What coloring techniques will be in fashion in 2023

About what shades for hair will be the most trendy in the coming season, our editors told in this review. And we decided to devote today’s material to popular staining techniques. What novelties await fashionistas in this segment, what masters will offer, what current trends we will not see next season – we will talk about this, as well as many other things right now. So, let’s look at what it is – fashionable coloring-2023?

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The most fashionable types and techniques of coloring for the season 2023

In 2023, the choice of fashionistas will be presented with a lot of options for changing the image. The masters are ready to offer the most daring ladies to experiment with extraordinary, bright shades. Will remain in the list of trends and the desire for naturalness. The long-recognized leaders of the segment – fading and highlighting, also quite successfully fit into the fashion trends of 2023. A hit among a certain category of fashionistas continues to be bright rainbow coloring.

Let’s talk about these, as well as many other trends, in more detail.

  • 3D. One of the first novelties in our review. 3D technology is only gaining momentum in popularity, but by 2023 it will definitely enter the TOP category. To add volume to the hairstyle, to make it more lively and multifaceted, masters use an average of 4-6 adjacent tones from one palette. Thanks to the masterly application of 3D coloring, it looks as if the shades smoothly flow into one another. You can perform this technique on different lengths of curls.

  • AirTouch. One of the most popular types of highlighting today. Kohler on curls is applied in a special way, using a hair dryer, which blows out excess strands. This is where the second name airtouch came from – “a touch of air”. As a result, the color stretch is seamless, the coloring itself looks gentle. However, it can only be done on medium or long hair. The look is light and very feminine. Airtouch coloring is suitable for fashionistas of all ages.

  • Illumination (or elumination). The second novelty in our selection of hair color trends 2023. This procedure allows not only to add an unusual “zest” to the hairstyle, but also to treat the curls. The composition of the color in this case includes reflective particles that allow the hair to shine. At the same time, the technique itself is performed in such a way that there is no destructive effect on the strands. Owners of any length of hair can resort to illumination.

  • Babylights. A trendy technique that confidently steps from 2022 to 2023. The main task of the master in this case is to create the effect of curls burnt out under the rays of the sun. But without fanaticism. As a rule, masters choose strands near the face or the ends of the hair around the entire perimeter of the head to make them burnt out. However, the work must be carried out delicately so that the result does not turn out to be too contrasting with the natural shade. Babylights look very nice on wavy hair.

  • Deep Dye. Beautiful coloring for the most modern fashionistas. Turning to him, you will pay tribute to another fashion trend – bright colors. In simple words, deep-dive means giving brightness to the tips. That is, the hair at the crown and up to about the middle of the length can have a completely calm natural shade, but the tips will have to be highlighted with one, two or even three catchy colors. In the photo below, you can see how it will look in real life.

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  • splash lights. The author of this unusual coloring technique for women is New York stylist Aure Friedman. In his “brainchild” he combined horizontal coloring, the play of sun glare and sharp color transitions. As a result, on straight hair, Splash lights stand out in contrast and give the impression of a random stroke, which certainly looks impressive. The effect can be applied inside or outside on long curls, on the head from temple to temple, on the back of the head and even on bangs.

  • Zonal highlighting. Ideal fashion coloring-2023 for medium hair. But you can use it on both long and short strands. As it becomes clear from the name, this type of highlighting involves lightening the strands not over the entire volume of the head, but in several places. For example, behind the ears, near the face, on the inside of the neck, near the ears. Shades can be selected as classic from the blond palette, as well as something brighter. Curls of a contrasting shade will become a recognizable “highlight” of your image.

  • rainbow coloring. As we said a little earlier, it will remain in the list of fashion trends. And you can safely wear it on short hair. Curls painted in all shades of the rainbow will draw attention to your person. In a conservative society, they can even cause condemnation. Therefore, before resorting to this staining technique, think about how relevant it is in your life. Iridescence can be ubiquitous – over the entire volume of the head, or hidden.

  • galaxy hair. Another beautiful addition to our collection. As a result of dyeing, the hair should turn out not just bright, but radiant. Someone will even notice the presence of a neon effect here. Curls dyed using the Galaxy hair technique look fascinating. Especially deep color will turn out for brunettes. However, keep in mind that to get an excellent result, you need to contact an experienced master.

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What techniques will go out of fashion in 2023: solid coloring, large highlights, henna and basma. Be careful with screen printing.

Coloring-2023 is a real art. The Vedas master will have to not only emphasize the beauty of the hair, but also add originality to the whole image.

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