What colors will be in fashion, spring-summer 2019

The cold winter is behind us: now you don’t need to wrap yourself in baggy jackets and “spiky” hats, but you can pay more attention to your style and spring bows. But do not rush to go shopping, let’s see what colors are in fashion in spring-summer 2019? What has this season in store for us?


Space, welcome!

All experts and fashion critics agreed this year and determined the color of the year – ultraviolet. This daring and at the same time “light” purple hue has found itself both in clothes and in shoes, accessories, and even in interiors!

Ultraviolet is a mixture of retro and modern, it’s like Twiggy, but in 2019! Disco style, brightness, sparkles – with ultraviolet you seem to be plunging into the 60s!

[stextbox id=’info’]At the same time, ultraviolet is like a breath of air from the future: this shade keeps notes of mystery, bringing something new and fresh to the image.[/stextbox]

In terms of clothing, UV looks great on tops, blouses and accessories. Also stylish and looks shoes of a similar color.

The main rule of ultraviolet is not to overdo it. Such a bright accent should only be an addition to the general, more “calm” image.

UV in clothes

Bright as the sun!

If you are wondering what colors are in trend for spring-summer 2019, then you should pay attention to such a shade as canary. This bright shade of yellow will make your look original and stand out from the crowd.

Dresses, tops, t-shirts, pants, shoes – everything will look beautiful in canary color! This shade is especially relevant in the hot season, it immediately gives the image of warmth and tenderness.

bright yellow color

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Is Cool Blue the New Black?

Little boy blue is the name of the currently fashionable shade of blue. This is a soft desaturated color that can make the image lighter, more airy. For example:

  • a dark dress can be beautifully diluted with a blue leather jacket;
  • you can wear trendy mom jeans today, adding an oversize blue sweater to them;
  • Summer sundress in Little boy blue color can become an independent detail in the image and so on.

But, on the other hand, such blue gives the image a touch of conciseness, simplicity, to some extent even rigor. So Little boy blue can also be used as a color for business clothes (trouser suits, pencil skirts, and so on).

“Cold” blue is a universal color, like black. It is suitable both as a color of varnish, and as shadows for evening make-up, and as the main shade of a fashionable look.

The main shade of a fashionable look

Hue of love

Considering what colors are in fashion in the spring of 2019, it’s hard to forget about the violet shade.

Violet is love! If you do not agree, then you have not yet bought “that” thing. The combination of lilac and pink will make your look so delicate and sophisticated that no one can just pass by!

Violet dresses, sweaters, violet jackets and jackets – this shade looks great on almost any outfit! By the way, today even lipsticks of this tone are in trend!

Summer dresses in soft violet color

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“Poisonous” lime

The color with the original name “Lime Punch” is also popular this season. This “poisonous” combination of yellow and green will make your look as bright as possible!

[stextbox id=’info’]Agree, only the most daring girls will agree to wear a suit, jacket or trousers of such an elaborate shade. But, we live once?! So be bold, be bold![/stextbox]

By the way, “lime punch” looks great on shoes and accessories. So you can just dilute your everyday look with such stylish details and the image will be much brighter.

lime punch in clothes

New “mint”

Remember last summer when everyone wore mint? So, today it is changing with a brighter variation – a shade called “Arcadia”.

This is a mixture of green and blue, which gives the image a certain cosmic, artificiality, as if from the future. In the photo, this shade looks well, simply irresistible!

At the same time, despite its brightness, clothes of this color look very strict and are suitable for business style. Just imagine: an original pantsuit in this color with a high-rise trousers and a peplum on the jacket… no one will refuse to cooperate with you!

Irresistible soft mint color in clothes

Oil, chili and fashion?

Chili oil. Have you heard this? Perhaps not, but with such a shade, you definitely came across. After all, this is one of the most popular colors this season!

[stextbox id=’info’]A mixture of Moroccan style and vintage, a combination of restraint, rigor and at the same time chic and elegance – this is what the shade of “chili oil” is.[/stextbox]

This color is well suited for a bag or any other accessory. In addition, the shade will look great as the main “guest” of your image: dresses, trousers, blouses, jackets and other clothes in this color look stylish and concise.

Hue chili oil

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Soft, pleasing to the eye and always appropriate. We are talking about this season’s trendy color Almost Mauve.

This hybrid of lilac, lilac and pink looks great on blondes and brunettes alike. The shade is essentially universal for any style of clothing, ranging from sports to office and business.

However, in order to avoid the pallor of the image, it is better to dilute it with brighter details: a burgundy-colored handbag and the same lipstick, or a black classic jacket / cardigan.

Nude is universal for any style of clothing.

Not by clothes alone

In addition to shades in clothes, fashion trends have also affected the issues of makeup, hairstyles, and manicures. In hair coloring, bright colors are gaining more and more popularity. Instead of a gradual “smooth” ombre, “daring” strands of pink, ultraviolet and even blue are in fashion! So don’t be afraid to experiment!

[stextbox id=’info’]If you are at a loss in choosing the color of a manicure, then this season, such shades as purple and canary are at the peak of popularity – such bright nails immediately catch your eye and create a mood![/stextbox]

Fashion and make-up have not bypassed: trendy shades have found application in shadows and colored eyeliners: bright arrows from the 60s, always fashionable “smoky ice” in ultraviolet color and so on – do not be afraid to experiment here too!

purple nail polish

Beautiful clothes and accessories create mood, give self-confidence. If you want to be in trend and look as stylish as possible, then, first of all, you should familiarize yourself with what colors are in fashion in spring-summer 2019. So your looks will always be relevant!


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