Eve.

Consider the main color options for the New Year’s outfit, choosing which you can feel comfortable and flawless, and also achieve the favor of the Metal Ox.

The main shades of the New Year’s bow 2021

First, let’s talk a little about the symbol of the coming year. Repeating every 12 years, the Ox always shows different characters and moods. After all, each period has its own element. In 2009, the Earth Ox patronized, in 2033 we will wait for the arrival of the Water Ox. Well, in the new year 2021, the brightest and noblest option awaits us – the Metal Ox.

It is from the color of the metal that one should start in the search for trendy shades for the meeting of 2021. Gray and white, metallic and gold, blue shades will be relevant – all colors that are close to the metallic radiance of the symbol of the year will bring good luck next year.

At the same time, one should not forget that the Bull is, after all, a pet and its element is Earth. Therefore, warmer shades of green and brown palette can be added to the list of recommended tones, they can also be used in the color of shoes.

Pay attention to the drawing, prints, decors. Monochrome bows will be closer to the bull and he will definitely be frightened off or embittered by active red colors and an aggressive leopard print.

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As jewelry, you need to choose chains and bracelets, earrings – the metal symbol of the year can be appeased with an abundance of metal in a festive look.

A careful choice of the color of the outfit and the design of the festive interior will attract prosperity and a positive attitude for the next year, will borrow from the Metal Ox his determination, determination and iron will. The main thing is to use the right shades in the color of clothes, shoes and manicure in the decor and New Year’s bow.

White purity

White would be ideal. At the same time, it is suitable both as the color of a New Year’s outfit and will allow you to effectively clean the interior in a palette that is relevant for the New Year 2021.

Competent selection of fabric will also help to emphasize the lightness and frosty tenderness of white. Preference should be given to flowing and airy textures – satin, silk, which can emphasize both your perfection and the sophistication of the festive atmosphere.

In addition to the white Metal Ox, other light colors will also be to their liking:

  • aristocratic pearl;
  • sweet marshmallow;
  • gentle jasmine;
  • frosty ivory;
  • warm cream;
  • natural light beige;
  • smart dairy.

noble gray

Considering the metallic preferences of the symbol of the new year, the popularity of gray becomes clear. In addition, this shade has long ceased to be considered something ordinary, but is one of the most sophisticated and stylish basic solutions.

Gray can be strict and romantic, accent and restrained – it can be used as the basis of a bow or complement it with a set in a different color variant. The advantage is the exceptional harmony and versatility of this color, which fits perfectly into any palette.

To celebrate the new year 2021, you can pay attention to the different shades of gray in clothes:

  • characteristic steel;
  • mysterious taul;
  • romantic smoky;
  • modest light gray;
  • original marengo;
  • rich blue-grey.

Festive Metallic

To give your image extravagance and brightness will allow the use of sparkling shades and brilliant decor in the form of sequins in the outfit.

100% corresponding to the symbol of the year – a metallic shade will help create a festive mood and a unique atmosphere of anticipation of the miracle and magic of New Year’s Eve.

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At the same time, there can be many variations on the theme of metallic:

  • luxurious golden;
  • status silver;
  • chic platinum;
  • exquisite rose gold;
  • respectable bronze.

Exciting blue

Close in palette and mood to metallic and white is a blue-blue hue. It can also be successfully used in a festive way, hoping to attract the favor of the Ox.

Pay attention to the following shades:

  • sky blue;
  • alluring azure;
  • stylish blue.

cozy brown

So corresponding to the symbol of the year according to the earth element – this color can decorate your image and bring harmony and comfort into your life for the whole next year.

To do this, you can choose from different shades:

  • cheeky chocolate;
  • soft cocoa color;
  • delicate shade of coffee with milk;
  • original almond;
  • intriguing cinnamon color.

soothing green

This color of clothing will also fit perfectly into the festive palette for the new year 2021. It will be to the liking of the earthly animal Ox and will help bring stability, calmness and balance into your life. At the same time, the images in such a palette will look fresh and natural, and the interiors in this color scheme will resemble a fashionable eco-style with its natural beauty and naturalness.

Various shades will be relevant:

  • amazing emerald;
  • mysterious shade of moss;
  • refreshing mint;
  • magical jade;
  • bright coniferous.

Choosing the color of a festive outfit according to the signs of the zodiac

Preparing for the meeting of the new 2021, it is also necessary to take into account individual qualities according to the signs of the zodiac and harmoniously subordinate them to the powerful patron of the year – do everything to have a perfect appearance and maximize luck and happiness in your life.

So with the help of color you need to emphasize your strengths and appease the Bull:

  • bright Aries need to choose white outfits with catchy decor in the form of sparkles, sequins or large metal jewelry;
  • hardworking and down-to-earth Taurus will suit warm shades of brown and green on a holiday;
  • Gemini outfits in a beige and white palette will allow you to create the most airy image, according to the light disposition of this sign;
  • those who value home comfort Cancers can choose from warm pastel light shades or give preference to the blue-blue palette of their water element;

  • spectacular Lions will look harmonious in sparkling golden or silver bows;
  • elegant Virgos will be able to show off their beauty in muted shades of gray, blue or green;
  • the cheerfulness of Libra is emphasized by the glare of silver outfits;
  • for a passionate Scorpio, you can choose deep blue or rich brown shades (up to black), which can be diluted with large accent metal jewelry;

  • playful Sagittarius should opt for light solutions – white, gray and blue shades;
  • for homely Capricorns, natural shades will be a preference …

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