What details can spoil any summer look

Did you know that certain wardrobe items, accessories and makeup can ruin even the most elaborate summer look? Some women don’t even realize it and continue to incorporate these things into their bows. We want to help you avoid such mistakes in the future, so we will tell you more about them.

Dressing mistakes that can ruin your summer look

Probably everyone knows that dirty or unironed clothes look very bad. As well as a handbag with cracked handles, unkempt hair and legs without a pedicure in open sandals. We will not talk about such obvious errors. We will touch on more important points that many girls do not even know about.

The first mistake is unsuccessful underwear worn under clothes. In your wardrobe, there must be two categories of underwear – one that can be worn under clothes, and one that is suitable for special occasions. A beautiful lace bra will definitely emphasize all your advantages when you stay only in it. But all its bumps, bows and other decor will look ugly under a T-shirt or dress. In addition, the straps peeking out from under the clothes also look vulgar.

Poorly matched underpants can also spoil the overall perception of the bow. Underpants that hide irregularities, form an attractive line of the buttocks and hips, do not dig into the skin and are not visible under clothes can be called ideal.

When buying clothes, you need to consider how comfortable they are and whether they fit you. Very often, things that look perfect on models and mannequins are simply impossible to wear in real life. For example, when girls wear too tight jeans or a skirt, their gait becomes constrained, and unattractive ridges appear on their sides. Only in comfortable clothes you can look confident and stylish.

Some girls believe that branded items can save any look, because a priori they cannot look tasteless. In fact, it is a big mistake to place such hopes on logos. The main thing is that the thing fits well into the image, has the right color and sits well on you. Whether there is a logo on it or not is a secondary issue.

Collecting a business summer bow, you can also make a lot of mistakes. Yes, it is hot in summer and you want to put on less clothes. But translucent blouses and mini-skirts in the office will look out of place. The same goes for plastic jewelry, baggy bags and things with inscriptions.

It is also important to choose the right colors for the image. The ideal image is one that combines no more than two or three colors. Although summer is a time for experiments, they still need to be done carefully and wisely.

How to spoil your summer look with shoes and accessories

Almost all the things that we can see on models from world-famous catwalks very easily move from the category of trends to anti-trends. But now is not about that. We want to talk about the details that spoiled the images before and will continue to spoil them.

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Untidy shoes with worn heels, worn out soles and socks can greatly affect the overall perception of any look. You need to repair shoes on time, or buy new ones.

Sunglasses with scratches look sloppy and cheap. Do not skimp on glasses, because more expensive models are not only less likely to scratch, but also better protect your eyes. To protect your glasses, use special covers.

Do not use too many accessories in one look. Even if you have a lot of jewelry in your jewelry box, do not show them all together – it looks cheap. The complete absence of accessories, as well as their excess, makes the image uninteresting. Handbag, belt, glasses, watch, pendant – these things will draw attention to you.

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makeup mistakes

When communicating with a person, we most of all look at his face, so this part of the body needs to be given special attention. In pursuit of a unique and unusual look, girls make makeup mistakes that are unforgivable. Your summer look can easily be spoiled by such tricks:

  • Thin eyebrows. Once upon a time, barely noticeable eyebrow threads were really at the height of fashion. But, they were replaced by healthy, thick, natural eyebrows. This trend has not yet lost its positions, so try to follow it.

  • Arrows. Too long or perfectly even arrows with clear contours do not always look appropriate. You will look much more interesting with neat arrows, drawn shadows or a soft pencil, or without them at all.

  • eyelash extensions. Naturalness, and once again naturalness! Thick and too long, artificial eyelashes will definitely not add to your attractiveness. It is better to use any means to care for your eyebrows – mascara that gives volume, as well as curling irons.

An overabundance of foundation and highlighter, too obvious spots of blush on the cheeks, as well as a different complexion and neck can also spoil the image. The remnants of lipstick on the teeth and mascara prints on the upper eyelids look ugly.

As you can see, any detail of the image, whether it’s bad clothes, accessories or bright makeup, can ruin the most perfect summer look. Fashion is incredibly changeable, yet flexible. Create your own style, think over images from start to finish, and you will see that there are fewer and fewer mistakes in them.

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