What color to choose for the new year 2021

When choosing clothes for the New Year 2021, fashionistas often wonder what colors the outfit should be in. The next 365 days will pass under the auspices of the White Metal Ox. The choice of palette for the celebration is obvious – light shades and metallic sheen. From the article you will learn more about all the current colors that are suitable for the meeting of 2021.

Choosing the color of clothes for New Year’s Eve 2021

The 2021 patron prefers luxury and elegance. Do not choose clothes that are too catchy colors and shades. The main requirement is a minimum of decoration and additional decorations. Restraint and practicality are a priority on New Year’s Eve. Moreover, these recommendations concern not only the choice of clothes, but also shoes, the color of manicure and accessories. What palette will the owner of 2021 like the most?

White Metal Ox will give happiness and good luck to those who prefer clothes in the following shades:

  • gray
  • blue
  • beige;
  • silver;
  • white and other pastel shades.

It is not necessary that all the details of the wardrobe be made in a single palette. All of the above colors are perfectly combined and combined with each other.

Choosing a shade depending on New Year’s desires

According to the recommendations of astrologers, the choice of color can have a significant impact on various areas of life.

  • To increase income and improve the financial condition, white outfits should be preferred.
  • For those girls who want to improve relationships on a personal front, it is best to choose light gray clothes. At the same time, you should stay away from red and animal prints – the owner of the new 2021 will definitely not like these colors.

Experts say that if you do everything right and try to please the Ox as much as possible, then this will bring good luck next year.

What clothes to choose depending on the zodiac sign

In order to completely protect yourself from mistakes when choosing an outfit for the meeting of the Year of the Ox, you should pay attention to the recommendations of astrologers regarding each sign of the Zodiac.


Despite the fact that the main color of this fire sign is red, orange and blue, this year experts recommend moving away from too saturated shades. The best choice is pastel-colored clothes and shoes, complemented by silver and gold accessories.


In the year of the Ox, this sign should dress in shades of beige and light green – this is the optimal palette for the New Year 2021. Metallic sheen can be added with accessories made of silver, gold or costume jewelry.


When drawing up a New Year’s image, this zodiac sign should be given preference to clothes of delicate blue shades. Complementing the image, you need to pair accessories, for example, put on two bracelets, a pair of rings, earrings.


Light earthy and sandy shades will not only please the patron of the year, but also suit this zodiac sign.

a lion

In order for the new year 2021 to be successful for Lviv, you should pick up clothes in brilliant colors to meet him. Fashionable this season, metallic shades are the perfect solution.


Shades of beige and brown will be the perfect solution when choosing an outfit for Virgos. Lightweight fabrics and delicate shades will create a stylish and beautiful outfit.


Delicate palette, which is recommended for the meeting of the year of the Ox, will be an excellent choice for a New Year’s party. Balanced Libra this year can afford a little brightness, diversifying the image with an original handbag or shoes in golden hues.


Scorpios should give up their usual brightness this year. Delicate restrained shades, if desired, can be supplemented with massive and more catchy accessories.


This sign of the zodiac should be given preference to comfortable and practical outfits in which they will feel irresistible. When choosing the color of clothes for the New Year’s party, it is recommended to pay attention to metallic and shades of white.


Natural materials and natural shades are a good choice for Capricorns. When drawing up the image, it is best to pay attention to the coffee palette and other pastel colors.

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For Aquarius, beautiful and luxurious free-cut dresses in beautiful delicate shades of gray and blue will be the perfect outfit. You can add brightness and originality with the help of brooches, sparkles and other accessories.


The palette of the White Metallic Ox completely matches the successful shades for Pisces. At the same time, astrologers note that it is this sign of the Zodiac that can tease the owner of the year a little, adding bright colors and catchy accessories to the image.

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Now every woman will be able to correctly compose a New Year’s outfit, which will not only not annoy the patron of the year, but will also please him, attract good luck, love, prosperity, health and happiness. Also, fashionistas now know what colors to celebrate the New Year 2021 in according to their Zodiac sign, because this astrological parameter also affects the well-being of the upcoming 365 days.

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