What color will be fashionable in 2021

What color will be fashionable in 2021 and how to stylishly beat it in your looks? We know the answer and are happy to share all the fashion tricks in this article!

Shades of the autumn-winter season


So that the autumn wardrobe does not turn out to be gloomy and boring, it can be diluted with juicy orange accents, which are recognized as the unconditional trend of the 2021 season. This color scheme is perfectly combined with calm and basic tones, invigorates and refreshes the images. In addition, amber shades are the most fashionable way to eliminate seasonal apathy.

The fashion trends of the season presented interesting color combinations in a wide variety. For example, a stylish orange color can be expressively combined with burgundy or green shades.


If you hear the word “samba”, then surely you imagine a dance full of passion and fire? It is this association in the image that occurs with the fashionable version of red in the 2021 season. This is the very color that can add energy, joy and dynamism to your image. In addition, it is noble and refined – which means it can make the bow more expensive.

How to include notes of samba in your outfit? Stylists suggest that leather accessories in such a palette, for example, a belt or a bag, will be a win-win option. In 2021, you can create a spectacular combination of samba with any shades of spices, and if your soul requires a spectacular contrast, you can reproduce a tandem with fashionable blue.


The perfect base for wardrobe 2021 claims to be an exquisite sandy color, warm and noble. This color is quite versatile, and this property allows you to wear it in any season.

As for successful combinations, here a beautiful monochrome look comes to the fore, which still does not lose its relevance. Among the winning tandems, combinations with pink, blue, red, black and white shades are also announced.


Blue is another fashionable color of 2021, which conquers with its depth and richness from the first acquaintance. The Pantone Color Institute claims that this is not a sad shade at all – on the contrary, it presents a huge scope for interesting color combinations. The most elegant mixes are created complete with basic black or white clothes. For an image with a touch of sophistication, you can prefer a combination with purple, and for an expressive contrast, you can’t think of a better duet than a combination with orange shades.

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Blue clothing is great for a business wardrobe, as it builds trust on a subconscious level.

green glitter

If you don’t plan to stay in the shadows in 2021, you can go for a bright and bold yellow-green color scheme. Clothes in such fashionable colors perfectly charge with positive and bring a stylish variety to the usual images. To make the final look harmonious, such a bright yellow-green color should be used in minimal doses and combined with neutral shades.


Military style, according to designers, will only strengthen its position in 2021. This fact determines the relevance of the olive color, which will continue throughout the season. This color scheme is especially suitable for winter, as it goes well with basic dark clothes. Among the trendy combinations of 2021, it is also worth highlighting duets with yellow or bright red accents.


One of the leading positions in the palette of 2021 is occupied by black, which has undeservedly remained in the shadows for several seasons. But now is the time to get practical and versatile dark clothes out of the closet to give the images a touch of rigor, mystery and elegance. The main hit is leather clothing in basic black.

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Dark neutral colors in 2021 will be an excellent base for placing stylish accents. For example, a fashionista can dilute such a background with daring animal prints, sparkling decor or massive metal jewelry.


To create an emphatically romantic and feminine look in the 2021 season, you can safely use the splendor of light lilac. This year, designers have relied on a combination of a delicate shade with a translucent texture, but among the fashionable novelties, variations of outerwear in lilac colors have also been announced. Surprisingly, even a dense, heavy pastel maxi coat looks light and airy.


Dark brown clothing has always been considered an unshakable base of a woman’s wardrobe, and 2021 is no exception to this. Dresses, trouser and skirt suits, as well as coats and sheepskin coats in exquisite dark brown colors have taken their rightful place in fashion collections. All noted new items looked elegant and chic.


Bright pink color in 2021 is designed to add lightness, cheerfulness and carelessness to the images. But surprisingly – such a color takes place not only in spring and summer, but also in autumn and winter. A win-win move is a combination of pink with a satin or silk texture, but a combination with tight knitwear is also appropriate in the new season.

If the bright self-contained version of pink is not to your liking, you can adopt a delicate dusty tone, which is also relevant in 2021. In this shade, there is no longer excessive infantilism – on the contrary, it is restrained and more serious. Such a soft pink color can be used in your images if you want to add an elegant and feminine mood to them. At the same time, you can embody combinations with both warm and cold shades – the versatility of dusted pink is on top!

ultramarine green

This novelty is a more restrained alternative to the usual emerald color, which fashionistas love to use so much in the cold season. This color scheme looks great in everyday, business and evening style, and duets with red, blue and pink shades are declared as the most fashionable combinations.

Shades of the spring-summer season

silent wave

In the warm season, a gentle and calm shade of a green-blue palette, code-named “silent wave”, will come to the fore. This color conveys an atmosphere of freshness, harmony and tranquility. Such a restrained and pleasant character hints that fashionable women of any age can use this fashionable color in their images.

lemon sherbet

In the spring-summer season, fashionistas most of all want to add fresh colors and bright solutions to their images. Designers are well aware of how to do this – for this you just need to dilute the usual outfits with clothes or accessories in a trendy shade of “lemon sherbet”.

A juicy shade of yellow can look expressive and contrasting, but it can just as well be given a calm natural character – the desired effect depends on the combination of shades.

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