What color to choose for the new year 2022

From the article you will learn in what colors to celebrate the New Year 2022 in order to attract good luck and prosperity. According to astrologers, an incorrectly chosen shade of a thing or accessory can anger or offend the owner of the year, which can negatively affect all areas of life in the next 365 days. Today we will talk about the intricacies of choosing a color for a New Year’s party and help you choose the most successful image for your zodiac sign.

A successful palette for the New Year 2022

According to the eastern horoscope, 2022 will be ruled by the Tiger. Astrologers recommend paying special attention to the color palette on New Year’s Eve. It is important when decorating a room, setting a table and, of course, when choosing an outfit. If you celebrate the New Year in the right shades that will please the striped predator, then luck will certainly knock on the door, and all adversity will bypass.

The Chinese New Year 2022 is the Year of the Black Water Tiger. Therefore, the following colors and shades may be present in the festive decoration:

  • gold;
  • white;
  • black;
  • sand;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • brown.

Also, the owner of the year will certainly approve the outfits, complemented by shiny elements: sequins, sequins and rhinestones.

Actual color tandems and prints

It is better to choose a combination of colors so that the image does not seem too catchy. All elements combined together should create a fairly elegant look with a touch of chic and gloss. For example, you can wear a bright iridescent dress and complement it with calm black shoes.

The predator’s favorite print is a stripe. Ideally, if these are contrasting colors and shades. That is why women of fashion can safely dress in tiger-colored clothes. However, it is important to know the measure here – one striped detail in the image will be quite enough. To diversify the festive bow and give it the right mood, a successful “tiger” color manicure is enough.

In general, astrologers recommend using at least three shades in the New Year’s outfit, while avoiding too bright and lurid patterns.

Colors according to the zodiac signs for the New Year 2022

We have decided on the general trends regarding the choice of clothing colors for the New Year 2022. Next, we will give more detailed advice for each zodiac sign. Indeed, in order to attract maximum luck and prosperity, you need to choose the most suitable option, based not only on the preferences of the owner of the year, but also combining them with the characteristics of each zodiacal representative.


Despite the fact that the main color of the bright and outrageous Aries is red, at the New Year’s party 2022, however, as in the previous year, this fiery shade will have to be abandoned. Representatives of this sign should pick up an outfit in a black, white, silver or green palette.


Representatives of this sign are incredibly stylish personalities. However, they prefer to dress modestly and elegantly. Creating a New Year’s image, Taurus should take a closer look at the clothes of white, golden, brown and yellow colors.


Gemini women are incredibly resourceful and are not afraid of bold experiments. Therefore, when creating a New Year’s image, they can safely experiment. For example, dress not in the traditional palette of deep winter shades, but pick up outfits with a light summer mood. The following colors will be most suitable for meeting the New Year of the Tiger 2022: blue, turquoise, blue, gold and orange.


This is a very sensual and romantic sign. In the next year 2022, Cancers will bring good luck with an outfit made in a silver, black, blue and rich brown palette.

a lion

Leos are very bright and creative natures. We hope that the representatives of the sign will easily find a common language with the patron of the year. In order for the acquaintance to be successful, the Lions should put on clothes made in white, blue, silver or orange shades.


Representatives of this sign have good taste and a perfect sense of style. Picking up a New Year’s outfit for them will not be difficult. However, in 2022, you should take into account the preferences of the owner of the year and wear something in dark blue, black or dark brown.


Such girls always look elegant and interesting. When creating a New Year’s image, astrologers recommend that they look at different shades of green, brown and white.


Representatives of this sign will suit clothes made in light blue and black colors. The necessary accent will help to make accessories and jewelry made of gold.


Girls of this sign who want to get the protection of the Tiger should pick up an outfit of blue, dark brown or silver colors.


Strict and prudent Capricorns will attract good luck in 2022 if they meet him in a dress and accessories in yellow, silver, dark blue or white.

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Original and courageous representatives of this sign should certainly choose an outfit of dark black or brown for the New Year’s party, or dress in light shades (beige, blue, etc.).


Blue, dark green, orange and black – these shades will not only emphasize the style and grace of the representatives of the sign, but will become the key to happiness in the next 365 days.

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Now you know what colors to celebrate the new year 2022 according to the zodiac sign. We hope this helps you become the favorites of the striped patron of the year!

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