What details in the female appearance do not like men

About what details in the female appearance men do not like, only they can say. This article is completely based on the words of the strong half of humanity. Men are unlikely to say these things to a woman in person, so we decided to introduce you to this information in this way.

What about women’s appearance irritates men

Every man has his own taste – someone likes blondes, someone prefers brunettes. One man likes thin ones, the second likes round shapes. But there are details in the female appearance that annoy most men. We will tell you about them so that you, dear girls, never make such mistakes.

Too plump lips

The fashion for plump lips appeared a long time ago, and immediately the girls, in pursuit of beauty, went to new procedures for themselves. The problem is that not everyone has a sense of proportion. Men like the plump lips that nature gave the girl, but they are definitely not enthusiastic about lips of unimaginable size. Even if you want to give your lips a little volume, then listen to the advice of a specialist, and do it in such a way that everything looks natural.

Wide eyebrows

The fashion for the shape and thickness of the eyebrows, as well as for other details of appearance, has also changed many times. Once upon a time, eyebrow threads were at the peak of fashion. But in the 21st century, everything has changed dramatically – beauty experts have decided that natural thick eyebrows still look much more attractive. Men, however, did not appreciate this trend – too wide eyebrows do not attract them at all. It is better to stop at the golden mean.

Excess cosmetics

This is especially true for foundation. Women often try to hide skin imperfections with a large amount of foundation. Men consider such attempts a failure, because tons of cosmetics look much worse than a pimple or a scar. In addition, the stronger sex does not like it when girls, wanting to appear darker, apply too dark foundation on their faces. For many men, girls without a drop of makeup seem more attractive than with huge arrows and extended eyelashes.

bright hair

Modern stylish dyeing techniques include dyeing in bright colors. But men do not understand this – any unnatural hair color or haircut is perceived by them as something too exotic. For them, there are only brunettes, blondes and redheads. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether it is worth conducting such experiments on your hair or not.

Dark lipstick

Lipstick makes lips more juicy and draws attention to them. Men like many shades – pink, nude, red, but few people like blue and purple lips. A man immediately has an association with a witch or other representative of evil spirits. Or maybe the girl was cold and her lips turned blue?

Too strong scent

We cannot fully smell the perfume that we put on ourselves. Many women do not understand this, so they use at least a third of the bottle at a time. Too strong a fragrance will make any man dizzy, but not your beauty… It is important to observe the measure in everything, including the amount of perfume used.

Long and sharp nails

Long nails make the fingers thinner and more graceful. Some women understand this in their own way, so with each trip to the master, the length of their nails increases by several millimeters, and the nails themselves become like a knife edge. Men are repelled by such nails, because they seem too aggressive to them. Choose calm nail shapes:

  • almond-shaped;
  • oval;
  • soft square.

Nails of medium length or short look much more feminine and men like it more.

Excess vegetation

This is a fairly obvious thing that disgusts most men, but still not all girls can understand it. Hair above the upper lip, in the armpits or on the legs – all this does not add any femininity to you. And men are immediately repulsed. In the modern world, there are many ways to deal with unwanted vegetation, so do not forget to use them.

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unkempt hair

Smooth, silky and, most importantly, clean hair is the part of the body that attracts the majority of men in women. That is why dirty and unkempt curls immediately make you unattractive in the eyes of the stronger half. To make your hair look neat, you do not need to have many different products – one shampoo will be enough. And if it so happened that you did not find time to wash your hair, then make a bun – in this form, the hair will look more attractive.


Piercing in the navel or in intimate places can only be seen by the closest people. But the rings and earrings located on the face immediately catch the eye. Most men do not find it attractive to have an earring in their nose or eyebrows. By the way, the attitude towards tattoos is not so categorical – small tattoos in the right places make a woman more seductive in the eyes of a man.

All those details that men do not like in a woman’s appearance are the result of either an unwillingness to take care of themselves, or a pursuit of the desire to be the best. Therefore, love yourself and surprise men with your natural beauty, without forgetting the basic beauty procedures!


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