What colors and shades of lipstick will be in trend in 2021

If lipstick is an integral part of any look for you, then you should familiarize yourself with the most fashionable shades in 2021. By following trends, you will always look stylish and attractive, and this rule also applies to makeup.

What colors and shades of lipstick will be in fashion in 2021

A beautiful lipstick captivates and draws attention to a woman. But, it is necessary to select the most appropriate shade, suitable for the individual characteristics of the woman herself, for the occasion and even the season. Therefore, we will analyze the most spectacular lipsticks in 2021 for individual situations.

The autumn-winter season is the time of dark shades. They look harmonious with coats, down jackets and layered looks. This fall and winter, pay attention to these lipstick colors:

  • Red. This color belongs to the undying classic, so you can safely apply it on your lips. A large selection of shades of this lipstick and its texture allows you to choose the most suitable option for any look.

  • Wine. The deep shade of cherry also has many variations – from lighter to very dark. Be sure to choose this lipstick to your taste, because it looks very stylish.

  • Cherry. A very seductive color that can emphasize the beauty of the lips of any girl.

  • Eggplant and plum. These shades can be called quite bold, because not every woman decides to use them in her image. But once you try it, you won’t be able to refuse it.

  • Burgundy. This color looks very beautiful against the background of light and smooth skin. Men, when looking at your lips, will no longer be able to tear themselves away from them.

In spring and summer, you can experiment with lip color to your heart’s content. Bright and flowery landscapes on the street just hint that you can decorate your lips with the same shades. Among the most fashionable lipstick colors for the warm season of 2021 are the following:

  • Light pink. This color looks very beautiful against the background of well-groomed and fair skin of the face. In the summer, this lipstick is simply not enough.

  • Bright pink. For open and liberated girls, this option is simply irreplaceable. This color is almost the most positive, bright and saturated.

  • Purple. Delicate and attractive shade, which is loved by many girls. This season, he must appear on your lips.

  • Fuchsia. This shade is associated with lightness, carelessness and endless summer evenings. For a bright make-up – what you need!

Recently, neon shades of lipsticks are gaining more and more popularity. They can be seen at fashion shows in combination with the most daring looks. When choosing such a lipstick, remember that it is able to attract absolutely all the attention of others.

It should be said that nude shades of lipsticks are also considered popular in the new year. They are to some extent universal, because they are suitable for any time of the year. Nude lipstick is an integral part of nude make-up. It provides maximum naturalness of the image, lightness and naturalness.

Choose a shade of lipstick to match your hair color

As mentioned above, in order for the lipstick to look as appropriate as possible, it must also be selected to match the hair color. For example, brunettes are most suited to the following shades:

  • classic scarlet;
  • coral;
  • Bordeaux;
  • cherry;
  • fuchsia;
  • deep pink.

Blondes will look spectacular with these colors applied to the lips:

  • any shades of red;
  • Bordeaux;
  • pink;
  • transparent gloss.

Red-haired women can afford lipstick in these shades:

  • nude;
  • cherry;
  • red.

In 2021, makeup with trendy gold lipstick with a metallic tint was noticed on the catwalks. This color promises to be a real hit in 2021, so take a closer look at it.

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Lipstick Tips for 2021

Putting on lipstick is not as easy as it might seem. Remember that bright and saturated lipstick can afford beauties with white teeth and well-groomed skin. If your skin is far from such a condition, then it can always be corrected with the help of cosmetics.

To keep lipstick on your lips longer, you can put a thin paper towel on your lips and apply a transparent loose powder. In addition, in makeup it is better to focus on only one part of the face. If you choose a very rich lipstick, then it is better to pay less attention to the eyes so that the image is not too overloaded.

Among the trends of 2021, I would also like to highlight some unusual solutions:

  • Coloring the upper lip in one shade, and the lower one in another.
  • Drawings on the lips. Include asymmetry, the use of a double contour and going beyond the boundaries of the lips.
  • Check mark above the lip. To do this, apply the eyelid liner after the usual coloring of the lips.
  • Ombre. This effect allows you to apply two shades at once if you can’t stop at one.
  • Multicolor lip tint. Naturally, this effect is very provocative and is only suitable for a photo shoot or a similar situation.

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Fashion trends in 2021 allow you to use completely different shades of lipsticks in your makeup. Therefore, one lipstick in a cosmetic bag is definitely not enough for you. Try different colors, combine them, and find your perfect lip makeup.

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