What color will be fashionable in 2022

What color will be trendy in 2022? This question is of interest to the fair sex, who closely monitor the latest in the fashion industry. What colors will become trendy depends on how women’s wardrobe will look next year.

What is the “color of the year”?

Not every fashionista knows that the color that will be considered trendy in a given season is determined by a special organization. The well-known American corporation “Panton Color Institute” is engaged in similar developments. The specialists of the scientific center study the influence of different colors and shades on a person’s life, track emotions, feelings, psychological reactions, consumer interest, compare the information received with the world’s popular trends in painting, cinema and fashion. After that, the so-called “color of the year” is determined – a shade that will be considered trendy for the next season.

As you can see in the photo, the Pantone Institute has chosen a bright and at the same time very delicate combination of blue, purple and red tones, which is called Very Peri, as the fashionable color of 2022. This spectacular shade will replace the mega popular purple color.

The main color of 2022 was developed using modern technologies. The specialists of the center hope that this dynamic, energetic and joyful shade will inspire people to boldly move forward and not be afraid to change in the era of rapid computer globalization.

The fashionable novelty of the next season will be trendy things in the color Very Peri. In their collections, leading designers have presented fashionable and beautiful dresses, blouses, skirts, coats, hats, gloves and bags in this stylish shade.

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What colors will be trendy in 2022

The trendy color palette of the next season is represented by both calm and very saturated shades.

Let’s find out what colors will be considered fashionable in 2022:

  • Spun Sugar (Powdered Sugar). Such a delicate color, associated with a cloudless spring sky. The shade is perfect for light and flowy outfits. The tone of Spun Sugar is widely represented in the leading collections of spring-summer 2022.

  • Gossamer Pink (Pink gossamer). This tone will help create a truly spring mood. A beautiful light pink color not only looks very feminine and romantic, but also goes well with other colors (white, gray, red, purple). Gossamer Pink will help you diversify your business attire, making it less reserved.

  • Innuendo (hint). This crimson shade looks very seductive, as if hinting at a hidden secret. Saturated color will be popular in both fashion trends and the beauty industry. In 2022, clothes, shoes, accessories and make-up in a bright crimson tone will be in trend.

  • Skydiver (Skydiver). Restrained and deep shade. This navy blue color is perfect for warm winter clothes. The designer collections for 2022 feature many interesting models of down jackets and jackets in this trendy shade. According to the staff of the Panton Institute, the color Skydiver not only has a calming effect on the nervous system, but also inspires new achievements.

  • Daffodil (Narcissus). Joyful and sunny color. A bright yellow hue will help to revive after a long winter weekdays. Clothing in Daffodil color looks fashionable, fresh and spectacular. This color is great for the summer season. A rich yellow tone will be popular not only in the fashion industry, but also in manicure.

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  • Glacier Lake (Glacier Lake). There can never be too much blue, the colorists of the Pantone Institute decided and offered another version of the blue tint. Next year, the cold and laconic color of Glacier Lake will be in fashion. Despite external restraint, this shade looks great in stylish images.

  • Coca Mocha (Coffee). This warm chocolate shade will be presented not only in fashion trends, but also in the interior designer. The practical color of Coca Mocha is well suited for casual and casual wear.

  • Dahlia (Dahlia). One of the most spectacular shades of the fashion palette. Vigorous lilac color helps to create interesting images. Both one thing and a completely monochrome bow in this tone will look bright and unusual.

  • Poinciana (Poinciana). Designers simply cannot do without a red tint. According to forecasts, in 2022, Poinciana, a rich scarlet color, will be in fashion. Such a bright shade is perfect for self-confident fashionistas who like to attract the attention of others.

  • Harbor Blue (Blue harbor). The next trendy tone combines blue and green colors. As a result, the combination of colors turned out to be a spectacular emerald tone. Designers actively included the color Harbor Blue in their collections, presenting many original looks to the fashionistas.

  • Classic palette. No fashion collection can do without white, nude and dark gray. Things of this color must be included in the basic wardrobe.

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Knowing exactly what colors will be fashionable in 2022, every woman can create a stylish and spectacular look.

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