What denim shorts are in fashion 2021

Denim shorts have always been the trendiest of all shorts and nothing has changed in 2021. If you look at the summer collections of the most famous designers, you will see a large number of styles of denim shorts. And right now we will tell you about these styles, as well as tell you what to wear them with.

The most stylish denim shorts of 2021

For fashionistas this year, numerous models of shorts are presented that are completely different from each other. Among this abundance, each girl will find the thing that is intended for her. In addition, buying denim shorts will be a good investment, because they never go out of style.

Trend shorts 2021 are represented by the following models:

  • Raw edge. When you first look at these shorts, it may seem that they were made by shortening the trousers. Their edge is raw, small threads hang from it. But it is this zest that makes such shorts popular and recognizable.

  • Mini Shorts. This is an ideal option for thin people who are not shy to show their slender legs to others. Shorts of this style are extremely short and sometimes resemble a wide belt. Just what you need for hot summer days.

  • Elongated. Denim shorts of this style are also recommended by the fashion trends of 2021 for overweight women. These models are free, can be knee-length and below. They perfectly hide the existing flaws and help create a stylish image.

  • With a fringe. These shorts look very modern and become the main accent in the image. Even if you wear such a thing with the simplest white t-shirt, you will still be in the spotlight.

  • Wide shorts with tucks. The wide tuck-tucked shorts you see in the photo are new for the summer season 2021. They easily fit into urban and everyday looks.

  • Shorts-skirt. An interesting model, when looking at which it is difficult to understand whether it is shorts or a skirt. From the front, they look like a skirt, but when you look at them from the back, it becomes clear that they are still shorts. Such an interesting thing will be able to dilute the wardrobe.

Summer denim shorts will never stay in your closet. They are stylish, look very nice and are perfect for the warm season.

Colours, decor and finishes

Denim shorts, which are in fashion in the summer of 2021, often use interesting details to decorate them. Most often these are scuffs, perforations and metal decor. Models with interesting embroidery are popular.

The color range is also quite wide. Undoubtedly, classic shorts in colors from light blue to dark blue will be in fashion. But, in addition to the colors of jeans that are familiar to us, there are also models of other shades:

  • black;
  • grey;
  • white;
  • purple;
  • brown;
  • pink;
  • orange;
  • yellow;
  • emerald.

The highlight of the bow can be made multi-colored denim shorts. A print containing a large number of colors that smoothly transition into each other can be called very bold.

Fashionable images with denim bows for the summer of 2021

If you have a natural question, what is fashionable to wear denim shorts in the summer of 2021, then this is great. This means that you care about your appearance and always try to look stylish. Our task is to tell you what things denim shorts look best with and back up the words with photographs.

Take a look at the first bow. It combines raw-hem denim shorts with an interesting off-the-shoulder top with voluminous sleeves. As shoes, you can take sneakers, sneakers or any rough shoes here, as shown in the photo. Complement the bow with a white handbag and glasses in a white frame.

The second image is very gentle and feminine. The shorts here are fringed, and the role of the top is played by a white top with lace. A light, almost airy blouse is thrown over the top. The perfect look for the beach and for the city during the hot season.

With denim shorts, you can create a more rigorous look. This is what you can see in the next photo. The shorts here are torn, with a raw edge. They are tucked in a white blouse, and a stylish white vest is put on top. Also note the black bag and wonderful black and white heeled sandals.

In the next photo, light denim shorts fit perfectly in one bow with a black blouse with small stars. A small pink handbag and a black hat make the image even more interesting.

Shorts can be freely worn with a jacket. We present a good example in the photo. In addition, there is a beautiful gray handbag, stylish glasses and white stiletto pumps. This outfit is suitable even for work if you do not have a dress code.

Next, we want to show you how to wear long shorts. The presented photo shows that such a model goes well with a top or a T-shirt and a jacket. As shoes, you can take sneakers or, as suggested in the photo, mules with a pointed toe. Do not forget about accessories that make the images more vivid. This is a handbag, glasses and jewelry.

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As you can see, with fashionable denim shorts, you can create a huge number of attractive looks. Do not be afraid to experiment, turn on your imagination and be on top this summer.

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